What’s Next?

It’s time to get back on the horse, as they say, and truthfully I was anxious to do so. Normally after a marathon I like to take 2-3 solid weeks off. In this case, since Philly didn’t go as planned, I was feeling back to normal within days.  I chose to take 7 full days off, then start short easy runs mixed with additional off days. I’d say in the first two weeks I ran 8 total miles. I see people bouncing back quickly and I wonder how and why? Enjoy those days off! You deserve them.  Eat pie! Drink wine! I had pie every day for ten days after my marathon.  It was amazing. I didn’t share any Philly photos on my last post and wanted to share the one below. Now with some time apart from the race, I can look back and smile on the whole weekend. Love these ladies with me below and loved our time together then. (Here is Megans new blog for those who’ve inquired about her incredible race- CLICK HERE.)


Before Philly, if you had asked me if I would run a spring marathon, I most likely would have said no. Now though, I’m certain I will (as long as I stay healthy!). The marathon is such a heart breaker but its my favorite event and I hope I don’t sound over confident when I say that I feel very strongly that I can do it better than I’ve ever done it before. So my A goal for spring is to run sub 2:47:09 (my PR) at the Shamrock Marathon. Why Shamrock? First off, my friends and coach will be there. Second, I’ve never run a marathon local to me. I’ve traveled for every marathon I’ve ever done and I’m thinking it may be nice to roll out of my own bed and drive 15 minutes to a race start for once. I may kick myself at mile 18 when I’m running into a strong headwind though! 😉

Another reason why Shamrock; I am lucky enough to be part of the J & A Racing Shamrock Training Team. If you are local to the area, I highly encourage you to check this group out. Weekly meet ups, classes, coaching, shoe fittings and classes at Running, Etc. , and more are part of the group. The best part though is the constant support from your teammates and how they encourage you to celebrate the journey every single day. I knew that if I chose Shamrock I would have the opportunity to cheer for these teammates running the half and maybe give out some fun side fives during the full.


So am I back to “marathon training”?  Not quite. I have begun a new strength class with Direct Performance & Functionally Fit. Twice a week I go in for 30 minutes and have my tail kicked. It’s incredibly challenging for me and I plan on doing an entire post on these workouts soon.  Here is a glimpse of one workout below where I look completely thrilled to do more side planks. What doesn’t kill us right?!


"And you hold these and wait for the shock."

“And you hold these and wait for the shock.”

As part of this new strength regimen, I had my body composition completed and will have it done once more in 8 weeks to see if I’ve made any progress. It was eye-opening to say the least. Um, I’m guessing this is where all the pie I’ve joked about comes into play…as my kids would say “You just burned yourself.”  My body fat percentage was 22%, which is a tad high for someone who runs as frequently and as intensely as I do. I debated putting this on the website but I’m trying to be real here. I’ve read Matt Fitgeralds books, especially Racing Weight (great book!), and know that closer to 17-18% is ideal for someone with my goals. I do NOT want to lose any weight. I am at a good weight for my height, but maybe need less pie and more muscle. Basically I’m not concerned about it but I will be a little more mindful after the holidays and as my goal race approaches to keep a healthy balance. I’ll let you all know if this new strength regimen helps out in that department.

So far I’ve only had one workout back, which was 8 miles with four at a strong pace. It was the first time I had worn a watch in over a month and I surprised myself. I expected to be around 6:15-6:30 for the strong paces but hit 6:06 average for those four miles. It gave me a little confidence for my next race which will be the Surf N Santa five miler. I have no goals for this race except to shake some of the rust off and have fun.  Hope to see many of you there! Thanks everyone for the love on my last post. It was needed and appreciated beyond words. Wishing you all Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year! Xoxo!


18 thoughts on “What’s Next?

  1. Bahahaha!! Pie every day for 10 days, amazing! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I love following your blog, keep up the hard work!
    I’m curious, how tall are you? It would be encouraging if you were about my height because it would confirm I can be speedy too even if I’m shorter lol.

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  2. Kris, inspiring as always! Shamrock will be great for you, I’m sure!! I look forward to watching you fly by as I do the half! I do have a question for you. What advice would you give someone who is running her first full marathon?

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  3. Kris, you rock! I am so excited for what the new year holds for you!

    Re: pie and body fat percentage, I hear ya! I love Matt Fitzgerald’s quick start program to launch me into my season. After Christmas of course. 🙂

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  4. Good luck with the new strength program and return to training. J&A races all sound awesome and I can’t wait to follow your shamrock training. I’m glad you took a much-needed break but sure you were ready to get back to training and running regularly, too.


  5. I think Shamrock is such a good goal race for you. You’ll have the support of so many people. It might be windy but what coastal spring marathons aren’t? Plus you know the course really well already and have run those roads. I think the strength training is really going to pay off!

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  6. YAY I am new to the area and joined J&A training group and had a blast at our first training run yesterday! I have found that Beachbody has some amazing strength training videos that I do at home before the little ones wake. I always thought at home videos were a joke…until I actually did one!

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  7. I have been doing similar cross training. It’s humbling, for sure! And I teach fitness for a living. Here’s to speedy shorties! I know I need to get my butt in gear for marathon training (less chocolate, less wine, less pizza), so will fun to follow your adventures.

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  8. I am running the Half at Shamrock! It will be my first time. I live in Massachusetts so this will be a destination race which makes me a bit nervous ( I don’t do many destination races). I’ve read Hollie’s review of the Shamrock Half and it sounds like a well-run event.
    Good luck in your training and maybe we’ll get to fist bump 🙂


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