Wave Tempo & Wicked 10K Race Recap

Morning Workout- 13 total miles with a 10 Mile Wave Tempo alternating 6:30-6:35 and 6:00-6:05 pace.

Afternoon Workout- 3 miles at 7:30 pace.

Wave tempos are a workout I had never even heard of before I met Coach Mark Hadley. He has a very specific and scientific description listed HERE on his website under Aerobic Threshold Wave Run. His description is better than my very un-scientific description of “Wave tempos are run fast, then run faster, and repeat for a very long time.” I love to hate this workout. For reasons you don’t care about, I was forced to run this one on the treadmill. That scenario ended up being the best thing anyway because it forced me to keep the surges honest. In the past my surges have been a bit of a whimper, today I’m proud to say they were more of a roar. It took a good 4 miles to get into the groove but after that I knew I would finish strong. Averaged 6:18 pace for the entire workout and was thrilled to say I’m one workout closer to race day.

Because of my usual early Fall marathons, this past weekend was the first time I’ve even been able to run the popular and local Wicked 10K race. I’ve always heard amazing things but personally my favorite part of the race? Hollie was in town and together we warmed up with another speedy friend Carin. Hollie had encouraged me to bring out my inner crazy and at first I said “No, Hollie I cannot and will not wear a pumpkin bra.” Then I caved because having her in town for a race is a rarity, gotta live it up while we can. You can see pics below. I also included one of me dressed normally with my Charlie at the race expo, just so you know I don’t always dress like a half naked pumpkin 😉

The expo was one of the most fun I’ve been too. J & A racing (the organizers) gave out Halloween bags to hold our things and Charlie went to each booth where info, goodies, and most importantly candy was being handed out. He had a blast and it was probably the longest I’ve ever stayed at any expo.

One of my little men and I.

Wicked 10K Race Swag

LOVE this medal! Can you tell I have a thing for pumpkins?

What’s that Mean Girls saying? Something about how girls dress on Halloween?

The actual race? It went well. I wasn’t particularly proud of my time or effort. Technically it was a PR as I ran 37:05 (5:58 pace) but it was one of those races where the best explanation I can give is I was in a Half Marathon frame of mind for a 10K race. I thought I could reel in the first place female but by Mile 4 she was a good 30 seconds in front of me and while I felt strong enough that I could keep going for miles, I didn’t feel speedy enough that I could catch her. We weren’t surprised though. At this stage in marathon training we haven’t been working on much, if any, speed. No excuses, I should have run better. Live & Learn. The race was a blast, LOVED seeing so many people in fantastic costumes (The Running, Etc. crew made me laugh mid race!), and it was a kick in the pumpkin reminder that I need to be a bit more of a fighter in the middle stages of a race. The middle miles are my weak point, so I need to remember that. Also, it felt incredibly awkward running in a skirt. More power to you cute girls who can pull that off.

With less than 3 weeks until the Philadelphia Marathon, it is almost taper time for me. I have another long run Friday, a 10 mile tempo next week, then mostly just mileage. I am getting anxiously excited. The Mr. had a nightmare last night that I was late for the race, puked within the first 100 meters, and was carried away on a stretcher. Seriously hoping he does NOT have any type of premonition abilities 😉 You know things are getting serious when even your spouse/boyfriend/girlfried are having marathon nightmares.

Have a great week and a Happy Halloween everyone!! Good Luck to all my friends racing this weekend!


16 thoughts on “Wave Tempo & Wicked 10K Race Recap

  1. Katie had a 10 mile wave tempo too during her training and I thought the workout sounded so (painfully) fun! She actually had me do a 6 miler like this – not the easiest run but the miles just ticked by and the slower miles even seemed like a break.
    LOVED your costume for the 10k!!


  2. I am glad we could be twins it was a lot of fun. I don’t think I would wear a skirt to regularly run in either. Actually I thought mile 5 was incredible difficult and it was my slowest mile by over 15 seconds.

    I’m glad your training is going so well! I can’t wait to see you at the 10 miler. Maybe I’ll dress up for that one too…we can be santa’s ho ho hos…though it might be too cold for that. ha ha.


  3. Great job in your race! Sounds like it was a lot of fun, and for thinking in a half marathon mindset, that is a fast time!!! You will be ready to go for Philly, and hopefully the weather means that it is a perfect day for a great race! Now begins the hard part….the taper!



  4. You guys looked super cute! Congrats on the second place finish.

    And if it wasn’t for awesome runner blogs, I would never have even heard about the alternating tempo…after reading the explanation, seems like something everyone should mixing in for a tough tempo run!


  5. “Kick in the pumpkin” – hahaha! Love it! I struggle in the middle miles, too. It’s like I get complacent here about my time/place in the race. I have a major lack of focus. I LOVE your outfit you wore. You are TOTALLY cute. One year I tried to run a 10K in fairy wings and it was a huge disaster. LOL.


  6. Great costume! Your abs are awesome, by the way. And congrats on the PR, even if it was “soft.” I love the idea of a wave tempo! Definitely sounds challenging, but like everyone has mentioned, sometimes painfully hard feels good! Hope you wore that cool medal around while the kiddos trick or treat!


  7. I don’t think I’ve done a wave tempo before. I’ve done the Michigan workout, which is brutal, but that’s more of a wave tempo/track workout. Now that I’m back running, maybe we can actually meet up for a run one of these days (if I can keep up with your fast booty)…


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