One Week Post Boston

It’s been a week since Boston and I’m still high-as-a-kite happy with the experience and enjoying the recovery process.  With almost no running, I have a bit more time to write and share here. My first run back, also my first form of exercise since Boston, was Sunday (6 days post marathon) and was an easy four miles.   This is an old photo of us but Megan and I were equally colorful in our shoe/sock choices today.  I did not wear my watch and felt like dirt the entire time. Just wonky and rusty. My shins are sore from the downhills but luckily zero calf pain or anything specific that may be a warning sign.

When we finished I asked Megan our pace expecting to hear 7:30-45 and she said “8:50”  Nothing at all wrong with 8:50 pace except that it felt cruddy not casual. All good though because pace doesn’t matter at this point but at the same time, it was a bright neon sign reminder that I’m not recovered yet and need to have that patience I am always searching for.  The hardest part of marathon training is the patience.


Since I have no other running to report on other than a 4 mile slog through the neighborhood, I figured I’d share some of the Boston photos that didn’t make the cut the first blogging round.  The first is with Bart Yasso.  Everyone knows Bart for his incredible endurance running but I know Barts name because of the famous “Yasso 800’s” ( a marathon time prediction workout)  I didn’t tell him that its probably my least favorite workout ever. More agonizing than a mile, more time to feel the pain than a quarter mile, not lengthly enough to justify eating half a dozen donuts afterwards.

Bart and I met at the expo then again at the Runners World VIP party that evening and he had remembered every detail I had mentioned earlier in the day despite me being 1 in 500+ people he met. Amazing guy but don’t ask him to babysit because he will let your kids watch South Park.


Sunday while waiting for the elite technical meeting to start I met Roger Konigs.  He and his wife are elite runners from Belgium.  Roger and I hung out quite a bit and before we entered the meeting a reporter came up to both of us, looked us up and down, then asked him for an interview.  I didn’t make the cut, ha ha! I did get this blurry picture to message he and his family though. I cannot even imagine how speedy their children are going to be.


This picture really doesn’t need an explanation. MEB! Remember how I said it didn’t feel right to ask any pros for a photo together during meetings? Well I did try to be sneaky and do the I’m typing on my phone but really taking a photo trick at the Sunday meeting.  I should be hired as a detective. Race Director Dave McGillivray later called Meb “A good egg” and I think the whole room gave a sigh because we just knew it was true.  unnamedHere I am grinding up Heartbreak Hill.  Funny, it doesn’t look so bad in this photo. It could be another hill or maybe it just felt like a hill? As weird as it sounds, I like when photos show my stretch marks. I’ve earned those stripes. Plus its a good shot of my favorite new shorts from RaesWear. One of my closest friends asked me to try these shorts as a favor. I had no idea they would become my favorites. A 360 degree pocket waist band means I am no longer shoving gels in my sports bra. I wear the half gloves so that I can easily tear open gels without taking them off. Plus they cost 99 cents at Target so you don’t feel guilty tossing them mid-race.


Post race I saw news crews interviewing Meb and a woman. I hadn’t known THIS had happened yet.  It’s the woman Meb held hands with as he crossed the finish line.  I’d say that is one of the best moments of Boston but there are easily a dozen best Boston moments.


Another one of those “Best Boston Moments” comes in the form of this blog post I’d love to share with you.  It’s written by a good friend Aric about his Boston race with our friend Thomas Hicks. Thomas has MS and is easily one of the bravest and most inspiring people I have ever met along with his wife Julie. If you have tissues handy, check out this amazing story HERE. It’s lengthy but it will honestly be a great read for you to start your week off on a warm-hearted note.

As for me, I have a few more weeks of easy runs and cross training before I get back to the grind. I am waffling around Fall marathon ideas right now, leaning towards one of the ones I have already run for that experience. I’ll keep you all updated when I decide but will be running a bunch of shorter races in the next few months. Thank you all for following along! If anyone has any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Xoxo!


12 thoughts on “One Week Post Boston

  1. I always enjoy reading your blogs Kris. Not that I’m glad you have more time to blog but I’m glad recovery is going well and there are no calf issues! You’ll come back quickly though…ha if only I lived down there now we could run together without me going into cardiac arrest LOL.

    I saw when Aric posted that yesterday to and I was sobbing!


  2. Congratulations again Kris! I love reading about your experiences at Boston (and all races really but I guess this one is even more special). It’s neat you go to meet so many cool people, even people I haven’t heard of like Roger Konigs, and yeah, I bet they will have some pretty speedy kids. Hopefully in a few days your body will start to feel better and you can get back to training, but I’m with you on giving yourself plenty of time off :).


  3. Kris, you are so awesome! I love reading about ANY run you do – short or long. As a side note, I love how “real” you are and appreciate that you talk about your stretch marks (reminds me you really are human 😉 ) and you were a complete boost of self esteem to my daughter (14 years old) “she really eats doughnuts?!”. Yep, you’re human and awesome! You rock, Kris!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Kristi!! That means so much to me! I hope I always come off real and as a friend to the audience. Sometimes I worry that my writing may not always shine through the way I would like it too so its great to read your kind words. Tell your daughter she is awesome and that doughnuts are perfectly fine in moderation. I try to eat healthy 90% of the time and the other 10% feeds my baked goods love. Life is too short to not enjoy it all! 😉


  4. LOVE your posts and the way you keep it real! You are a true champion and thank you for sharing your journey! Looks like you might have finished before the rain!! #itpaystobeelite I enjoyed Boston as well! Hope you come back!


  5. I’m so glad you’re recovering well! Patience and trust…the keys to marathon training, right? I really wish you’d come do CIM in December. Then I could yell at you from the side of the road… and bring you post-race donuts 🙂


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