Hello beautiful Summer & a 5K recap

Hello Summer!  We are one week away from school break and I cannot wait. The end of the school year with three little ones is a bit maddening but with a glimpse of lounging, lazy days (overly hopeful on my part?) on the horizon, we are grinding through. It has not been without hiccups. People think I am crazy when I say I can’t wait for the kids to get out of school but with ours at the brink of almost having less summers left with us than they’ve had, I’m trying to soak up every bit I can get with them….even if they do argue over the silliest things, like who gets the “good” goggles when they are all the same.

Since this is a running blog after all, where does Summer leave me? It’s a challenge for sure. The running part is easy. I wake up early and knock that out. I eliminated run doubles over a year and a half ago when I started working with a new coach. I no longer have to drag three kids to a park or put on a tv show in the afternoon to squeeze in an extra three miles.  Those three miles were something we determined wasn’t worth the stress (both time constraining & injury concerns) that accompanied. It’s SO easy to fall into the “So and So runs this many miles, I should too” trap. I am very guilty of this! Luckily I’ve felt like my training in the past year has proven that I can do well on less. Instead of extra miles I supplement with cross training in my own home, either strength work or swimming (I realize how lucky I am to have a pool available to me). This won’t be easy to maintain with kids home but doable with some advanced planning. Also, for the parents- Picking a late Fall marathon is a huge help. I won’t need to start most of my 20+ milers until after summer break. Here is a quick glimpse of what my typical training weeks have been like lately.

Monday-  Easy paced 8 miles followed by 45 minutes of Strength work.

Tuesday- AM- Speed day. 2 mile warm up stretching & drills, 3 by 1 mile (as much rest as needed), 2 mile cool down. PM- 45 minutes of Swim .

Wednesday-  5 miles easy. 45 minutes of Strength work.

Thursday- AM- 2 mile warm up, drills & strides, 5 mile time trial, 2 mile cool down.

PM- 45 of Swim Intervals.

Friday- 45 minutes of Strength work. No running.

Saturday- 10 miles, negative splitting the run.

Sunday- Off Day. 


Yes, you read that right. I’ve had two days off a week.  It won’t last much longer but I’ve been loving it. With 140ish (?) days until my goal race, there is no rush. Rushing leads to injury for me. I’d also like to note that I am stretching constantly.  I’ve been really pushing the short speed lately in hopes of getting my times down before marathon training begins in another month or so and with my body, I MUST stay on top of things to stay healthy. Stretching, hydrating, and sleeping are huge priorities for me on a daily basis.

Speaking of short speed, I raced a 5K this past weekend.  It was the Low Rent 5K in Chic’s Beach, only a few miles from my house. The event was awesome with gorgeous views, post race party at Commonwealth Brewery, and lots of free race photos.  I highly recommend it to any friends thinking about signing up next year. Here are some photos and a quick recap.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 6.41.59 AM

New PR!   Honestly this was the first race in ages that I only looked at my watch twice (a huge improvement for me), once at about .75 miles in and then right at the end. At the finish line I was shocked to see I had run just about a minute faster than my last 5K at Big Blue. I’ve been coming back slowly, mileage is still very low, and low interval reps for speed days, so I didn’t feel 5K ready. The first mile I went out with a small group of friends. I told myself to hold back until atleast the halfway point but I got a bit antsy and picked up the effort at .75 miles in. Funny how during the warm up I commented to my friends that I felt horrendous, then miraculously I felt great during the race. The final mile was tough but I felt strong and smooth the whole time and had enough left to pick it up the final stretch.


Strollered  by my great friend Thomas and his daughter Amya. No big deal they came in 3rd overall on a turn filled hot course.  


If you are wondering why I’m in my race outfit for all the post race festivities, it’s because we had to take a bus to the start (closed roads) and without a bag check, I didn’t bring anything, not even my phone. I don’t usually hang out at a brewery in my sports bra for hours.


With The Fit Petite! I didn’t get the memo that the donut smile was supposed to actually look like a smile.  oops. 


Post race beer & smiles.

Thanks for reading friends!  Have a wonderful week! If you will PRETTY PLEASE click on this link and vote for our amazing friend Ryan to get on the cover of Runners World, I will be thankful to you for life. Ryan has been an amazing local runner, mentor, training team leader, training partner, and friend to so many of us here in Virginia Beach. I’m so proud of everything he has done for our local running community and cannot think of a more deserving person. It only takes 3 seconds so please click HERE.  I promise Runners World won’t send you spam unless you click that box that says they can 😉  Xoxo!!


11 thoughts on “Hello beautiful Summer & a 5K recap

  1. I think it’s awesome that you’ve eliminate doubles. I agree with you that they aren’t worth the extra stress for a relatively short run, plus it means extra laundry. Your 5K was soooo speedy! Congrats!


  2. Congratulations on a great race (in the heat!) and a new 5K PR! That is an amazing time as well, and I love that you weren’t training like a mad woman for it- it seems like you were just relaxed and let the race come to you. To me, those are the best races. Plus it seems like a five-star event… free photos and an after-party at a brewery make for a fun time regardless of what the race time is.

    Glad you are finding what works for you in training and enjoying your summer months- swimming is an excellent way to cross train and beat the heat right now!

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  3. I enjoyed reading every word! I love summer and the relaxation that comes with it. I’ve enjoyed my two days off and more time with my kid! Congrats on the PR! My best runs usually come when I “don’t feel ready” or feel good oddly enough. We will be in Virginia beach for the half marathon in September. Will you be running? It’ll be our first time there! I’m so excited!

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  4. A shiny new PR! Congrats lady! Don’t you love when hard work pays off?! Love your week of workouts, I need to start posting mine, too. You’re such a great example of how to juggle family and running life. #supermom. You should do a WIAW or What I Eat in a Day post… I’d be interested in how you fuel daily with your mileage and hectic/busy days! I voted 🙂


  5. “Funny how during the warm up I commented to my friends that I felt horrendous, then miraculously I felt great during the race.”

    This is me all the time! My fiance pointed out that every single time I freak out before a race because “I didn’t sleep well,” or “My stomach feels off,” I kill it. But then in Boston in April I said, “I feel the most refreshed I’ve ever felt on a race morning!” And that was the hardest, worst race of my adult running life. I guess I’ll stick to the complaining 😉

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