My Running Buddy

Morning Workout- 9 miles total with 10 by 800 meters (2:46-2:38 range)

Afternoon Workout- 4 miles at an easy pace

This corner of the internet has always been a running centric outlet for me. When it comes to my running life I am as wide open about the downs as I am about the ups but when it comes to “real life” I don’t always feel the need to share those types of things. This morning though I started to type about running in cold conditions and my upcoming race schedule and after a few paragraphs I highlighted and deleted it. It didn’t feel right. Before being a runner, I am a mother and sometimes that mother title also includes animals.

Our dog Buddy is about to turn thirteen years old. We rescued him when he was one year old and he’s literally been my Buddy ever since. Through it all, before I had kids, when the Mr. was deployed for months at a time, when we moved 8+ times; I always had Buddy with me. Our running the last few years has been limited to slow 800 meter walks but in the past we’ve had some GREAT runs together. We have run all over the country together. Once I lost him on trails in South Carolina after he chased an animal and I cried for hours until the Mr. found him in a nearby parking lot covered in bloody scraps from some kind of animal (that must have been way bigger than the Bud) but with a HUGE happy grin on his face. Silly dog! πŸ˜‰
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Saturday night Buddy started to act strangely. He was wobbly and falling over. Not just a little bit, it was constant. I messaged a friend who is a veterinarian (Thank you again Rachael!!!!) and she was a HUGE help. On Monday we had tests run and without going into crazy detail he may or may not get better (I know, right?). He is now on medication and we just have to wait and see. The veterinarians were able to tell me that he is not in any pain at all at this point. That was hugely comforting to me. He is just extremely disoriented. Now we are spending time spoiling him. For 12 years we’ve given him the healthiest dog food but in the last few days I’ve been cooking him chicken breast, pork chops, etc. to put his medication in and also to spoil the poor thing. He is 50 pounds and I’ve been carrying him up and down our deck porch steps because his perception is off.


So it’s been a rough couple days. We love our little Buster Douglas and are keeping our fingers crossed and saying lots of prayers for him. We are so grateful for the 12 years we’ve had with him and selfishly want many, many more! Emotionally, I feel better having written this all out. Much better than if I had hidden it away and written about the weather instead, as I had planned. I hope no one thinks I am ridiculous for feeling so sappy over a dog, but he really is a member of our family. The saying “Dogs are a mans best friend” extends to girls too!


26 thoughts on “My Running Buddy

  1. I hope Buddy gets to feeling better soon. I know what kind of special place these little guys hold in our hearts. Tibby and Courtney have been through everything together.


  2. I hope Buddy feels better soon. It sounds like you’re taking great care of him. You are right, sometimes things like this matter way more than running. Even running in the cold is better than how he’s feeling right now.


  3. Oh I hope he feels like himself again soon. You are not one bit crazy – My cat, who had been with since my first apartment (all of college, every boyfriend, a divorce, childbirth, moves from va to al to tn back to va, died almost three years ago. I still miss her.


  4. Anyone who thinks you are ridiculous for feeling this way has obviously never had a dog! I am so sorry Buddy hasn’t been feeling well and sure hope that the medication and spoiling helps. You are a great doggie mom. πŸ™‚ Big hugs to him and to you.


  5. Aw, poor puppy, good thing you’re spoiling him and making him feel comfortable and loved even though he’s disoriented. I imagine those symptoms are hard for dogs to cope with, so having a caring family is probably the most important thing right now to alleviate anxiety and stress. Thinking of you guys!


  6. Sending Buddy well wishes. I can completely relate to this. Two years ago my dog passed away (coincidentally I was at beat the Ball midnight 5k…if you can imagine an older local runner telling me “Your dad left, your dog is dead”…that is how I started that race). Anyways-it’s funny how close we can become with animals and I wish him the best!

    I have a cat that currently lives at home now and I’ve raised him since she was a kitten. I could not imagine her passing away (she is actually 13 too). Thinking of you Kris!


    • Oh wow, that must have been terrible!! It is amazing how close we are with our animals. Buddy has been one of my best friends. He’s been my protector for years, so it’s hard to see him feeling weak.


    • Thank you Ally! That makes me feel better to know Morgan is feeling back to herself. I “think” Buddy is getting better but I’m also looking for every single clue, so may be reading into things.


  7. You are not silly at all – I feel the same way about my wonderful dog, Lyra. I would be lost without her. I am saying extra prayers for Buddy tonight. I am sure he appreciates all the extra love, food, and attention you guys are showering him with. Hugs to you.


  8. It’s perfectly understandable that you’d write about Buddy…he is a member of your family and it’s hard to see them suffer. {{hugs}} to you and him, too!


  9. I finally got caught up on my blogs. This had me really choked up. I have always considered myself a cat person and have had cats all my life. A year ago we got a dog, and Chewie has become a huge part of our family. To think about losing the four-legged members of our families is so hard. This is a special kind of emotion! I am hoping that Buddy gets better.


  10. Same thing happened to my dog years ago! The vet
    had called it a vestibular something and had given him
    a cortisone shot…it actually turned out to be the canine
    version of a stroke. We took him to a veterinary neurologist
    who had diagnosed the stroke. No cure or reversal…just
    love him. And we did. He lived for 6 more years, just
    a few months shy of his 19th birthday!! Any lasting
    effects from the episode he learned to compensate for,
    like swaying side to side before jumping up on the couch
    to not lose his balance. Dogs are amazing in so many
    ways…you two are lucky to have each other in this world!


    • Thank you so much Sandy!! That is exactly what they are saying about Buddy, either Vestibular Disease, a Stroke, or Brain Tumor. I couldn’t bring myself to type it before, I was too upset. Thanks for letting me know your puppers recovered so well!


      • If Buddy is taking any medications or supplements
        look into those just to be aware. My dogs’ stroke was finally
        attributed to a medication he had been taking for mild
        arthritis…the drug company even confirmed it 😦
        His general vet had accidentally prescribed a dose, for about 6 months, that was too high for every day use (a post-surgical dose) and it caused his stroke.
        I wish you and Buddy the best!!!


  11. I was not expecting another post so quickly and missed this one…I am sorry to hear about Buddy. The uncertainty and the prospects…such hard, hard news. I’ll keep you both in my heart. Hope he is doing better.


  12. Hoping Buddy gets better soon. We got a puppy about 6 months ago and he is 100% our baby so I totally get the connection. My husband, who has never had a pet, is in love with this dog and already upset when I told him the life expectancy. I’ve had dogs my whole life and can remember when our first one started to get old. He started to have issues when he was 12, swaying and falling over but was never in pain. The vet described it as seizures from a car accident he was in when he was a pup. Even with the seizures he still made it to 15 years old.


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