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Happy May friends!  I hope you all had a fun filled Cinco De Mayo. We are celebrating tonight…FriYay! Honestly I cannot believe it is May already. This year has flown by and I doubt it helps that we haven’t reached typical Virginia Beach weather yet. I believe it was warmer in Canada then it was here yesterday! Ugh. I love my hot weather and can’t wait.

As far as training as has gone, I’m in the “use 5K’s to get into shape” training method. I’ve run a 5K every week for the last three weeks, which I believe may be more than the entire total number of 5Ks I ran in 2015!  First 5K was my favorite, ODU Big Blue 5K.  The look on my face in the second picture below adequately displays how I felt.  Horrible!!  🙂 I went out way too fast and while I didn’t wear a Garmin with splits, judging from my regular watch, I must have run my last mile over a minute slower than my first.  Yikes.  The afterparty and finishing on the Old Dominion football field was pretty amazing though so it was worth that 5K pain. Results and website HERE. This was the most fun 5K event I’ve run in a very long time and watching the kids run the 1K race was the cutest bonus.





The Thursday after the ODU 5K, I ran a 5K on a local Navy base.  The only pictures of myself were equally on par with the above pain face, so no point in sharing. I still felt out of shape but enjoyed having friends to race with on a random Thursday instead of busting through a hard workout solo. I ran it only a few seconds faster than my first 5K but my pacing was much smarter. Progress.  The final 5K I ran was yesterday and I did it solo in my neighborhood.  There was an awesome local 5K (Corporate 5K Challenge) but my son had a baseball game against the number one ranked team in the league and I couldn’t stand missing that. They ended the game tied 9-9 (two hour time limit and pouring rain made the Umpires end the game) and my son pitched a few innings, pitching better than he ever had before. Hearing him say “I’m so tired but so proud!” was priceless. So while I didn’t want to miss the local 5K with friends, Mom Life always comes first.  The solo 5K was brutal. More of a mental struggle than anything. I grinded out a 18:53,  not because I was fitter than I was at the ODU or Navy 5K but because of pure stubbornness. I wanted progress so I willed it that badly even if it was by mere seconds.

Judging from the past three weeks, I’m still far off from my fitness prior to Shamrock, but I’m content with where I am at during this point of the post-recovery comeback. The first month back is always the hardest and I’m almost through that.  After weeks of okay legs, I’m starting to get that bounce back.  So, what am I training for?  I’ve gotten this question many times. I told a few people and was hesitant to say. My plans were to hold off telling anyone else but after many inquiries, it’s easier just two write it out.  I am THRILLED to say I will be running the New York City Marathon this Fall.

I’ve said it before that the marathon is my favorite event.  In my mind, everything else I run is aimed as preparation for my next 26.2.  Mr. Law was deployed when I ran at Boston last Spring. Having him miss that dream experience of mine was tough. I wanted to share it with him so badly. This time though, he will be in NYC to experience this bucket list race by my side so I want to make it a great one. 2015 was a rebuilding year for me and this past Shamrock Marathon exceeded my “comeback” expectations, so as long as I can stay healthy (the key for me!) I feel confident saying I can run fast on the challenging New York course come November. I thrive on accountability and laying it all out there so my running goal for 2016 is to run sub 2:47 at NYCM. Get there healthy, be brave,  be thankful I get to run on one of the best courses in the world, and be faster than ever!



Before NYCM, I have on my race calendar- The Strider Mile,  Allen Stone Braveheart Run-Swim-Run (Guys I’m Swimming!! ), Strider 10 Miler, my favorite half Crawling Crab Half, Fox Trot 5K,  and Wicked 10K. I’m still looking for more races so suggestions on the East Coast are welcome.  We are traveling a ton this Summer so traveling too too far for races is probably not an option for me.

If anyone had NYCM advice, blog posts, helpful links, etc. please send me my way!  I could read race recaps all day long so New York ones are greatly appreciated.

Wishing all the Moms and Amazing Women that are just like Moms a wonderful Mother’s Day!! We are thankful for you!  Sleep in, make them bring you coffee, wear your pajamas ALL DAY LONG, then make them bring you cake 🙂 Enjoy your day!


