Philadelphia Marathon

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Hey Everyone,
I just arrived home from a whirl-wind, amazing weekend in Philadelphia and noticed I had tons of people searching for my finishing time. Thank you ALL so much for your support. I will get a proper blog post up soon but that will take time so while I gather my thoughts I’ll give you the result and say I ran a 2:47:10 for 9th Female. That is a 6:22 minute per mile pace and a personal PR of 2 minutes and 48 seconds! Again, thank you guys and gals 26.2 times! Congrats to all who raced this past weekend!! Can’t wait to read & hear recaps.


15 thoughts on “Philadelphia Marathon

  1. Congratulations Kris! I know I congratulated you on twitter but I gotta do it again :). You are amazing and that’s a great time, I’m not the least bit surprised with the amount of work you put into running, but still, you were obviously on your physical and mental game in Philly. Enjoy your PR and good luck with recovery!


  2. I saw you run by me on the “other side” in Manayunk (I was already suffering at mile 19ish, and you were around 21ish?) and cheered your name! You looked so strong! Congratulations on the PR! It was a little warmer than I wanted it to be… I lost a lot more water than I expected to and had that baaaad salty salty skin at the end. Glad you did not run into the same trouble (or if you did, it didn’t stop you from killing it out there)!!


  3. Woohoo!!!! Annnnnd WOW!!! You such an inspiration Kris!! Another jaw dropping, mind boggling, impressive, lights out perfornance. Congrats and enjoy the recovery speedsta 🙂


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