Meals on the Run & Life Lately

Hello all! Almost time for Christmas break and it can’t come soon enough in this house. The end of last week started out wonderfully. I was able to celebrate my 36th (I mean 26th?!?) birthday with some great friends. Mr. Law was out of town working so no men were invited. Sorry guys but some of the best conversations happen when you are not present 😉  My training week started off strong and I thought I would have a nice solid week of workouts capped off with a race tomorrow to log in my new workout planner.  Then my poor kiddos started dropping sick like flies. It was one by one and then after joking I wouldn’t get it, I got it. I must have slept 18 hours yesterday! I woke up feeling much better though, have been sipping Nuun all morning and will still be racing Surf N Santa.  It’s my favorite race in our area so I don’t want to miss it. One of these years I’ll run it in a Mrs. Claus outfit.


So while I don’t have much running news to share, I do have some food and brain training to write about.  About a month ago Runners World gave me two books to read. One named The Runners Brain and the other Meals on the Run.  I’ll admit I did not read The Runners Brain until after the Philadelphia Marathon. It would have been the perfect book to read while in taper mode and instead I probably watched too much Bravo television. The book has an entire section about toughing out a race when things do not go as planned. That felt like a smack in the face because honestly when things didn’t go immediately as planned in Philly, the mile my stomach started turning, a manic panic set in and I could never calm myself enough to let things settle and get back into a good groove. My stomach caught me off guard and I have no doubt my mental side exasperated my physical troubles so thats something I need to work on. I will be reading and rereading this book before my next marathon! How can I have run 10 marathons already and still be learning things? I thought I would know it all by now.

Out of the two books, I’ve been pouring over Meals on the Run the most. When it comes to this blog I would say that 90% of the questions I receive privately are 1.) Do you coach? (Sorry, no but I always try to help with any specific questions) and 2.) What do you eat?  I am VERY lax with my eating habits. I love vegetables and eat healthy 90% of the time but I also LOVE my junk food and will never give it up. Life is too short. One of the best decisions I made was working with a nutritionist, not to tell me what to eat or how much, but to remind me of when to eat what. I mentioned before that I was shocked to discover that I was having almost no carbohydrates before 2 in the afternoon. Then I would have coffee to perk me up because I had no energy! Here is a quick summary of what a typical day of eating looks like for me.  Also, back when I ran doubles, the timing was different, so keep that in mind for my friends who workout twice a day. Make sure you are fueling after you work out!

Wake up- 6 am. A large glass of water and coffee with milk.

7 am- Light breakfast- Usually two eggs and a slice of bread or toast with avocado & salt spread on it.

8:30 am- I start my run. If its a hard day then I would have drank Enduropacks electrolyte drink with water or a little Gatorade beforehand. If its a run longer than 12 miles then I probably would have snacked on a small granola bar or 2-3 homemade trail mix balls (honey, oatmeal, peanut butter, ground seeds like pumpkin, mini chocolate chips, and wheat germ mixed in the food processor and rolled into smaller than golf ball size) The trail mix balls recipe are also in the new RW book but I’ve been making them for years after my sister in law introduced them to me. The book does have several variations that I have and will continue to make, like one with dates and macadamia nuts.


10:00- 2nd breakfast-  Small bowl of oatmeal or cream of wheat with fruit and a protein like nuts or a side of bacon or a heavy recovery drink like the Meals on the Run Mocha Madness Shake made up of coffee, greek yogurt, ground chocolate, and a banana.

12:30- Lunch- The biggest meal of my day. Everyday is different but I usually have a huge serving bowl sized salad with tons of veggies (bell peppers, carrots, beets, avocado, etc.) and a protein like shrimp or tuna in. This is where the nutritionist pointed out that I wasn’t getting enough carbs so now I always eat some French bread or rolls and butter with it or other days I finish it all off with a bunch of Doritos. Seriously, they are my weakness.

3:30- Snack time with the kids.  I make chocolate chip cookies way too often and have Almond Milk with them. I will also always have a huge plate of raw veggies with ranch for them to snack on while doing homework. One of my kids will eat a ton of vegetables but only if they are raw. It baffles me but whatever works!

6:00- Dinner.  Also big portions here. People say dinner should be the smallest meal of the day but I don’t agree. I need those calories to make it through my run the following morning because I can’t eat a huge meal right before running. Dinner is always a huge variety and well balanced. I also have wine and something sweet (more cookies or pie!) about 5 out of 7 nights of the week and that will never change. One of the dinners I made from the Meals on The Run book this past week was their  Coconut Shrimp with Rice Noodles.  The best part of this book is that everything is easy and fast!! This seriously took less that 30 minutes. The longest part was soaking the rice noodles. The recipe said it would take five minutes but mine were closer to fifteen until they were al dente. Soak a package of rice noodles in very hot water until they hit al dente, saute all the veggies in a very hot pan for 5 minutes then set them aside. In that same hot pan mix 1 can of light coconut milk, 2 tb yellow curry sauce, and the juice of one lime (or two, go crazy!) and let it simmer until well blended. Put it all together and top with cilantro and you’re done. So good! I never would have made that without the help of the cookbook. I promise all the recipes are that easy.


Also, I take Enduropacks vitamins and an Iron tablet supplement 4 times a week. I used to take the expensive iron but after reading that Nike athletes take the Natures Made brand, I now use those and they work just as well as the expensive liquid versions.

I didn’t want to forget to let you all know that I have joined the Strava world. I’m not exactly sure how to navigate everything yet and I don’t wear my watch daily but I figure when the cold winter months hit, I will need all the motivation I can get. So far I only have one entry because of this rough past week but I hope to be active. Here is how to find my profile for any interested…click HERE.  Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!! Hope you get all the running gear as gifts 😉



8 thoughts on “Meals on the Run & Life Lately

  1. I like seeing what you eat each day (I really just like seeing what people eat but especially good athletes). I have never thought about timing of protein, carbs, fats, etc but maybe that is something I need to consider more because it probably wouldn’t hurt, right? Coconut Shrimp are one of my all time favorite things to eat so maybe I need to check that book out… 😉


  2. Great to see you on Strava. It’s a great way to “meet” people and see how other people train. That Runner’s Brain book sounds great. I work with a sports psychologist and it’s really helpful to understand the “proper” mentality to have before, during, and after a race. For me, it’s gotten to a point when even my race disappointments aren’t that upsetting because I’m so focused on giving it my all and just doing my best. Sorry you got sick! I’m sure you are better now– I am way behind in my blog reading.


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