Cute Though.

First off, I want to give a “Thank You!” to my friend Crystle Welch for making my blog header. I like to keep the blog looking simple and streamlined, without a bunch of fuss, so she styled it to fit in perfectly. The background is First State Landing Trails, here in Virginia Beach, and the photographer was a friend Maryclare McQuade.

Yesterday did you happen to see this tweet (or one of many of it’s retweets)?

Personally I didn’t have a huge preference on where the Trials would be held but I was anxious to hear when the final qualifying date would be; which is now January 13, 2016. Just to have a set date is exciting, sobering, and absolutely terrifying. I mean, 6:13 minute per mile pace….for 26.2 miles!? oh…my…word.  I know I have my work cut out for me. I need to take 4 minutes and 9 seconds off my current PR time.

Monday I came home from my tempo run to find a literally Cute gift. The company Cute sent me a tote bag and it’s completely me. Sarcasm on a brightly colored tote bag?…yes!  I bet you thought I was going to say it’s totes-my-goats.

There are things I am sent for writing a blog that I write a thank you note for, then never blog about because really, I don’t adore them. I don’t want to shell out my corner of the internets for not-so-great things. This tote, however, is blog post worthy. Click on the picture for their website.


This would be a good opportunity to share with everyone the little things I throw in my running tote bag, am I right? I like to maintain the idea that I am a low-maintenance runner but after years of running; I’ve got some junk in my tote. None of these were sent to me, I either bought them at our local running store or off Amazon, minus the Sweaty band (that was a gift):

photo 1-2

Thermos Water Bottle– My sister in law got me hooked on these type of water bottles. Initially I scoffed at a $20 price tag, why would I spend $20 when I could use the free plastic one I got at a race expo? Because these are better. In the summer when it’s 98 degrees and you park at the trails and run for two hours, you’ll get back in your car and your recovery drink will be ice cold. Plus they are virtually indestructible. Target also sells kids versions, great for the days you are at the ridiculously hot zoo for 5 hours. Worth it.   You are not supposed to put hot coffee in it, but I do and I’ve lived so feel free to be reckless.

Sweaty Band– This was a gift from a friend and I wear it probably 75% of my runs and races. The inside is a smooth fabric and I swear it holds. I had been using a Goody version with plastic grippers until I began to I notice a ring of slight hair breakage. I promise you, the Sweaty Bands hold for an entire marathon and won’t damage your hair.

Body Glide– Ever shower after a run and start screaming when the water hits a chaffed area? Use this.

Road ID– Hopefully we will all never need this, good to have anyway. There are free shipping promo codes floating around everywhere.

Biofreeze– A huge help when you can’t sleep or sit still because something is sore. It does smell though so be careful using it before social situations.

Fingerless Gloves– I buy 3-4 pairs of these from Target when they are on sale for 2/$1.00. Why fingerless? Because you can open gels, change the music on your ishuffle easily, and won’t feel a sting of guilt tossing them in a race because they were 50 cents. If you live in the arctic tundra, these may not work for you.

Aquaphor– I use this on my face when there is a strong wind (often in this area) and also to keep hands and feet soft. A little goes a long way.

Roll Recovery– The most expensive piece in my tote but highly recommended. Works much better than any other roller or stick on the market. The first time you use it, you’ll want to cry, that means you needed it. I have never flown with the R8 but I will take it with me when I drive places to use before or after races or runs.

Arm Warmers– Arm warmers make all your short sleeve shirts wearable year round. Plus, if you are like me and sweat if it’s more than 32 degrees out, then you can roll them down for the rest of the run. The Nike ones are thin and smooth while Asics makes a thicker warmer brand. Both are great.

Hope you all liked my suggestions, feel free to add anything you think are great too. Take care and stay warm!


30 thoughts on “Cute Though.

  1. Nice post Kris!! You’ll hit that trials qualifying time for sure you have enough time to work towards it. Nice stuff in your tote lol! I also keep biofreeze and body glide in my bag too!I also keep nasal strips in my bag and sunsunscreen a must for Florida running. I use the bodyglide with UV protection. Love the new header by the way chica! 🙂


  2. I’ve been eyeing the roll recovery. I’m hoping to ask for one for Christmas next year since my husband and I can both use it. This year we got a rumble roller and it was so painful since we were used to the original roller.


  3. I think we have very similar styles. Clean and simple is just so much easier to read. I honestly feel like my blog is getting a bit overgrown right now myself. I love that photo of you Kris, it’s so awesome.

    “If you live in the arctic tundra, these may not work for you”..or if you live in VA Beach right now…it’s cold. I can’t wait to see you soon!


  4. You will totally be there in LA!!! 🙂 I am a big fan of the R8. Here is a funny – I flew with it to Houston and on the way home security made me take it out of my carryon bag. They said that in the scanner it looked like a bunch of “fingers”. I told them it was rollerblade wheels and they gave me a look and took it out. I showed them what it was for and told them I had been there to run the marathon and then it was all “Ohhhhh! Got it!!! Good for you!!! Go ahead then.” Do I look like someone that would have a bunch of FINGERS in my carryon??? Is that something that they have ever seen??? Ikes.


  5. I love this post- it’s like taking a peak into your gym bag and so fun to see what kinds of gear you use. I was doing the cheap Target gloves for a long time, and I still do, but I invested (hehe) in a pair of $12 running gloves from Costco and they are great. I didn’t really “need” them here in SC, but I figured why not splurge a little on running, especially if I end up doing a race in a colder climate in the future, I will have them now! That tote bag they sent you is pretty cool too- totes mah goats!


  6. I LOVE my R8 – I got one for Christmas and use it almost every day. The tote bag is so cute – I may have to check those out. As far as the Trials go, I know that you will be able to get the time you need – you have amazing drive and dedication and I know all of your hard work will pay off! I liked your honesty about how it feels a bit terrifying to have a solid date now. I feel that way when I try to pick a goal time for my marathon. A bit nervous, very excited, but secretly pretty terrified of both having to run that fast for 26.2 miles and also making it through all of the training that goes with it. 🙂 Looking forward to continuing to follow your training and can’t wait to cheer you on.


  7. ooooooh! How exciting Kris! You have a date now, and I know you can do this! You are getting stronger ever day (a full week of training on a treadmill is definitely making you tough). There are so many people behind you on this, even though only you can do the work, I am confident you can!

    Also love the review of what you have in your bag! I have many of those too, including a roll recovery, those things are great!!! They really help to get the knots out, and are much easier to transport than a foam roller.

    Lets go get that time together 🙂 I believe!


  8. That bag is HUGE. There’s totes enough room for some mascara and sunscreen/moisturizer/foundation liquid makeup. And where’s the Flaming Hot Cheetos? You need snacks, woman.

    You have 23 months to devour 5 minutes. You can do it. Keep training SMART.


  9. Your blog looks great, Kris! I’m with you on the Body Glide. I always have to have chap stick (I like Burt’s Bees pomegranate), gum (I don’t know why, maybe I have dry mouth), a towel, flip flops or Uggs, and a Clif bar or pbj. I’m hooked on my Camelbak Eddy water bottle (I like the built-in straw). That roller looks painful!


  10. I like your new blog design, Kris! I’m with you on the Body Glide. I usually pack a towel, flip flops or Uggs, chap stick (I like Burts Bees pomegranate), and a Clif Bar. I like the Camlebak Eddy water bottle (the one with the built-in straw). I really like Sparkly Soul headbands, they also stay put. That roller looks painful!


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