Wednesdays Workout

Todays Workout- 14 total miles with 10 miles of simulated hills averaging 6:19 pace.

You guys don’t know how close I was to typing “stimulated hills” above, then leaving it because I thought it was funny. Anyway, the goal for today was to get a nice long tempo in on some rolling hills. This is Virginia Beach so we have flatlands and a huge man-made hill but no rollers. The solution was to run 3 miles around my neighborhood, run in my front door, straight to the treadmill, and start pushing the incline and speed button. I had fun with this one. The lowest incline grade was 1% and the highest I reached was 5% and I steadily increased the pace every other mile or so. Fiddling around with the incline randomly provided a nice distraction and by the end I had sweat flying everywhere. Lovely.

Lately I’ve been feeling strong on every run without even a hint of desire to “slog” it so it came as no surprise to me when the doctor let me know my ferritin level was back up to a healthy level: 71! I’ve been taking my iron daily and making sure it’s with a serving of something with 100% of the daily recommended dosage of Vitamin C (to help with absorption) and avoiding calcium and caffeine 2 hours afterwards (both of which inhibit that iron absorption).

After my last blog post on this same subject, a local Registered Dietician and Athlete, Crystal Witte, was incredibly kind and emailed me a ton of information on the subject. Not only did I learn a a few things but finding another local runner friend is fantastic. The biggest discovery? The tannins in tea are an enemy of iron absorption. Dumbfounded. No wonder my iron levels dropped, I’ve been chugging tea all day, every day for months. Just something to be aware of in case you are like myself and trying to up those levels.

Almost as if a reward for todays tough workout, my prize for the Crawlin Crab Half Marathon arrived in the mail just as I was finishing up the tempo. Last year J&A Racing gave away window clings as awards and this year they are awarding coasters for each of their races. I almost have a whole set of four 🙂 Was super shocked and excited to see a gift card tucked in the envelope for a free pair of Brooks shoes for winning the race. I tried on a pair of Glycerins at Running, Etc. that felt great so I think I will order those but I’d love to hear what all the Brooks fans like to wear too.

33 Days until the Philadelphia Marathon. My motivation has been incredibly high, recovery has been great, and paces have never been smoother. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep up this steady momentum until race day. Thanks for all your support everyone and happy training!


22 thoughts on “Wednesdays Workout

  1. The Glycerin is a big shoe. What about the Pure Project line, specifically the Flow? I travel with my older ones because they are so lightweight!


  2. A free pair of shoes is a really awesome prize for a race :). I wish I could win something cool like that! The coasters are neat too, I really like them and it’s something you can keep and use and think of the race. I like practical prizes more than medals.

    I don’t like bulky shoes and the Glycerins seems bulky. I have the PureFlow and really like those. I’m not a huge fan of Brooks but if I bought another pair I’d get a Pure project pair. I’m glad your iron levels are back up too, I made an appointment to get mine checked in early November, hopefully they aren’t too bad! I will start taking my iron with fruit though just in case because of the Vitamin C.


      • I don’t run in the PureFlows anymore, but I do wear them to the gym. They’re a good shoe for things like circuit workouts too, or CrossFit, that require some running but also a lot of weights… you can really sit back into your heels to do squats when wearing the PureFlows.

        And once again, congrats on winning shoes. Who could ask for a better prize!


  3. Great workout! Congrats on winning free shoes. 🙂 I like the Launch and PureFlow; both have worked very well for me. I’m glad your training has been going so well, and I hope it gets even better over the next 33 days!


  4. Congratulations, girl! And a free pair of Brooks to boot? Not too shabby! I’m a recent convert and fell in love with the Pureflows 2 (hot pink, of course!). Enjoy the prize!


  5. You are in an awesome place in training! How cool. I am so excited for you to see what you do in Philly. There is nothing better than that feeling when everything is clicking and coming together. I am hoping to get there over the next few weeks. 🙂

    I LOVE Brooks! The Glycerin are a great shoe – they are a neutral shoe with a lot of cushioning. A lot of runners like the Launch which is also a neutral shoe with cushioning but is lighter. I love love love the Pure line – especially the Pure Flows. They are light and fast with just enough cushioning to be fine for long runs and lots of miles (they are all I wear). Congrats on the prizes!


  6. Runnermoe is right! You are a beast! What a great workout! Glad to read your ferritin levels are up. Crazy how many little things can affect iron absorption! Coasters are such an awesome idea for an award… then everyone who comes over can see what you’ve accomplished- as if they don’t know already 😉


  7. BEAST workout!!!!! I can’t wait to hear about you killing Philly. 🙂 And I’ve worn nearly every Brooks shoe made. I agree that the Glycerin is a bit heavy, especially since you are so small (or appear to be from your pics). I understand wanting a more supportive shoe for easy runs. Maybe the Ghost or Launch would be a bit better? I’m a HUGE Launch fan, definitely my favorite go-to training shoe…


  8. Yeah the lack of hills is really a problem sometimes… there are some hills in Suffolk and Williamsburg, but that’s a drive. I always take advantage of the hills when I’m home in NY. Congrats on your Crawlin Crab win! I still don’t know how you managed to run a half in those conditions, let alone run a fast time!


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