Weekly Review (18 weeks til Boston)

One of the best training cycles I ever had happened to also be one in which I shared the most details. Maybe something about the transparency kept me working harder or maybe I just was a little more obsessed with the running side of life that cycle and that work shown through. Either way, I am making it a point to hop back on the weekly review posts.

Right now things are coming along very smoothly, better than they have my last comeback. I mentioned before that my speed is not there, that’s a part that does not come naturally to me, so it usually comes back last. I’ve been happy with my pace and endurance though. I’m not saying I don’t have huge leaps & bounds to make before Boston, I do, but I am pleased with the progression we are making. Right now my logs look BORING. No impressive splits or high mileage. I miss those things but I know we have a smart plan to get me back there and patience is part of that plan to peak on race day. Here’s how this past week went down-

Monday- 6 miles easy*

Tuesday- 9 miles with last two @ 6:30 min/mile pace

Wednesday- 6 easy*

Thursday- 6 easy*

Friday- 14 miles of trails.

Saturday- Girls on the Run 5K race

Sunday- 7 miles easy*

Total Miles- 51

(*easy pace is anywhere between 7:00-8:00 pace depending on day.I don’t always wear a watch.)

I’ve been very lucky that I live in such a great endurance community and lately I’ve been running with some old and new friends. We all have major goals for our Spring marathons and getting out the door to run on the cold windy trails is always easier when you’re held accountable by friends. Friday was my birthday and a friend was kind enough to run 14 miles with me.  The first 10 was easy peasy and the last 4 my legs were DONE. The miles of the week had added up and after weeks of  this abuse my legs were yelling “Oh we thought you were joking about this run thing!” No legs, we have tons more work to do. Get with it. 

Luckily the following day was one of my favorite running days ever. I got to run a 5K with my nine year old daughter, Kelsea. Earlier in the year she joined her schools Girls on the Run program. If you have not heard of this, it’s an incredible program that teaches young girls proper self-esteem, confidence, kindness, & goal setting. I wish I had it when I was a kid! This program teaches girls these skills along with running, the end goal being the completion of a 5K race. Every girl needs a “Running Buddy” so I had the privilege of running with Kelsea.  She, along with every other girl there, kicked tail.  I was so proud. Here’s our pictures-


Pre-Race in the car. It was COLD!!

This picture makes my heart melt. #soproud

This picture makes my heart melt. 

Kelsea finished in 32:13, two minutes ahead of her practice 5K time.  I asked her if she was going to run Girls on the Run again and she said “Next year, not this Spring…I need a break!” Fair enough.  

I will not be taking a break this Spring though (Boston is in 18 weeks), so the next day I was back on the roads again.  We won’t bump the mileage up any this next week because I want to play it safe to get a good workout in at the Surf N Santa 5 miler.  This is one of my favorite races in Virginia Beach.  It used to be a 10 miler held in the morning but this year will be the first year its a 5 miler, held in the early evening so that we can run through the gorgeous, oceanfront boardwalk Christmas lights.  I know I’m not in “fighting” shape for this race and that’s okay.  The plan is to run it as a workout tempo run, to see where my fitness is at.  Even still I’m very excited to really get back out there again!

One last thing, I wanted to share my new favorite kitchen gadget.  I have zero affiliation with this company. I saw a blurb about it on twitter and made an impulse purchase on amazon.com.  One of my best impulse purchases of the year.  It’s called Yonanas. (I know, the website looks like an obnoxious infomercial) It’s this contraption that takes frozen fruit and makes an ice cream-like concoction.  I’ve heard of people making this in their food processors and I promise you, this texture is way better.  Every afternoon I’ve been eating “ice cream” that I make using only bananas, cocoa powder, and pumpkin seeds. Any frozen fruit works but the banana is my favorite. So if you are a kitchen gadget addict like me, I recommend this one. I paid $30 for it on amazon but I see the price fluctuates.

I hope to get a year end review post written before the New Year but just in case I do not, Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!! Happy training & racing! 


19 thoughts on “Weekly Review (18 weeks til Boston)

  1. Congrats to your daughter! And yes, it’s sounds totally like an infomercial, and seems like one of those gadgets you’d use once then never again – but I’ve heard many positive reviews of Yonanas. I can’t do it, though. My kitchen is too tiny!


  2. Congrats on your mini-me’s awesome performance Kris! You both look great together despite it being cold out 🙂 I could be more happy that the early stages of your Boston build are going smooth. I’m always wishing the best for ya Kris!!


  3. The GOTR is such a great program and I’m glad you could participate with your daughter. I’m also glad to see you doing more training posts. I always enjoy reading your posts about training because they keep me motivated. I know you are going to have a strong training cycle for Boston and I cannot wait to see how it goes!


  4. Don’t say it is boring, it is amazing, I know how special it is once you get running again after all that time off. I always saw an 8 mile run as being “back to normal” and you are well passed that. i love that you have added trails in there, a very good idea!

    I read about your 5k this weekend, how special 🙂


  5. Your training log still looks pretty impressive to me- you got your runs in and you didn’t get injured or feel bad which in the end is what matters. Plus you got to share one with your daughter and it looks like you both had a great time. GOTR sounds like a really good program. Hopefully your speed will return soon as well.

    I love doing the weekly review posts on my blog. It holds me accountable and I like reading other people’s. It’s interesting how so many people train so differently for the same distance or even the same race.


  6. You and your daughter… ADORABLE!!! Wow, what sweet pictures!! Great job to your daughter!! What an awesome time! She’s an amazing runner just like you!! You’re so fast!! I’m happy you’re having lots of awesome runs! Have a fantastic week!! XOXO


  7. Congrats to your daughter and her 5k! Such precious moments 🙂 I loved logging my running on my blog when I was training. Since I don’t have a coach, like you said, it made me feel more accountable. I’d think to myself, man, I don’t want to write that I gave up at the end of this workout, push it! (within limits of course)
    Have fun at the Surf N Santa 5 miler! And I might just have to get a Yonana. Very interesting.


  8. Seeing your countdown to Boston makes me think, “Oh CRAP!” LOL, I feel so unprepared. I’m admiring how you handle running + mommy life while the Mr. is away. You ROCK! I also love that your daughter inherited your love for running. I hope mine does, too. Wishing you the best in your buildup to Boston!


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