16 goals in 2016

The workout I have scheduled for today is a beast (2 by 4 miles, 12 miles total), so in an effort to allow my body to wake up a bit more and to let my warmest running jacket finish in the dryer, I’ll sit here and blog.

A friend of mine recently shared his 16 goals for 2016 on his blog. I thought it was a fantastic idea and a few of us are following suit. In an effort to hold myself accountable by the pressure of social media, here we go-

1.) PR the marathon.  This is a running blog and I try to stay on running related topics the majority of the time so I’ll start with the run theme. In no way does this mean this is my most important goal, its not, they are all jumbled randomly. After a string of 10 marathon PRs in a row, I’ve experienced 2 frustrating years of no progress in time. I believe I’m capable of sub 2:47 and would like this to be the year.

2.) More memories with the family. Our kids are at a great stage in life where they can now try new things safely. We’ve made plans to travel with them a bunch this year and try new activities (snorkeling, kayaking, etc.) that in years past was difficult to manage with 3 kids at the same age (twins + 1 a year younger). I am beyond excited about this one.

3.) Read two books a month.  With a kindle this is admittedly the easiest goal I have as I’ve already been doing this. Currently I’m reading The Handmaid’s Tale. A bit depressing but eye-opening and hard to put down.

4.) Start a garden. 

5.) Sub 1:19 half.  This is a huge jump for me. I’ve yet to break 1:20 (current PR is 1:20:08) but I believe in scary goals.

6.) Learn how to cook tamales. What was I saying about scary goals?

7.)Stick with Strength Work. The twice weekly strength class I am currently attending is about to end and knowing my love of strength and core work I’ll have lost any progress I’ve made within a month. What a waste. I’m committing myself to 2-3 30 minute segments of strength work a week on my own or through my gyms class. No less!

8.) Camping.  We own a tent but have only camped in our backyard and at a wedding where camping was encouraged and we had indoor bathrooms, heat, etc. at our beckon. This year I want to try “real” camping somewhere amazing. Our kids love this so it’s more of a goal to support them. I’m more of a hotel girl myself 😉

9.) Race a track 5K. I ran through high school and had a brief stint of running in college and in all that time never had the chance to run a 5000m on a track. There are no track 5ks that I know of around our area so suggestions are welcome.

10.) Continue with Church. I already attend weekly but this is important to me. I always leave feeling refreshed, peaceful, and ready to tackle another 7 days.

11.) Learn basic French. Our neighbors are French citizens working here temporarily for a few years. Our daughters have become best friends and long story short- We have promised our daughter that when she becomes fluent in French, she and I will go on a Mother-Daughter trip to Paris. I learned basic Spanish in high school but know only a few words of French so this #16in16 may be my most difficult…Oh Non!

12.) Blog twice a month. 

13.) Visit Friends & Family more often. As a military wife and mom of three, traveling solo hasn’t always been an option, usually requiring mass amounts of planning and occurring rarely. Now though, our situation has changed a little bit and I’d like to use that change to keep up with some amazing friendships and family love. I even have a weekend with close friends planned soon. This is huge for me! Nashville & Philly, I’m looking at you!

14.) Visit Top Golf.  At least 5 different people have raved about this place and guess what? I actually own pink golf clubs. Add those to the list of silly things I bought in my 20’s.

15.) Ocean Swim Race. We are beach lovers but I’ve never entered an official ocean swim race. I don’t plan on “racing” it. I’m actually a terrible swimmer but I’d love to try an official open water swim this Summer and not drown.

16.) Visit a new State. I’m pretty far along in my quest to visit all 50 states (I’m in the fourties), going to knock another one or few off this year.

There you have it. I’m sure I’ll think of a few more during my warm up today. Let me know if you have any great goals this year or what your planned run is for today. Have a wonderful day!


20 thoughts on “16 goals in 2016

  1. I love this list! So cool to see goals of all different categories, and even some more challenging than others. As for the French goal, I have some great books at home from when I was learning as a kid- I’ll write the names down and let you know. There’s one in particular that is really good especially for kiddos and beginning. It’s a picture book that helps with basic things and what the word for them in French is (doesn’t go into really speaking the language, but helps being able to identify things)

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  2. Good luck in your 2 x 4!!

    I ran a track 5k two years ago but it was a small local college track meet. I just ran unattached (obviously) and the coach was thrilled to have alumni participate. 😊 I did feel a little old- I was the only one with 4 kids screaming “Go mama!!!!” From the sidelines every time I ran around. 😂😂 I finished 2nd after getting totally out kicked in the final straightaway. It was SO much fun though and I plan to do it again!

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  3. I love your 16 goals! I couldn’t come up with 16 but came up with 5 for my blog, then the first turned into such a lengthy post – there’s always a backstory, right? – that now each one has become it’s own post! I read The Handmaid’s Tale twice, I loved it so much. Depressing yes, but Atwood is such a good writer and I think there are so many great messages in the book. I love your scary PR goals too, and the fact that you put them on the blog…I need to do that more often!

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  4. Long-time reader, but I think this might be the first time I’ve commented (ps. Love your blog!)
    I just wanted to let you know that the phrase “I believe in scary goals” led to a HUGE epiphany, and I am incredibly grateful you perceive goals in this way. I’m very much looking forward to adopting this as a mantra going forward.
    Obviously, your list is an amazing blend of easier goals and scary goals with everything in between. But as someone who typically only makes achievable goals, this line led me to see I’ve been settling. I’m amping up to push myself towards some scary goals now.
    Thank you, Kris. Thank you. Have a great day, and best of luck with your goals – the scary and less-frightening ones alike. I’ll be here cheering you on along your journey!

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  5. You’ve been working hard Kris and I do think you’ll PR in the full as well as the half soon. Halves are tricky though I suppose because the best are normally around when a good full would be so you have to pick and choose. I can’t wait to see how your full goes though.

    I do like your goals…especially Philadelphia…


  6. I love all your goals and how you have a nice mix of running goals (at various distances) and personal/family goals. I took French in high school and college so it’s cool you want to learn some. Maybe take the kids to a French restaurant too so they can practice?

    For the track 5K, a few of my friends went to USATF Masters in Florida last year and did track races. That might be an option. I think they have regional meets as well for adults, but I’m not sure if they all have track 5Ks. I guess running unattached at a college meet could work too depending on your area (No one does that here… because we only have a few college meets and not a ton of speedy runners wanting to race a short distance).


  7. That workout sounds tough. But you’re tougher! I believe in scary goals too. 😉 Great list! Read a few books is on my list as well. I’d love to see a new state as well. I’m only on state #5 ha!


  8. A great ocean swim race is the flowers one mile sea swim in the Cayman Islands. There are normally around 1,000 people of all abilities and ages entering the race http://www.flowersseaswim.com/ and one in every five people wins a prize. It’s a great day and a good chance to take a short break by the beach.


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