6 weeks until NYCM

Hello friends! Thank you all for the kind replies on my last post. In that write up I mentioned being in the throes of marathon training. Everyday feels a bit like climbing up a small segment of a mountain and every step closer brings more excitement. I still have tons of climb left (6 weeks and a little ole 26.2 mile race called NYCM) but I’m at the point where I can vaguely see it all coming together and the work is exhausting but fulfilling. Four weeks ago, I wasn’t quite sure of myself but now that confidence is coming out. I truly love this point and it is just in time for a down week and a Half Marathon this weekend.  Here is what last week (7 weeks until marathon race day) looked like-

Monday-  10 miles with 10 Striders. Core/Strength

Tuesday- 2 by 4 miles @ 6:06 pace. Dry Needling session to loosen up.

Wednesday- 12 miles easy. Core/Strength

Thursday- 8 by 800’s averaging 2:45.

Friday- 20 Miles averaging 6:56 pace (last 8 at Marathon Effort). 

Saturday- 10 miles of Trails with Friends. Easy pace. Core/Stregth

Sunday- Off Day.  Stretching, hydrating, resting.

Originally Tuesdays workout was supposed to be the Thursday workout, and vice versa, but a horrendous rain storm with flooding changed that up a bit. To give you an idea, the weather was so bad that my kids had off of school for two days. Normally tempo work would be the day before the long run. Also Tuesday was done on the treadmill (because of weather).  I know many people hate the treadmill but I find it to be a huge training advantage. I’m too stubborn to slow the pace so I sometimes accomplish workouts that I may not have been able to mentally do outside.

Friday is my biggest day of the training week. Every long run is treated as a race day rehearsal. I eat the same breakfast before hand and make sure I’ve slept well. I purposely do these runs alone in anticipation of possible running a majority of  the New York City marathon solo. The first 12 miles were done around 7:30 pace and the last 8 were done at Marathon Pace Effort, which for Friday ended up being 6:26 pace. This was a huge workout for me.  People always surprise me when they throw around running marathon pace in workouts like its not a big deal. Marathon pace for 8 plus miles is a STRUGGLE for me.  It always has been and so if you are like me, don’t stress it, you’ll be amazed what your legs can do on race day with consistent training and taper.

Sundays are always my off day. I can’t tell you how nice it is to have a day where I can wear normal clothes and not worry about when/where I’ll squeeze in some miles. Last weekend especially I was thankful to have the day off because the family and I went on our first real camping trip.  Remember one of my resolutions was to go camping?! We did it! We went to False Cape State Park and I cannot recommend this place enough.  The Mr. and I went in with low expectations. Camping with three kids couldn’t possibly go smoothly right? Then we found out we had to bike in 7 miles to the beach camp site with all our things because no cars are allowed in. Surely that would end in a few tantrums right? There will be awful horse flies attacking us right? Nope. The kids had so much fun and our only regret was that we did not book our site for two days instead of just the one. Here are some photos in case anyone is interested. Our site was $16 to rent and was 100% private with a drinkable water spout and shockingly clean outhouses.


              Easy peasy soft and safe bike path to the camp site.

You can camp directly on the beach but we chose the site 100 meters away near the fresh water and restrooms.

You can camp directly on the beach but we chose the site 100 meters away near the fresh water and restrooms.

Entire beach to ourselves!

     Entire beach to ourselves!

Crawled out of the tent to watch the sunrise.

                          Crawled out of the tent to watch the sunrise.

Beautiful beach sunrise.

                                        Beautiful beach sunrise.

Have a great training week friends! I’ll update next week on how my half marathon went. Looking back I found this photo below of  my bestie and I at this same race last year. Look how fun the post party is! It’s not too late to sign up for Crawlin Crab, hope to see many friends there!


It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure. -Joseph Campbell


14 thoughts on “6 weeks until NYCM

  1. What a fun camping trip! $16 for that spot? SCORE! Great week of running, too! This may be a silly question, but do you always run the day after a long run? This training cycle I’ve taken that day as a rest day. Maybe I’ll switch it up next go around.

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  2. As always, it was another great write-up. You always inspire me to want to keep going and never give up. I know you will do great at Crawling Crab and my goal is to finish strong pushing my Magnus with Team Hoyt. Have a great race and I know NYCM is going to be amazing for you! Just curious, what is your nutrition that you eat and drink the day before and the morning of your Marathon?

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    • Yay, can’t wait to say hello to you and Magnus on Sunday! You are incredible and I’ll be cheering for you. The day before a marathon I eat normally except I exclude all dairy, fruits, and vegetables. Maybe tmi but I don’t want to have “fiber issues” on marathon day. I also eat a large dinner earlier than usual, around 5:00 so that I have plenty of time to digest it. I stick with mostly simple carbs and a protein, like chicken and pasta. Race morning I have one packet of Hammer Perpetuem (Running Etc sells these), a soft pretzel (personal choice of simple carbs and salt, coffee, and a large Gatorade. I eat three hours before race start but will sip the Gatorade and water up until an hour beforehand. I hope this helps! We can chat more if you ever want too.


      • Thank you so much!!! I am finding the nutrition part to be my most challenging learning of marathon training right now…still trying to figure out what works and doesn’t prior to my first marathon – Richmond in November. Thanks for the “fiber” tips by the way 😉

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  3. I’m excited for you at the Crawlin Crab Kris. (Isn’t that a mouthful??)

    I’m glad you guys had a great time camping…I’ve always wanted to go camping. I don’t know if it would go as smoothly as yours did though to be honest.

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  4. What a fun camping trip! That’s something that’s on our family’s bucket list too. Crazy thing is we live in an area where campsites are EVERYWHERE. Yet, we’re having a hard time finding time to go. We bought some gear and it’s just sitting downstairs. 😦 this must change. And I’m with you on marathon pace being a struggle during long runs. While I’m not on your level my effort is still there. My biggest struggle right now are my tempo runs. I can not for the life of me stay on pace. I feel like I’ve been all over the place. So that’s a big focus for me this week. Keep up the great work and I can’t wait to watch you rock nycm! That race is on my bucket list. 😉

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  5. Thank you for being honest re: runs at MP. I ran 18M w/10M@MP last Sunday and that was NOT a walk in the park. I didn’t feel like I was going all out and I ran consistent splits but it was TOUGH, both physically and mentally. I consider these workouts the bread and butter of marathon training: as much as they scare me, I know they are the most important ones.
    GOOD LUCK ON YOUR HALF! Mine is next week and it’s making me more nervous than NYC itself 😉

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    • Ha, I just told my coach the same thing. I get more stressed about half’s than I do the full I am training for. 😂. I suppose it’s good though, when we are through with our 13.1’s then we can say the scary part is over. Good luck and nice work on that long run!


  6. I also want to try camping again. My family and I use to camp when I was growing up. I remember loving it! It’s a pretty affordable way to get the family on a get away.


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