16 days until Philly!

Hello everyone! 16 days until the Philadelphia Marathon. Where has the time gone? Back in January, when I woke up with my third injury in a year, I was heartbroken and frustrated. I made some major changes, dropping mileage, dropping doubles, increasing intensity, etc. I told my new coach that all I wanted was to get to the start line of a marathon HEALTHY. I had two DNS (did not start) marathons in 2014 and I couldn’t handle that again. So while this training cycle has had a small bump, it feels amazing to know I will finally get to race a marathon. This is, of course, barring any freak accidents in the next two weeks, knowing my luck. I love this distance and I love working hard during a race, so the excitement of being within three weeks of race day is fantastic.

Speaking of fantastic, last Saturday I had one of the most fun races I’ve ever run. I think the pictures below say it all. Two friends and I dressed up as junk food and ran the Wicked 10K as a fun run, stopping to cheer for friends and mid-race running into a nearby donut store that offered free donuts to those dressed in costume. We crossed the finish line eating donuts. Does a fun run get any better? Maybe if we had alcohol in the other hand.


Bike leaders dressed as skeletons!


Free donut pit stop at mile 3!


Have you ever seen me happier when I crossed a finish line? Nope. That’s a Bacon Maple donut in my hand 🙂


Despite what it looks like in the pizza pictures, I’ve been training hard and taking things seriously. I’ve had some amazing runs including a 20 mile run on the rolling hills of Valley Forge National Park, PA at 6:49 pace (pic below). I think that was a big one because the next day my ankles were sore from the downhills.  We aren’t used to any sort of hill here in Virginia Beach so hopefully I strengthened my legs a bit on that run.  I’ve also been getting some great tempo runs in and many, many marathon paced runs, like a 5 miler at goal marathon pace with a bunch of crazies in the dark (also pictured below).  Like I said above, my mileage has dropped considerably from the amount that I ran before Philly 2013. I dropped doubles as well. That alone was HUGE in my mental game. As a mom of three with a husband that is underway or working late often, doubles were killing me. I couldn’t keep up with it and I can’t ever see me running twice a day again. It wasn’t worth the mental strain or lack of recovery time.


Valley Forge Park…gorgeous! (Photo cred-                  https://www.flickr.com/photos/ireena_1/6335222020)


   We take nighttime safety seriously. I had a blinky light attached to my shorts. Don’t be afraid to look dorky at nighttime with bright vests or headlamps. Safety first and I’ll always out dork you so no worries!

The biggest question I have been getting is; Will you qualify for the Olympic Trials? Are you in 2:43 shape? Are you in PR shape?  Honestly, I can say I’m feeling very fit, I’m feeling mentally strong but I also feel a bit like 2:43 may be over my head. I’ve never run a race where I’ve gone out at a pace slightly faster than I should have, but I also know I love racing as an underdog, that I love taking chances, that I LOVE the marathon. I’m going to line up at the starting line with a smile on my face, grateful to be there, and run my crazy little heart out. I plan on giving 100% on race day and putting myself in a position to succeed. If I crash and burn then I’ll just cry laugh then move on to the next race.  Thanks to two great friends that are hosting, we have a Friends-giving planned the evening after the race, so I plan on celebrating no matter what happens with champagne & pumpkin pie.

Thank you all for following along! I’ll be racing a 5K in Pennyslvania this weekend, then it’s Taaaaaaper time!  I hope to post again before race day but if not, I am bib number 18 for anyone interested.  Thank you to all the friends and bloggers who’ve chatted or written about their marathons this Fall. I’ve been inspired by all of you and will be thinking of you race day. Wishing you all the best!!


19 thoughts on “16 days until Philly!

  1. Wishing you all the best! Whether 2:43 or not, I’ll be rooting for you and hope you have a fanstastic race!
    In the meantime, have a fun 5K (will it be as fun as running like a pizza and eating donuts while crossing the finish line? I don’t know how!) and a good taper.

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  2. Kris I’m incredibly happy for you. I know you are going to do so well at Philadelphia and I can’t wait to see you finish. Your training has been fun to watch and it’s clear you have been truly enjoying this cycle.

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  3. Great to hear an update and to hear someone else say “Hey, if I don’t get the OTQ, it’s still a great success.” I’m going for it in the half so the likelihood seems even farther away, but I’m still excited about the progress this training cycle. Hoping we can meet in the Elite Tent beforehand as well!


  4. It sounds like you’re ready!! I appreciate your honesty about how hard / stressful it was trying to fit in doubles. I’ve never been a fan of doubles and I tend to run on the lower mileage side anyway. I’m so excited for you and I’ll definitely be tracking you in Philly!


  5. Thank you for sharing your journey. It’s been great following you! I wish you well in Philly and so happy you are feeling strong again!! You have already won just getting to the start line. I do hope I will have the chance to see you in LA but if not, celebrate all of your accomplishments along the way. All the best!!! RUN LIKE A GIRL!!!!!

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  6. So glad to hear things are wrapping up well, and now time to wind down before the race! It’s been great to follow along with your training and come back. I feel like the less stress from this new training approach and new coach is really showing in your running and even the way you talk about your running. Keep smiling and having fun, working hard and inspiring- because it’s freaking awesome. Look forward to cheering for you at the finish!

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  7. I love your updates! I know I say it every time, but you are such an inspiration! I love the approach you took in training this time and I think it says a lot that you’ve gained so much fitness and done so well on less mileage. It proves that high mileage and double don’t always mean success. That everyone is different. It’s hard not to get caught up in the comparison game and I’m gald you did what’s right for you, your body and your family. I can’t wait to follow you in the race and maybe, hopefully one day be in your shoes 🙂


  8. I’m so happy that this season you’ve been able to try (and find success with!) a new training program! I feel the same way you do about doubles, and am at a point now where I’m questioning if I’ll ever do them again. Not sure it’s worth the extra time/stress knowing that you have to squeeze in another run during a busy day. I’m so happy to hear that you’ve been able to reach peak fitness and stay healthy during this buildup with what some would call a more “untraditional” schedule – that gives me hope that I can do the same! 🙂 I can’t wait to see how Philly goes for you. 2:43 or not, I know you’ll give it all you’ve got on race day. I’ll be cheering for you!


  9. I’m with you, just trying to get to the starting line healthy! (A real struggle…I dropped a can on my foot on Monday and it still hurts.) Philly will be my first marathon in more than a year, and I just want a chance to get out there and give it my all. Good luck staying sane and healthy in these final 6 days!


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