Weekly Recap- 11 Weeks until Chicago.

Marathon training is a long drawn out process.  You push and push in hopes to see a break through and then continue to push and push for more all over again. After my injury early in the year I felt like I would never get back to the paces and endurance I was. Then in my last recap I noted that I was getting pretty close. Finally last week I felt as though I had a small break through in training and am not only where I was in January, but a tiny bit beyond it. The breakthroughs are not always smooth, but progress is progress. I’m thrilled about every step in the right direction, exhausted but thrilled 😉  Here is a recap:

11 runs in 7 days

83 Total Miles

Monday- 2 mile warm up, 12 by 2 mins @ 6:00 pace, Incline 4 on the treadmill.  This workout was absolutely brutal. The incline range was between 4-5. I, being ambitious on a Monday morning, set the incline to 5 and died on the first one. Any second I expected to be thrown off the back of the treadmill and my heart rate was through the ceiling. There was no way I could complete the workout at an incline of 5 so I switched it to 4 where I continued to feel like bad things could happen at any moment.  My pride wouldn’t let me adjust the pace or incline any lower though and I survived through one of my hardest speed workouts to date. How could an interval that only lasts two minutes be so difficult?!?!? 

Wednesday- After a rough Monday, I didn’t let me brain stress about this one too much. I had childcare but not until later in the morning when it was 85 and a dew point of 73.  Not great tempo conditions but I will say, after a workout on the treadmill I was so happy to be outside that I didn’t care. I always do the same exact 5 mile tempo loop so that I can accurately compare. There are sections with a headwind but its an out and back so it’s “fair” with a tailwind as well.  The miles went 5:56, 6:04, 5:56, 6:08 (oops!), and 5:55 (6:00) average. My fastest 5 mile tempo before Philly was 5:59 pace and that was in near perfect conditions so this tempo, in such heat & humidity, was huge for me.  If you are feeling down about proper pacing in the heat here is the link to the chart I use for temperature/humidity adjustments- Maximum Performance Running Heat Adjustment Chart

Friday-  16 mile Fast Finish Long run.  All of our long runs have a different goal, some are medium pace, some include tempos, some are water only.  These week was a fast finish.  My first 12 miles were at 7:03 pace and my last 4 were at 6:18 pace, averaging 6:55 overall.  I did take two gels and stopped for water to take with those gels.  This was WORK but It’s been nice to see my average pace for long runs dropping. Last year long runs were very rarely sub 7 overall.

    Friday was also the day I mowed our lawn and got stung by FOUR bees.  I suppose I was lucky it wasn’t more but it was an awful experience. Has this happened to anyone else? I jumped in our pool and got tons more off after the first four stung. I have been sung before and NEVER had a reaction but this time my ankles were swollen and the pain irritated me for two days.  It was even waking me up at night.  When I ran Saturday and Sunday my ankles were bursting out of the tops of my socks, lol. For now on when I mow the lawn I will be wearing pants and long sleeves even if its 90 degrees out. This isn’t the best picture but look how swollen my left ankle is 24 hours after the stings:


  So (besides the bees) running is going very well but I do have to say something else that has happened in the past week that blows running out of the water.  The Mr. came home!!  It’s been a long summer without him and it feels amazing to have our family whole again.  This is an old reunion picture, I was too lost in the moment to take one yesterday but it captures the moment.   I feel like I’ve neglected some of my sponsers, so I wanted to give a little thank you to Bedgear for supporting us. When they send me gear, they also send the Mr. some as well and as a submariner he really appreciates his.  Those guys are tired! He slept for over 12 hours on bedgear before heading back to work.  We are so happy to have him home!


 Have a happy week everyone!!


12 thoughts on “Weekly Recap- 11 Weeks until Chicago.

  1. Ohhhh the old Kris is back yay!!! And major ouchie!!! … four bee stings and yep I can see the swelling big time! Happy training Kris! You’re doing awesome!! 🙂


  2. So many things to be happy for you for.
    1. I’m glad the Mr. is back.
    2. I’m glad your fitness is back and better than ever.

    It was hot earlier in the week so I can imagine how you felt. I didn’t know you were running in Sauconys as well. Those are the new ride aren’t they? Also what do you think of the newest Nike Pegasus, I’m curious to hear your thoughts on that.


    • Yes, I run in the Saucony Rides on my easy runs. I prefer less cushioning on runs when I am concerned about pace but on easy runs I basically want to run on a thick cloud 😉 The rides are awesome and I have very narrow feet so I’m picky about the way shoes lace up, the Rides are flexible enough to lace up nice and tight. The Pegasus, I still love. I know they are much different than the last version and I do wish they hadn’t changed a thing (why do they do this?!?) but they still fit me perfectly and I use them for 90% of my miles.


  3. Awww, your family is so sweet. Glad you have your Mr. home. 🙂 Awesome job on the workouts! I can totally relate to “treadmill pride.” Hahaha.

    I’m so sorry about your bee stings. Those hurt and then itch! My first year teaching, i was monitoring kids’ recess and had a whole pack of bees fly into my overalls (don’t judge, it was 13 years ago, and I was young and had no fashion sense). They stung me all over my body. It was terrible! I’m sure you’re over it now, but calamine lotion helped, as did other topical creams made for bee stings.

    Keep up the good work! You’re rocking it!


  4. Yikes! Bees are no fun at all! So glad your Mr. is back home – I know you are happy to have your family all together again! And hopefully it might mean some more runs on the road vs. the treadmill for you! Solid long run – sub-7 average is killer!! It’s encouraging to be able to look back and see those averages get faster over time, isn’t it? I know you’ve worked hard to claw your way back to your pre-injury fitness level but it looks like you’ve done that and then some!!! Congrats! 🙂 Looking forward to more good things to come in the upcoming weeks. I’m getting ready to start my official training block as well and I’m a bit nervous on handling all the double runs on my schedule. Any words of wisdom or tips on making those second runs mentally doable? 🙂


    • You will do great! I keep the second run on double days EASY. It’s always between 3-4 miles and the first mile is dirt slow before I get to a normal pace. I always listen to music and the majority of the time I don’t wear a watch. I purposely keep it relaxed so mentally it doesn’t feel like work. You’ll get adjusted to them quickly.


  5. Sounds like it is coming together Kris! Happy for you 🙂 I am around about the same point as you actually, although I am looking back on Philly and seeing that I am waaaaayyy behind, but I think I was ready too early for Philly, so hopefully it clicks together soon! Enjoy every moment with the Mr!


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