Recovery Time


Days Since Shamrock Marathon- 26

Number of Days I have run since Shamrock- 11

Average miles run on said days- 4

Cinnamon rolls consumed in past 26 days- 23

Fast miles run- 2.

How I felt during those 2 miles- Death

Favorite recovery period quote- “When I said you have to get hungry, I didn’t mean for pie.” -Jerry Frostick

Up Next- ODU Big Blue 5K

As a firm believer in taking as many days off/easy as the distance you race in miles, I am nearing the tail end of my post Shamrock Marathon recovery period.  Unlike the Philly Marathon where I didn’t feel like I had spent my energy, after Shamrock I was drained both physically and mentally, happy as can be, but drained.  I did not run a step for 6 days after the marathon and a quarter mile into that run, I turned around to go home. The following week I ran twice, then each week a little more. Nothing planned, nothing formal. For someone who adores marathon training, I adore a good rest period and I”ll never be the kind of person busting out miles soon after an A race.  My mind had zero desire to run even a foot. Thats how I knew it was a good training cycle.

We told myself I wouldn’t start planning things until I got hungry again. (Hungry for running not hungry for dessert) and coincidently my “hunger” started back up when then Boston Marathon news started peaking last week. I entered my first race back, which will be the ODU Big Blue 5K this upcoming Saturday. I don’t expect much out of it but I’m anxious to shake some rust off these legs and see where I am at. I’m hoping I surprise myself but the cinnamon roll count above hints otherwise.

Here are some snapshots of life lately but other than this, I don’t have much to share running wise. By the way, for the East Coasters, today is Wawa Day.  Go get yourself some free coffee!


Even Bart Yasso agrees!


More fun bike miles than run miles lately



This arrived in the mail, along with a nice check, from which Britney tickets will be bought. #bucketlist


Geocaching with my favorite twins! We searched for this one FOREVER and have the leg scratches to prove it.

Good luck to all my friends running Boston next Monday! Go 2015 Boston roomie, Michele!!!  I’ll be spectating and cheering from afar! Best of luck to friend Jenny running the Carmel Marathon on Saturday!  If anyone has any interest, here are my recaps of my Boston Marathon 2013 and Boston Marathon 2015.  Happy training friends!





7 thoughts on “Recovery Time

  1. I think you made a great decision Kris. Shamrock beat up a ton of people because of the weather. You had an incredible race and I’m glad everything worked out for you. I can’t wait to see your next full (and the rest if the races too LOL).

    Are you going to see Brittany Spears?! When and where?!

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  2. Glad to see you are up and running well again! Hope recovery is going well!

    What are your plans for fall? I’m thinking of going international and targeting Toronto Waterfront Marathon next.

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