100 Miles, now here comes the taper.

Morning Workout- 8 miles with 5 by 1 mile at 5:40-5:50 (2:30 minute jog recovery)

Afternoon Workout- None. It’s taper time!

No pictures for this week; just a brief recap for those of you who enjoy reading the numbers side of my training. The days without paces are the days I ran watchless but I make it a point to stay in the 7:00-7:45 pace range on those runs.

Monday- AM- 10 miles at 7:30 pace PM- 4 miles.
Tuesday- AM- 10 miles PM- 4 miles.
Wednesday- AM- 3 mile warm up, 10 Mile wave tempo (mentioned in last blog post, 6:18 average) PM- 3 miles
Thursday- AM- 11 trail miles with a friend PM- 3 miles
Friday- 21 miles at 7:15 pace (with Gatorade breaks)
Saturday- AM- Paced a friend for 3 miles at 6:19 pace, 10 total for the day.
Sunday- 11 miles at 7:30 pace.
Total Miles for the Week: 100

This was my third to last week before the Philadelphia Marathon and unexpectedly became my highest mileage week of the cycle. We always have a set range of mileage to reach with a high and a low and I end up somewhere in between. It’s all a tad bit flexible, which is nice, because I never worry about hitting a specific number. Everything varies and sometimes a warm up gets a few miles longer because I don’t feel ready yet or I add an extra 4 miler with a friend in the evening. Yesterday I was surprised when I added up the mileage and found a nice round 100. I thought I had added wrong and did the math twice! The best part is that my motivation & energy levels have been higher than ever. I’ve hit 100 miles quite a few times in various training cycles but never with the intensity level I’m at now. Keeping my fingers crossed that this can only mean good things. Now with only 2 real workouts left to go, it’s officially taper time. As always, thank you for reading and Happy Training!


15 thoughts on “100 Miles, now here comes the taper.

  1. Sounds like a great training week to me. I love that you ran with friends and paced someone too, as a faster runner that’s a neat thing to do (I have done it as well even though I’m not super fast, just bc I like pacing my friends) to get in some training miles. I hope your taper goes well and look forward to seeing how things go at your marathon in Philly!


  2. Wow! You are a mileage beast Kris, unbelievable. I can never seem to get myself to do two runs in a day anymore, mostly due to the fact that I don’t want to take two showers. Need to get over that (or get used to being dirty). I’m excited for you and will definitely be tracking you from VA! 🙂


  3. I sure wish I were running now so I could come read your blog and get all fired up. Instead I come here to reminisce about training hard and see if there’s some off the wall thing I can say that might make you laugh. Tonight, though, I’ll just say that Philly’s my town for laying down amazing training and racing work. You’ll enjoy your race. If you dedicate miles to people, I get dibs on the stretch from 24-25 😉 Email me if you want to know why. Go get it, girl!


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