Unplanned Rest Days

One of the best things about this blog, that I hadn’t anticipated when I began it, are the people I’ve met because of it. Last week Alice let me know she would be in town for the weekend and we decided to meet up for a run. While the weather was pretty junky the conversation was exactly what I needed. Alice is speedy, fun, adorable AND is also running the Philadelphia Marathon (She has a PR of 2:57!). She gave me a detailed description of the course, how the start area works, and some tips. I can’t speak for Alice but I can say I think it was a pretty successful run date and knowing she’ll be racing in Philly, as well, has me even more excited to get to the starting line.

First State Landing Park…..Feels almost like Fall.

That night, however, I fell asleep on the sofa at 8:00. That’s not too far off from my normal elderly bed time but the next morning I woke up feverish, dizzy, and feeling hot & cold at the same time. The Mr. came through for me and took care of the kiddos while I slept for 18 hours….can you believe that? I slept on and off all day then went to bed after dinner and slept until this morning. I was able to sip some Gatorade and eat some toast but anything else was not happening. Yesterday was my first day off in months and today will be another unplanned rest day. I am feeling better today but just the thought of getting out of my pajamas is exhausting. So instead of reporting on my fantastic Monday morning tempo run that I was supposed to do, I’ll give you a brief rundown of what I did last week.

96 Total Miles
11 Runs
10 X 800 averaging 2:45
12 miles at 6:26 Pace
21 mile Long Run

The plan was to get some strong workouts in this week with more high mileage, then run the Neptune 8K this weekend without a taper. I ran it last year in 29:15 (5:53 min/mile pace). Now though, I want to play it by feel before I commit to a race entry fee that I’m not feeling 100% for. It happens to be one of the few Saturdays that by boys do not have a baseball game though (I don’t miss their baseball games….ever.) so I’d like to take advantage of being able to race.

If I do miss the 8K this weekend, my next race will be the Crawlin Crab Half Marathon It’ll be my last half before Philly so I’m hoping to get a nice PR there! Have a great week everyone and thank you for reading!


11 thoughts on “Unplanned Rest Days

  1. Kris, such a bummer you got that bug! I hope you are feeling better very soon and get a crack at the 8k as planned. Sounds like you are putting in some fantastic workouts. You are going to rock Philly! Wish we could have caught up longer… I still have my fingers crossed that I will see you in Houston. πŸ™‚


  2. I am sorry to hear you got sick but I know whatever you choose you’ll do awesome. I have been dying to do Crawlin Crab but that won’t work out for me this year. (Though I may or may not be back in VA for Wicked). Feel better Kris! I can always keep you company on the internet right now…


  3. I hope you feel better soon and I’m glad you got some good quality runs in before getting sick. I hope you’ll be able to race again soon but definitely wait until you’re 100%! Sleeping for 18 hours straight is serious business and definitely means you’re sick.

    I love meeting people through blogging too. It’s so fun and has brought me close to people I would have never met otherwise.


  4. Wow — 18 hours?! I don’t think even my teenager could sleep that long!! Definitely give your body the rest it needs and hopefully you’ll feel 100% so that you can race. I’ve never raced an 8k but it sounds like a fun distance to try. Right in-between the painfulness of a 5k and a 10k. πŸ™‚


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