Shamrock Week


Here in the Hampton Roads area, Shamrock Weekend is THE weekend for our wonderfully large running community.  If you aren’t one of the over 20,000 people running, then you are usually volunteering, spectating, and/or cheering while sometimes handing out free beers to runners along Atlantic Avenue. As a runner, it’s easily one of my favorite times of the entire year, so much that I refer to the whole week leading up as Shamrock Week. Making these days even more special is that our youngest celebrates his birthday. Suffice to say, the excitement is brimming here in the Law household. We are all going to need a huge nap next week.


Thanks for permission to use the above photo of the finish line area set up  Willian & Minday

This time last year I was coming back steady from yet another frustrating injury. I ran the Shamrock half and had a fun time with friends but I wasn’t able to race it (pic below). This year, things have changed. I had just started with a new coach and training plan that time last year, so the needed time to adjust has kicked in. I have completed an 8 week strength class that kicked my tail and kept up with the work. I’ve had a hiccup here and there but nothing the guys at Direct Performance could not handle in a matter of one or two appointments. If I combined my unplanned days off due to pains/sickness/travel/etc., I think it adds up to maybe 7 days in the cycle.  That’s pretty huge for me as someone who has gone through cycles of months off at a time. The consistency is there.  My mileage may not be in the 90’s like it was before my marathon PR but I have a good 18 weeks of steady, consistent training under my belt.


Honestly I do not have a time goal for Sunday. The pressure is off to reach some magical number and I feel a huge weight of relief in that, JUST RACE. My main goal is to be competitive for 26.2 miles. Another goal of mine is to try to negative split.  I’ve had some fantastic races but I do not believe I’ve ever negative split a marathon. So with nothing to lose, the plan is to go out conservative (the OPPOSITE of what I did at Philly) and see where I’m at at mile 13-15.  Everyone says the halfway mark is the 20 mile marker in a marathon but I say it’s closer to 18.  Once you get there, it’s a grind no matter what. I begrudgingly did many a tempo on the hardest part of the Shamrock course so I have no excuses on race day.

What have I done this past week to prepare?  My mileage has dropped considerably, in the high 30’s with Saturday off completely.  Today being Thursday I will start adding more carbs to my diet and today is the last day I’ll be eating lots of salads and veggies to avoid stomach issues on race day (tmi?). I had one dry needling session which involved laying on a table with five needles up and down my left let.  I swear it sounds awful but I love it. Some people love deep tissue massage, some love compression gear, I think the dry needling works miracles for me.


Also, earlier in the week I was grateful to attend a Shamrock Race Directors Chat with Amy & Jerry Frostick at Lululemon, Town Center VB. (pic above by Lululemon) We were given a fantastic list of tips and advice, like where to park, how long it takes each corral to start, and such.  Myself, being the run nerd that I am, wrote down a million of their tips on their handout and later after viewing what I wrote down saw  my own note to myself- “DON”T FORGET GELS AND HAIRSPRAY!”   These are my priorities, can’t forget the hair 😉  Speaking of crazy hair, the weather is predicted to be not-so-perfect.  As much as I feel for the spectators and our awesome friends who will be working on race day, not-so-perfect would be perfect for me. My friends and I have literally trained through every race condition- snow, sleet, rain, heat, and winds that would knock you over.  Even with strong predicted headwinds, I feel confident that we are ready!

Alright guys & gals, I’m rambling but that’s what happens when you only blog once a month.  For those interested, I am bib number 7.  007 is my lucky number (James Bond fan!) so I am thrilled to wear it.  The marathon starts at 8:30 am on Sunday and I cannot wait to hear Leprechaun Bob (pictured below) to say my name as I cross that finish line as he has been doing for many years for as many runners as possible.  Wishing all the runners an AMAZING day!!  Very excited to see so many of you out there and meet a few new friends faces from out of town.  Happy St. Patricks Day all!



What matters most is how well you walk through the fire. -Charles Bukowski





22 thoughts on “Shamrock Week

  1. Good luck this weekend Kris! The consistency in your training will be huge, and love that your goals are more about execution (negative split) than time. I think you are going to do awesome! Also, Happy St. Patrick’s day!

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  2. First of all that statue is so cool! Makes me want to run there like now. Best wishes for a strong race this weekend. My ultimate goal is to negative split in the marathon distance as well. I did negative split this last half marathon event so I’m getting a liiiiiiitle better at acing the pacing thing 😉 no shamrock runs here but I will be getting my long run in. Cheers lassie!

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    • You are literally half way there if you negative split your half. Next marathon you’ve got it. I adore the King Neptune statue too. You can see him from any point in the boardwalk and so you know you are almost to the finish. A good reminder to stay tough.

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  3. Good luck Kris! You’ve got this- it sounds like you’ve done the training and all the little things and injury prevention prep. I hope you have a great race and meet all of your goals, and finish injury-free of course. Shamrock seems like an amazing event for the whole community and I love that everyone gets behind it, not just runners but also volunteers :).

    Wishing you the best!

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  4. Sounds like a fun race and an awesome week (happy birthday to your son!)
    Wishing you a good last few days and a great race! Hope you meet your personal goals (the negative split one sounds hard, but would be awesome to carry out).


  5. So excited for you to RACE a race and not worry about time. It was windy and a bit warmer when I ran my PR there, so you got this! And hairspray? Doesn’t it sweat off into your eyes? Good Luck!


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