Giveaway Winner & Training Recap

Yesterday I had my kids right down the names of everyone entered in the giveaway, then mixed them up, and chose a name. The winner was Christi. Christi will you please email me at with your address so I can give Women’s Running your information. Thanks everyone for entering, I wish I could give you all a subscription.

Click on this pic for my Interview.

There are 14 weeks left until my goal marathon for the Fall (Chicago) and the marathon specific training has been getting thick enough to start giving weekly recaps. I tried to give paces where I had them because I know people ask me but many times I’m not running with a watch on non-hard workout days. Many of these runs were done on the treadmill, especially the double days.  Here is how this past week broke down:

Monday- 10 total, 10 by 800 averaging 2:43.
Tuesday- AM- 10 miles PM- 4 miles
Wednesday- 10 total, 5 mile tempo at 6:00 average pace.
Thursday- AM- 10 PM 3 miles
Friday- 8 easy paces miles.
Saturday- 18 averaging 7:08 pace, last 5 sub 6:55.
Sunday- AM- 4 miles PM- 6 miles
83 Total Miles

The Wednesday tempo run was a huge confidence booster because, while it isn’t exactly where I was speed-wise in January, it is pretty darn close.  After two months of training I felt like I’m…almost….there.  I’ve been patiently waiting to reach that point, now we just have to build on that. I have a long way to build but we’ll ignore that for now 😉 

Saturday was the other solid day for the week. In this case, I’ve also averaged faster for the distance but the difference is that this run was probably the best quality long run I’ve done in over a year because of the heat, surfaces (trail, boardwalk), wind, and finishing speed. I ran with Dennis of  We chatted for the first 20-30 minutes then we spent 14 miles in almost complete silence as I worked hard to keep up at an honest pace. Mostly we were on trails but we also spent 8 miles on the boardwalk, 4 into a major headwind. I ate one peanut butter Gu and we briefly stopped at water fountains 3 times. The final 5 miles dropped faster and faster until our last 6:30 mile, which we had to sprint THROUGH a 4th of July parade.  The crowd on the side of the street yelled “RUN FASTER!” which made me laugh.  I finished that run completely exhausted but with a huge smile because I know  that it’s individual building block days like this that add up to a successful marathon day.

As my mileage has creeped up I’ve been very diligent about staying on top of recovery. I’ve been lightly swimming to get the legs loosened up almost daily and been rolling out my legs just as often.  I had three days in a row where I went to bed before 9 and slept past 6.  I needed it! I’ve also been good (mostly) about recovery nutrition which I hope to get a chance to write about soon.

I have one more thing I wanted to include. I think everyone knows I love reading running blogs and one of my favorites is written by my friend Marci. She recently ran a 2:35 (yes…2:35!) at Grandmas Marathon and her recap is a great read. Congrats Marci!!

This upcoming week I have a trail half marathon that I’ve been looking forward to.  Have a good week everyone!  


10 thoughts on “Giveaway Winner & Training Recap

  1. So happy to see you writing about training again! 🙂 and those are already some pretty solid paces missy for just getting back to the grind


  2. I’m really glad to see you getting solid training again Kris. You are truly awesome. Both you and Marci know how great her blog is. I could not be happier for her.


  3. Looks like it is going well Kris! We are pretty similar in our stages for Chicago right now….I may be a little behind you though….I only ran 14 on Sunday, and am only around 65 miles a week right now. It is funny though, the weeks overall look kinda similar…I don’t do doubles though. i think I am one of only a few people I know who do not really run doubles unless I have to. Hope things continue to go well for you, I understand the almost there part…I feel the same way, but it will come, and we will be ready come October 12….lets go for that 2:40 🙂


  4. Nice training week, Kris! You basically ran a tempo at the same pace you ran that 8k race a month ago, which is very impressive. I really don’t understand how you (or anyone) can do those types of tempos. It’s always something I’ve struggled with, even when I’m in really good shape.

    Good luck with your trail half this weekend! I’ve only really done two trail races and they were very tough, but it makes the race go by faster because you have to be paying close attention to the ground in front of you.


  5. Thanks for the shout out Kris. I cannot wait to hear all the juicy details of your marathon training in the coming weeks… it’s always such a journey, and you are off to a great start.


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