On the Road Again.

Just jumping online to give you all a quick update. My first run back, after 8 whole weeks of no running was on Monday. The run was entirely pain-free. A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders because while I was incredibly excited to get back at it there was some anxiety about it as well. What if I hurt? What if the pain came back just as intense? Would I have the patience to take four more weeks off? Luckily those fears were subsided and I woke up the following day feeling wonderful. That was telling because before I could sometimes run but the following day my entire hip was inflamed; meaning I obviously wasn’t healed yet.

Both runs were short; in the 25-38 minute range and today I will cross train instead of run. The cross training plan Coach Hadley and I had seemed to work because my running “easy” pace is exactly what it was before I took time off. I wore my Garmin for both runs to get an idea but did not glance at it more than once or twice. The most important thing for the next few weeks is to run by feel and not push too hard. Endurance has been lost but with no near marathon plans I have the time to relax and not force anything.

My future plans? If all goes well I will run a Fall marathon. It’s too early for me to commit to anything but I do have a few possible races in my mind. Choosing ONE race is difficult though. I love larger races and it would be nice if it was flat-ish. I’ve run nothing but hilly marathons the last two years and while they are fun, it might be nice to try something different. Anyone want to share what Fall marathon they are planning on?

I want to thank everyone for all the kind words, messages, texts, etc. I appreciate them more than you know. Sending love to all my Boston Marathoners next Monday. A year later I am still grateful that my friends and I were safe that day and heartbroken for those who were not as fortunate. The Boston Marathon has always been a special place but now that experience will be even more incredible so enjoy every mile of it. I’ll be tracking many of you and sending lots of speedy vibes.


20 thoughts on “On the Road Again.

  1. So glad you are back! Sounds like you have a very smart and patient plan. Excited to see what marathon you will pick 🙂 Think about CIM maybe?


    • I was going to suggest CIM too! I know it’s a bit of a trek for you, but it’s a great course: fast, point-to-point, and net downhill. The only iffy thing is the weather, which has been unpredictable the past few years.

      Hope you continue to feel great during your runs!


  2. Woohoo this is great news speedy lady! No fall marathon plans for me just a slew of 5K roads races. I’m trying to get my 5K time down before tackling a winter half marathon. I’ve heard wine glass is a flat and fast course you might look into that.


  3. Awesome news Kris!!! I am so happy for you (and I TOTALLY understand the trepidation with the first few runs and workouts after an injury).

    I am running Hartford this fall. Mostly flat- good sized race (not tiny, not huge), should be pretty ideal weather. 🙂


  4. So great to hear that you’re back to running, and it’s especially awesome that you were able to maintain so much fitness with your cross-training!


  5. Awesome news, Kris! I’m so happy for you! And I’m proud of you for remaining patient and being smart during the injury. Seriously, you are so mature and smart about your running and that’s one of the reasons you are so successful!
    As far as fall marathons go, Columbus Ohio in mid-October is flat and fast. A few OTQs there usually. Also, obviously Chicago is a good one. I’ve never done it myself but want to sometime. Also, late fall you have CIM!! I might be there!


  6. Yes yes and yes!! I was hoping this post would pop up in my inbox soon 🙂 so happy for you. Stay smart and learn whatever you can from this. I have no doubt you’re going to come back stronger because of this.


  7. I’m so glad you had a pain-free run!! I’ve been thinking about you…I thought about you a LOT last Saturday…mostly wondering how on earth you do it, lol!

    Hoping for continued good runs!


  8. Yay Kris!!! I know you have a long way to go, but it is a great step to take, and you will be back before you know it. Coming back from injuries the start seems slow, but then suddenly it is moving too fast and you are paranoid. You will do great, and will be EVEN STRONGER for that fall marathon!

    I am going to race Chicago this year, I am very excited, and hope to have a much better experience than last time. I am working on getting into the elite section, but will require a really good half marathon next month as right now I can only get in the sub elite. Which ones are you thinking of?


  9. So pumped for you to be running again!! A bunch of us from Richmond are going to run Harrisburg, PA this coming fall – should be a good race! You are always welcome to join us – you’d most likely win it! Ha! 🙂 Fingers crossed that your rebuilding phase goes smoothly – I know you are happy to be back on the roads again!!


  10. Coming back from an injury is so tough! Not knowing what to expect and not wanting to re-injure. Kudos to you for getting back out there and not rushing into anything quite yet!


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