Buster Bud, My Monday & A Goal Race

Monday Morning Workout- 12 miles total with 9 at 6:17 pace

Monday Afternoon Workout- 3 miles at an easy pace

First off, thank you all so much for the wonderful comments, messages, texts, etc. about Buddy. He is doing better; not back to his old self entirely, but better. At almost 13, we are not sure if he will ever be back to his usual self, but he is happy and walking around 10 times better than he was 7 days ago. We had contractors working on the house for a few days and he snuck through their plastic screen barriers, out the garage, and out unto the street. Most people would have been scared to hear this news but I was thrilled to hear he actually wanted to run outside and fooled three middle aged men as they worked. A small sign he is getting back to normal. Go Team Buddy! 😉 Now onto the running side of things.

“Put Yourself in Position to Capitalize on the Day.” – Shalane Flanagan

The above quote is one of my Spring mantras. I especially needed it for Mondays workout. I’ve done these long AT Tempo runs many times in the past. Towards the end of the marathon cycle they start to feel easy-breezy but at this point, early on, there is that initial hesitation when you see it typed for the week. Part of the mental side of marathon training is turning that hesitant fear around into excitement….the whole “getting comfortable with being uncomfortable” aspect. For me that mental aspect is as important as the physical one. The workout ended up running smoothly. Sometimes I’ll start to panic a bit in the middle-latter stages…will I make it? Is this a “smooth” pace? Watch the breathing! I’m getting better at it though. We are never trying to push these workouts and run TOO fast. That’s counter-productive (at this stage), that’s why we use the term “smooth”. I wore my trainers and averaged a few seconds faster than I did during the same workout much later in the last marathon cycle, so that’s a sign we are heading in the right direction.

So, what am I training for?? Small races are still being decided but my A race for the Spring will be the Vermont City Marathon I am very excited about this one! The organizers have been incredibly kind and the course is full of rolling hills, just like I prefer. It happens to be on a long weekend so travel is easier for my friends and I. Plus the later spring race allows me to run more of the races I wanted to enter earlier in the season. March and April marathons would have eliminated those options for me. If anyone has any advice about this marathon, I’d love to hear it!


After my tempo run, a photographer friend, Maryclare asked if I would run for her so she could practice taking photos. I am hoping she starts her own sports photography business soon. Initially I was very nervous, I NEVER buy race photos. I’m very self-conscious about having my photo taken but she made me feel comfortable. She literally took 100’s of photos just to get a few good ones because I would be drooling or have my mouth wide open, ha. I can’t thank Maryclare enough and hope to sit down and figure out how to make a blog header out of one or a few of the photos soon.

My favorite Running, Etc. shirt. I wear this one ALL the time:

Love this part of the First State Landing trails:

Thank you for reading along everyone! Hope you have a great week and Happy Training!


19 thoughts on “Buster Bud, My Monday & A Goal Race

  1. I love all the photos and you look great.

    I had debated a late spring marathon for a while but decided to go for an earlier fall one instead. I know you are going to crush it at Vermont and can’t wait to follow along in your journey along the way. There are so many great spring half marathons too. (Maybe I’m just actually out of Upstate NY to notice).


  2. I love your Running ETC tie dye shirt! Those pics are great and she is a good photographer, I bet it was fun being her subject. Can’t wait to follow your marathon training, Vermont is pretty in pictures so I bet it will be a fun race and trip.


  3. I am really glad Buddy is doing better. Great action photos! You should consider wearing makeup when you’re running…it will highlight your lovely features. A little light foundation to even the skin tone, some mascara and eyeliner to bring out your eyes…you know the drill.

    Back when I was rowing I remember my “initial hesitation” workouts….3×20 minutes @ AT w/ 3-5 min rest btw was the worst closely followed by 4×10 minutes @ between max and max-10 w/ 5-7 min rest. It actually took me about 3 years to understand how to do the AT one properly. And the other one I would try to (unsuccessfully) weasel out of every time. But you work to make your weaknesses your strengths when you’re going for the big Game 😉

    You’re pretty awesome.


    • Why don’t you come closer so I can hit you with a wine bottle about the make-up? 😉

      Rowing sounds horrifying. Just sitting there and pulling for hours…brutal!

      Thanks for the compliment. You’re pretty awesome yourself.


      • The best part of rowing is that you’re going backwards as fast as you can. You can’t even see the finish line until you’re across it. PUSH ALL THE WAY THROUGH!

        I’d like to be closer but not to get clobbered!


  4. I cannot wait to race with you later this spring! So glad that you are running strong and getting back into the tempos. Wish we could join forces for a few of those monsters. I have one this Saturday, so I will be thinking of how well yours went and channeling your “no fear” attitude. 🙂 What kinda pace do you smoothly hit for a 9 mile tempo?


  5. Glad things are going so well for you Kris! I am sure you will continue on your fast train and run even faster in this next one! Sounds like training is preparing you well! That is a great pace 🙂

    Love the running photos! I know what you mean though, when people have taken professional photos of me running in the past, I always think too much and end up looking like I am posing! Its hard to know where to look, and you are so conscious of looking weird! You did great though, and they turned out really well 🙂


  6. Thanks for the kind words about VCM Kris. We are excited you’ll be joining us, hope the training season goes perfect for you. Be confident, you are going to tear this course up!

    My best advice about VCM is to be prepared mentally to race with the relay runners. Use them to your advantage for pacing, blocking the wind, etc. Some marathoners struggle mentally when somebody comes up on them, especially late in the race, and since the last leg of the 5-Person Relay tags in at mile 20.7 no matter whether you’re running 2:45, 3:45, or 4:45 you can expect to have at least a few runners with fresh legs come up on you. When I did this race I tried to stay with those relay runners for at least a few hundred yards (unless they were really hauling) and it made a huge difference in keeping up my pace the last 5 miles.

    Joe Connelly
    Vermont City Marathon Technical Director


    • Cannot thank you enough for the advice! You all have been absolutely wonderful. I will remember to use that momentum of the relay runners to my advantage. Thanks! Can’t wait to get up there and race!!


  7. Nice photos Kris! They remind me of my runs on the Indian Head Rail Trail while I was up in Maryland in November 🙂 best wishes on your current training cycle and I can’t wait to see what you do in your next marathon after I have officially dubbed you the “PR Princess” since they come so natural for you haha. I wanna run fast like you whenI grow up.


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