Happy New Years & a long overdue update

Todays Workout- 2 mile warm up, 16 by 400 (79 average), 2 mile cool down

Second Workout- Take my littlest guy to a Kids 1 mile race

After the Philadelphia Marathon I had no intention of going so long without updating the blog. Naturally I took a long break after my A race for the Fall season enjoying every lazy minute then life seemed to stir things up again delaying consistent training a bit longer than planned. For those who don’t know or may be new readers, Mr. Lawrence is a Naval Officer. We briefly thought we may be moving but once we discovered we would be staying in Virginia Beach, we bought a house. I love the new place but between moving & traveling for Christmas with three kids and their activities; life has been as hectic as you’d guess. Naturally blogging was the first thing to be put on the back burner.

2013 was an amazing running year for me. We all know how futile and uncontrollable a healthy season of running can be, no matter how we prepare, so to string together an entire year of consistent training under a new Coach (Mark Hadley) resulted in PRs at every distance for me. Being a one-track minded runner, the only PR I cared about was the marathon. I went from a high 2:50 to a low 2:47. That was not easy…at all. I know I have a TON of work to do to recreate that in 2014 but I’m willing to run/sleep/eat whatever it takes to do so. I will lay it all out there right now and say the goal for 2014 is 2:43:00.

So besides moving, weddings, Christmas, and “real life”, what have I been up to since the Philadelphia Marathon? There was a big post-marathon break, which I am a firm believer in. My body was broken down after months of high-intensity training so the extra rest was crucial both physically & mentally. After a few weeks of rest and after gaining 4 extra pounds of KrisLaw, training slowly started up again. In the middle of that slow ramp up I entered and won a 5K on my Birthday (pictured below). This was a super casual, free race at my husbands work. It was FREEZING which is why I’m wearing a bazillion more clothing items than I normally do during a race.

Earning my Birthday Cake!

Earning my Birthday Cake!

A few weeks after the Philadelphia Marathon I received this award in the mail for placing in my age group. It immediately became my favorite race award I’ve ever received. Very thoughtful age group award Philly!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Then this morning after my 400 workout I took my youngest son Matthew to a one mile fun run. I had every intention of running the mile with him but he took off like lightening at the start and I couldn’t keep up in the swarm of kids, so I quickly pulled out and jogged to the finish line. I was guessing he would run a 9 minute mile and was shocked to see him come sprinting towards the finish line two minutes earlier. Little guy finished in 7:03! So proud! Here he is with his medal. The medal has a picture of a dog on it and he says to me “Do I win a REAL dog?!?!” Cute.


Matt Attack ran a 7:03 mile!

As for now, my weekly mileage is back up into the low 70’s and we will stay in the 70-85 mile range for awhile now. Friends and I are in the middle of Spring race season planning. Once that is settled, I will share my schedule. So far we have a bunch of local Virginia Beach races and a few out of town ones chosen as I try to meet up with some of my favorite runners that I missed running with in 2013 (Specifically this girl 🙂 Marci!) Feel free to send any suggestions my way.

I hope you all had a fantastic Winter Break and wishing you all a wonderful 2014!! As always, thanks for following along my running journey.


19 thoughts on “Happy New Years & a long overdue update

  1. Aww I am another who missed your blogs, Kris! Congrats on your win on your birthday, an overall win is always impressive but especially on your birthday :). And, I love your Philly award. It’s so cool they put the race picture on there too, a memorable award and worth waiting for.

    Also, congrats on the new home, we bought this year too and it was nice celebrating Christmas in the house 🙂


  2. I’m glad to see you had a really nice (so productive) break from the internet. I always enjoy reading about your training. You have seriously come so far since the beginning of this year and your PR’s have all been well earned. I know 2014 is going to bring you exactly what you want. You work harder then anyone else I know.


  3. Taking a break from all the training is definitely a smart decision. It will only make you stronger so you can hit your goal times. Congrats on the 5k win and on your son’s awesome time in his race. Like Mother Like Son!
    If you are ever in SC there are quite a few good races we have here. If you are wanting a shorter race the Cooper River Bridge Run is a good 10k in Charleston. I just ran the Kiawah Island Marathon in December which was very pretty and flat. Not tons of spectators though. We also have quite a few Half’s that are pretty good.


    • I actually used to live in North Charleston. Such an awesome area. I ran a 5K on Daniels Island but that was the extent of my running at that time of my life. Wish I had been more active in the Charleston running community. It sounds great.


  4. You forgot the part where you say, “MILF Runner called me out on my blog-neglect and so to appease Her Awesomeness (and not get nailed to a cross in one of her uncensored musings posts) I decided to give the public what it wants” 🙂

    So glad your move went well and you had a happy birthday and your son enjoyed his race! Happy New Year! Here’s to a KICKIN’ 2014!


    • He is 6 years old. Believe me, I was shocked. The race had a man in a Gingerbread costume leading the race to show the kids which way to go and my son was determined to stay with him as long as possible. I saw my son huffing & puffing and I wanted to say “Matt, it’s okay to slow down!” lol He is stubborn!


  5. Wow your son is super-speedy! That’s so cool – glad he had a great race!! Happy (belated) birthday and Happy New Year as well! 2014 sounds like it will be a fantastic year for you – I’m looking forward to watching you get your 2:43 goal! On a side note, this week is first time ever that my mileage has been over 70 miles/wk – and that mileage for you is just base mileage!! My husband thinks I’m nuts. 🙂 Do you do a lot of doubles to keep your mileage that high? How long have you been running that kind of mileage? My kids are young (3.5 and 21 months) so I’m doing all my running super-early, but find it hard to get in a second session during the day since they aren’t in school.


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