Fracture Follow-Up Take Two

Just a quick update to let you all know that I am running again. Not much and not far but it’s baby steps in the right direction.

It’s interesting to me how this injury has thrown me for a loop. When I fractured my sacrum it was quite severe and after 8 weeks off I was back on the roads, without even a blink of hesitation. There was no wondering if I was healed. I simply never felt that pain again. This time my “barely a fracture” tibia fracture took 9 weeks to heal. 9 very long weeks and with each step I am hesitating, wondering if the pain is going to come back. So maybe the bone is healed but mentally I’m not quite there yet.

My first run back was on the roads in my neighborhood. I was too worried to go far in case I had to stop and turn around. My second run though I ran on the soft trails near my house and was instantly reminded why I love the run so much. It was a Saturday morning and I was the only runner there.That was a first. Whole trail to myself. Like a mini-welcome back gift. Since it was such an easy run I brought my phone along to take pictures. A gorgeous morning.


So what do I have planned? Absolutely nothing. It was difficult to give up my pacing position at the Harbor Lights Half Marathon but there were plenty of great runners willing to pace that group so it wasn’t fair to keep it and honestly I was paranoid I wouldn’t be fit enough at that point to pace properly. I have no races planned at all and I’ve actually told Coach Hadley I don’t want to write up a plan yet. 5 weeks ago I started back running only to have to take another break, so I want to make sure this is the real deal before we get started.

One thing I have begun is taking a better multivitamin and mineral supplement. EnduroPacks was kind enough to send me a 30 day trial set. After reading the positive post by my friend Tina Muir, I was intrigued. I’ll let you know what I think after my 30 day trial is finished. So far I am loving the daily liquid vitamin. Even though my bone scans and nutrition levels came back great from my test results, I’m still trying to cover all my bases to stay healthy in 2015.

That’s all I have for you all now. Since I don’t have much exciting running news to share, I’ll leave you with posts I loved. Here is a race recap written by my friend Marci Gage about her race in the elite field of the New York City Marathon. Look at how cool that picture of her with Kara Goucher is!! Here it is. Also big congrats to my friend Kellie for her new PR and 2nd place finish at the Virginia Running Festival Half. She wore our new Running, Etc. singlets and made it look so good! Here is her post.

Have a great week everyone!! Thank a Veteran for their service tomorrow!


28 thoughts on “Fracture Follow-Up Take Two

  1. I think you are being smart Kris. I know how hard it was to give up that pacing position. I’m actually coming down to VA sometime this month (possibly the same weekend as HL) so maybe we could do something!

    I am glad to hear you are able to run. I know it’s been such a long road to recovery.


  2. It was awesome to see an update from you in my reader today! I’m so glad you’re able to run again, and I think you’re being really smart about not jumping back into training immediately. Definitely better to make sure you’re 100% healed than have to take another layoff or delay the process. Those trails look really beautiful too and looks like a great place to return to running.


  3. Wow! Prettiest trails ever! It’s good to hear that you are running again. I am coming back from a long bout of plantar fasciitis and it’s hard being patient. It’s definitely been a slow recovery but I’ve been trying to stick to the motto. “you can’t rush the comeback.” It sounds like you are doing all the right things. Keep it up!


  4. I think you’re more cautious after subsequent injuries, plus your comeback hasn’t been as smooth as last time. I think you’re sensible not to make any definite plans just yet. After my 2 mile run yesterday I started looking at races – crazy! I hope you’ll have some positive stuff to post very soon!


  5. YAY! I know its nowhere near where you want yet, but like you said, moving in the right direction! I am SO glad you are using Enduropacks, i told them you would be a great ambassador, and you really would be. It works doesn’t it? I honestly believe it helps, and at this level, and when it means that much to you, every little helps.

    That trail is beautiful Kris, and what a way to be at peace with your running…..well as best t you can be with that paranoid voice in your head, I know how annoying that is….and I have it right now too. Things will come together for you, I know it 🙂


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  7. I bet your pace is still super fast even though you’ve had 9 weeks off!! Look forward to hearing about your transition back to full fitness!


  8. Baby steps are still steps Kris and you are still just as inspiring!!! You a going about this return pefectly!!! I follow Tina on Pinterest lol 🙂 when you start racing again great things are in store for you!!! In the meantime your running buddies including me promise to wreak havoc on the race circuits 🙂


  9. Yay! So glad to hear you are back out there and enjoying those beautiful trails. That’s awesome!! I am looking forward to following along as you build your mileage since I’m right there with you – coming back slowly from my own tibia stress fracture as well. 🙂 Here’s hoping that we’ll both have successful comebacks and get to race well this coming spring!


    • Your support through this has been amazing and so appreciated. We are both going to have an AMAZING spring season because we are too hard working and stubborn not too 😉 Wishing you all the best!


  10. It’s weird- some people say it takes less time to heal tibie/ foot fractures because they are small bones, then I hear sacral/ hip fractures heal more quickly because they have better blood supply. I felt my tibia fractures for a long time afterwards, but they were both really bad fractures. I can’t remember when they stopped hurting because it was so long ago (i.e the 90’s).

    I think you’re taking a great approach- just trying to be relaxed about it. Injury-free in 2015 🙂


    • Thanks for that Mollie. It’s good to hear that you went through the same thing. This tibial fracture has been a stubborn beast. I’m ready for it to be gone forever. Hope you’re settling in. We are going to miss you here!


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