Goodbye May

I’ve been absent from blogging lately and for good reason.  January thru March were challenging months for me. Then April came along and the momentum changed and I have barely stopped smiling as the events just got better and better.  Last time I left you I was still floating on post Boston Marathon happiness.  I took the normal post marathon rest and then the new coach and I decided that with an even bigger & better event coming up that the timing was appropriate to make the rest period a substantial one.  While I was cross training and generally staying pretty fit, there was limited running going on and I do feel in the long game we made the best decision.  What was this big event?  Mr. Law came home from a 6 month deployment.  The Navy had a photographer on the pier and I’m so thankful for that although I took the last photo with my fancy iphone. It was a great absolutely amazing perfect day.


Waiting patiently on the pier!

11350465_10153316586196407_8816723043708682817_n10363381_10153301880401407_5934503589240060089_nAfter our happy family reunion, the Mr. and I took a much needed vacation to South Beach without the kiddos. It was our wedding anniversary weekend and we love Miami. While I didn’t take many photos to share, we had the most amazing time. I had packed clothes to run and in the end, the biggest workout I did was dancing until 4 am.  No regrets, well, I wish I had taken more photos so maybe I regret that part 😉


We always stay at the Delano hotel in South Beach. An oasis of peaceful fun in the middle of the oceanfront.

Back to the running portion of this website. I have a few tentative races scheduled and one big goal race.  The goal marathon is still so far away but its in my personality to plan long term. I love dreaming of the day and the idea of running a fast time seems less intimidating the more I discuss it and throw it out there for the world to read. Big goals seem less scary the more I share them. My goal race for the Fall with be the Philadelphia Marathon.  I’ve gotten some looks when I’ve told people this is where I plan to race. It may not be the fastest course. Some of the hills aren’t suitable for Virginia Beach, flatlanders, but I love that city. I know the course well and if I’m going to run a 2:43:00 anywhere, I want to experience that moment there.  The timing is late in the qualifying game, but a late November marathon gives me time to build up a summer of speed before marathon training begins.  It also leaves me training for a marathon when my kids are back in school.  That makes a huge difference in the quality of my recovery.  Before Philly I will run the Crawlin Crab Half Marathon and that will most likely be the only race I will taper for. Rock & Roll Virginia Beach will be on my list to race as well but there will not be a taper for that one.

    Tidewater Striders Summer Series – July weekly

    Strider Summer 10 Miler– August 2

    Rock & Roll Virginia Beach– Sept. 6

    Crawlin Crab Half Marathon– October 4

    Philadelphia Marathon– November 22

There will be more races thrown in there but that will be added as I go along.  Let me know if you are running any of these or any words of advice.  Now that I am out of my rest period and am slowly building up the work load, I will start sharing bits and pieces here and there.  Thank you all for reading and wishing you all a wonderful June!


19 thoughts on “Goodbye May

  1. I’ve been to South Beach twice and have never been to the Delano! 😱 So I plan on VA Beach to see you and Corey very soon. I’ll have to check out the Crawlin Crab half! So happy to see you all smiles and I am thrilled to hear you are racing Philly again! 🐯

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  2. I lived in Philadelphia in grad school and Philadelphia was my first (and second) marathon! It holds a very special place in my heart. You can ABSOLUTELY hit 2:43 there! I can’t wait to follow your training and watch you crush your goals! So glad you’ve taken the time to have some quality family time! Very much deserved! Hope you have a fantastic Monday!

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  3. SO happy for you that your hubby is home. The longest mine has been gone is only 3 months and that was HARD, I can’t imagine double the time. Glad you had fun in Miami, too! Those abs 🙂 Can’t wait to read your training recaps and follow you along this amazing journey. Happy Monday!


  4. I loved all the pictures you posted of your husband’s return, I can’t even imagine how happy your whole family must have been! I love the Philly marathon! It was my first race and I used to love running all of their fall races when I lived there. I hope to be back one day 🙂 Good luck, can’t wait to follow your training!


  5. Sounds like a great plan and I’m excited to follow along as you go for sub-2:43! Where ever YOU know you can do it is the best choice, so Philly sounds perfect (ignore those looks!).


  6. Sounds like a great schedule!! The pic of you kissing your husband is one of my favorite ever. 🙂 And so glad you got some time alone, away. Good luck with the training. I will be cheering for you!


  7. So good to hear an update from you, Kris! I think it’s always a huge confidence boost to run on a course you know and love – so I have no doubt that you will get your sub-2:43 at Philly! Sometimes it’s more important to go for your goals on a course that is special to you (vs. one that is “optimal”). So happy to see that your husband returned home safely and you guys got to enjoy some kids-free time together. I know how precious that is! Enjoy the training this summer and I look forward to following along!


  8. How wonderful that your husband is home!! Loved all the photos and equally awesome that you two had a get away! So exciting about Philly and I’ll be rooting for that 2:43. You are going to rock!
    Good luck with your summer training and enjoy your family!


  9. I’m so happy things are going much better for you Kris. It was great to catch up with you today. It’s clear how happy you are. I cannot wait to watch your training unfold (and hopefully be there for you in Philly!)


  10. So happy for you to have your husband home and have a race schedule to be excited about. We will be traveling a lot this summer but I am hoping to run a few half’s this fall including Crawlin’ Crab. I will be rooting for your 2:43!


  11. Best of luck to you. I live just outside of Philly and I’ve run the marathon there 5 times, setting a PR each time. I have a lot of nostalgia for the race because it was my first marathon, my first BQ, the last marathon my mom ever watched me race and the first my wife watched me race. I’m probably going to run it this fall as well, hoping to go sub 3 for the first time in my life!


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