Fracture Follow-Up

If I’ve learned anything since starting this little ole blog is that whatever I type I will have to retype later because it will change. There has been at least three marathons that I was planning on running and either didn’t or switched to a different race and that’s just the big events. So when I wrote that I was running the Wicked 10K race next weekend, I should have known better. What’s the saying about best laid plans?

Have you noticed what I’m not doing in the picture below? I’m not running; that’s what I’m not doing. An Elliptigo date with a good friend at the gorgeous oceanfront is wonderful but it’s not quite the same as running.

As you can guess, my follow up appointment with my doctor did not go how I wanted. 95% of me thought I would walk out of there with a green light to run away as much as I wanted. Sadly that other 5% happened to win out. An x-ray showed my body needed more rest so I left the office with very strict instructions not to run again for three more weeks.

One of my best friends (a runner who gets it) said “Maybe you should just not run until January 1st because this has not been your year!” She made me laugh. And laugh is all I can do. There is no point in wallowing in frustration. Initially I was a bit blown away thinking my pain was not a big deal. Such denial. So the shock of another three weeks off got to me. I sent overly dramatic texts to my coach and best friends, which I now regret. Luckily by the time I got to chat with the Mr. I had a better perspective and was able to joke about the extra tv time I’ll now have. I know three weeks is not a big deal. If my worst problem right now is that I can’t run, then I’m a lucky girl.

So I’m leaving you with a meme my friend Ally shared on facebook. It may be my favorite meme of all time. Every injured runner can relate.

Have a great week everyone and as always, thanks for your support. Run some miles for me. xoxo!


21 thoughts on “Fracture Follow-Up

  1. That is a funny Meme! Ha ha. So true. No regrets on the dramatic texts to the best friends and coach…that’s your safe zone right? πŸ™‚ Saying “3 weeks will be here before you know it.” or “3 weeks isn’t that long!” is a little like saying “You’re almost there.” to someone on mile 14 of a marathon. Or “You still have a ways to go!” to a woman who is nearing the end of pregnancy when she feels like a whale and she’s ready for it to just be done! So, I’ll just say, that I’m impressed with your outlook and looking forward to what’s ahead for you! I have a feeling you’ll come back hungry!


    • I will and thank you!! 3 weeks does sound like a long time to me so now I’m just saying 18 days left! (it’s been a few days) Kinda like at the end of the marathon when I say “Only 12 times left around a track!!” πŸ˜‰


  2. Kris, I feel for you completely and you know you can chat with me anytime. I often feel like when I post something (like when I posted I ran a mile and felt great) the opposite happens. I hop you are able to fully heal and run pain free again soon.


  3. SO sorry to hear the doctors appointment didn’t go as you would have liked. Definitely have been there with ‘the best laid plans’. Hope you can get some release cross training- sending positive healing vibes your way! 2015, it’s gonna be a good year for you!


  4. *hugs*

    I agree that you have a great attitude about it. Not being able to run definitely sucks, but it’s soooo cool that you have an ellipti-go to do while you can’t run (I’m kinda jealous, haha). Hopefully 2015 will be a much better year for you because you have a really bright running future, and maybe a few more weeks off will heal things completely.


  5. Oh you know I can relate! (And you reminded me that I really should get a bone scan…) I just ran 1.4 miles on Saturday, pacing my son in a 5K…how could I refuse?! And the pain I feel now reminds me how much of a bad idea that was! I am thinking along the lines of your friend and looking forward to 2015! I know it’s hard taking another 3 weeks off, but you have many years of awesome running ahead of you, and that’s not even counting when you become a master (gets even better I swear!) And that is the best meme ever. πŸ™‚


  6. Continue to heal and get well! I know it’s hard and easier said than done but stay strong and positive. Thanks for always being so encouraging and supportive in the running community. I am continuing to send you positive vibes, my friend! Have a wonderful week!


  7. Ugh! Injuries are the worst–especially when it disrupts such an important aspect of your daily life! One of my athletes is dealing with a list of chronic injuries, and I can’t imagine what she is going through. Hopefully these set-backs will only make you stronger!!


  8. Ugh! So sorry to hear this, Kris! But your attitude is great and that’s so cool that you have access to an elliptigo! Would love to read your thoughts on what kind of a workout that gives you (i.e. more or less strenuous than a good spin class? On par? It’s GOT to be better than pool running, right? :-)). I know it’s so tough to have these setbacks when you have a bit of a time crunch with the trials, but I have a feeling 2015 will be your year! You are certainly due! Speedy healing, friend!


  9. Hey beautiful, sorry about the 3 weeks! Lol, maybe you can join me in pseudo-triathlon training some day… And if you and I are good in January, then lets pick a race to train-ish together (I’ll be working mostly normal office hours, which is when you run, ha! Except for February—so maybe then + weekends!) xoxo. No matter what happens you still rock in every way!


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