What I’ve been up to.

Hey everyone! In case you aren’t on the twitters, I shared the above tweet yesterday. Less than a week before I can run! To say I am excited is an understatement. Of course we will be starting off nice and easy with a few rest days the first week to see how things play out, but I’m bursting at the seams to get some of my run energy out again.

What have I been up to? I’ve been cross training every single day. The majority of the time I have been cycling but a few weeks ago I had the opportunity (Thanks to Jeff Caron- @Jeffcaronrun) to try out the Elliptigo machines. I am sure you’ve seen these around. The look like an outdoor elliptical machine but they are actually much more similar to running than an indoor elliptical is. The difference is fantastic and riding the Elliptigos on the boardwalk with Jeff and two other friends was so much fun. Here is a blog post written by a new friend, Jess Horton, on our experience: The Fit Petite: Elliptigo

I’m fortunate that our local Navy base rents the Elliptigo out so after my morning with Jeff Caron I started to rent a machine to use around my own neighborhood. I feel confident that between the cycling and elliptigo I’ve given myself a bit of a jump start back into running shape as opposed to my last injury two years ago where I was basically starting from scratch.

Using a quote from Jenny Poore- "Can't stop my flow, I'm on the ElliptiGo!"

Using a quote from Jenny Poore- “Can’t stop my flow, I’m on the ElliptiGo!”

Also last week the Mr. and I went on a vacation to South Beach with friends. The Mr. has been gone (Navy life!) for the three months prior so it was our mini celebration of having him back home for a bit. It was also our friends 5 year wedding anniversary. We had tons to celebrate and celebrate we did! We went to the amazing Delano Hotel. Highly recommended.

I swear I say this on every vacation I’ve ever been on but it was the best vacation ever! The pool and beach were gorgeous and the weather was perfect the entire time. I’ve already bought mint and strawberry plants to put in our garden this summer so I can recreate their yummy pitchers of strawberry mojitos 😉 Plus we met Andy Cohen from the Real Housewives Series. (my guilty pleasure show) Here are some pictures from our trip. I kick myself because like usual, I hardly took any pictures.

I LOVED our hotel room. Overlooking the beach and all clean and white.

I LOVED our hotel room. Overlooking the beach and all clean and white.

South Beach Sunrise

Sunrise on South Beach

Hotel Room View. Love that water!!

Hotel Room View. Love that water!!

Thanks for checking in with me everyone. I will be sure to update you next week and let you know how my first few runs back go. It’s been a long 8 weeks but I am surprisingly feeling very strong. Both physically and mentally I think this setback will have a positive effect in the long run. Hope you are all having a great Spring and wishing all my Boston Marathon trainees lots of taper relaxation and confidence. Can’t wait to track you all!


19 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to.

  1. Glad to hear you’re almost there!! Kudos to you for such patience!

    I’m running my first marathon on Saturday…thank you for your inspiration to take on this great adventure!!


  2. I’m glad you’re almost able to run again and are making the best out of it. The elliptico looks really fun! I have a friend who has a street strider. Due to a knee issue/disability he cannot run but he completed a marathon on the street strider, and he’s a part of our run club, street striding by the runners and it’s really neat to have someone like that for support (he can carry water, etc). I know it’s a great form of cross training and I bet it will help you make a speedy comeback in a few days!


  3. So glad to hear you are on the mend Kris! The roads and your fellow runners miss you being out here with us. I won’t be right til your back so I’m glad your progessing well. The sunrise photo is AMAZING!!!


  4. Great to hear you are ready to run again and thanks for sharing your experience staying in shape with the ElliptiGo during the down time! Best of luck in getting back out there running!


  5. I honestly cannot believe it’s been eight weeks and I’m really excited that you’ll be able to run again soon. I want to catch up at some point very soon. I need to just make a trip to VA and make that happen. LOL.


  6. So glad you are just about back! Layoffs are SO tough, I know all too well. I would love to try the elliptigo! And Andy Cohen? That would be the best as I’m a big ‘ole RH fan (so silly!)


  7. I would definitely be proud of that patience too if I were you! I am so bad at waiting until I am given the “all clear”. I hope you still feel great once you get to run again!!


  8. So exciting…ONE WEEK!!!! The Elliptigo looks kind of fun. Is it hard to balance? Easy to navigate around while on it? Do you go easy or can you really get going fast on it? And your vacation did look like THE best 🙂


  9. Yay! That means it is now this week! I am excited for you! So funny about the elipitgo as I think I am meeting Jeff tomorrow to try one out 🙂 I have always been curious about it, and I hope someday to add it into my training as a supplement 🙂 Glad you are on the road to recovery. I know you will come back stronger than ever!


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