22 thoughts on “Race Plans

  1. So excited for NYC for you!! I’m glad your husband can be there and you two can enjoy the whole weekend together. Plus, running in NYC has to be really exciting.

    It’s so hot here that really all we have left to race are 5Ks, and I’m okay with that. I’m signed up for a ton, because I like 5Ks, but I do use many of them as workouts. I don’t think running multiple 5Ks to get in shape is a bad thing- it’s a perfect tempo run distance and you can find one every weekend. So crazy that you did so well on a solo one though- that takes pure grit!

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  2. I approve of the 5k method ;). I think you are making a good call Kris and I know you’re going to race your way right back into fitness and PRing shape. Running a 5k by yourself at that pace is incredible…

    The RSR is one of my favorite events, it’s so much fun, I think you’ll love it.

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  3. Hey Kris! I really enjoy reading your blog and learning about your racing and training! I’m also registered for NCYM and aiming for around 2:47 (although we’ll see how fitness is closer to the race). Have you applied for the sub-elite program? I’m in DC, so if you’re ever up here and need a long run buddy, let me know!

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  4. OMG! I’m so excited for you to run NYC! I will be following you for sure!! Excited to hear about your training along the way. 🙂

    Love your Mother’s Day suggestions…ah, if only. 😉

    Happy Mother’s Day to you, as well!

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  5. YES! NYC is hands down my most favorite marathon and I am so excited you are running it! Also excited to hear about your swimming race 🙂 I might have to see if I can fit that one in my schedule – it sounds like a fun event!

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    • Please do! Also, maybe you can give me advice on swimming in the ocean. I don’t think I have swam past where my feet can touch for longer than ten-fifteen feet. Whats the worst that can happen, right?! See you soon!


  6. It’s super exciting that you are running NYC! You also have a really nice lineup of races beforehand. I have a report from that marathon in 2013 and 2010 (check the right navigation of my blog or race history tab) if you are interested. Both were “fun runs” that beat me up even though I wasn’t really trying to race!

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  7. I’m coming down to NYCM to cheer this year!!! My friend Lauren at NYRR is a great resource- I’ll send you her contact info. So excited for you!!! 🙂


    • Thanks Sika! No triathlons in my future, this swim will be a one and done bucket list item for me. I’ll cheer on you crazy brave people though :). Congrats on your recent tri!


  8. Love it – using 5Ks to get into shape – I’m planning on doing something like that this summer after my recovery! Looking forward to following you through your NYCM training. I’m not quite at your speed, but I’m targeting a sub-3 for fall. We’ll see!!! Should be an exciting summer of training all around!

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  9. “In my mind, everything else I run is aimed as preparation for my next 26.2” THIS x100! The marathon is the only distance I really care about. .. everything else is just something that will help me when training for my next one.

    I’ll be running my 3rd NYCM this fall and I’m looking forward to following your training… you’ll LOVE it! I’ve just run my first Boston and, although it was an unforgettable experience and I plan to go back next year, I truly believe that New York is unbeatable 😉

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  10. I’m late to the party but Happy May and Happy Mother’s Day ❤ Jealous of NYCM, I entered but no luck. SO happy for you that the hubs will be there! Here's to warm weather training and fast legs!


  11. You will love the NYCM! I ran it last year and it was incredible. You should definitely apply for the sub-elite program. They make you feel like a rockstar and it makes the day of logistics really easy. The two things that I wish I had known going in were that 1) those bridges are way steeper than I was expecting (definitely do lots of hill work) and 2) the park is further away than you think it’s going to be at the end (I kind of lost it mentally when I kept expecting to turn into the park and it seemed like forever until we actually did). If you just really enjoy reading recaps … https://mobilebayrunner.com/2015/11/03/a-new-york-state-of-mind/. Good luck with your training!

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  12. Kris-love your blog and am SO excited to be running the NYCM as well!! I’m 23 and new to the marathoning/racing world but had a 3:07 in my first marathon at St.Jude this past December and would like to aggressively push for a sub 3 come NYCM-if your goal doesn’t scare you then it isn’t big enough! I will love following your training and can’t wait to read along as I go through this build up as well. Please share any race recaps or advice that are sent to you that I can’t track down! Any advice you have for me would be amazing.

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