Change of Plans- Eye of the Tiger

For the last few weeks I’ve been easing into marathon training for the Outer Banks Marathon. I signed up for OBX because friends were running it, because it was a close drive, because I thought I could place high. All perfectly good reasons but there was still a little nagging feeling that maybe I wasn’t making the right choice. The desire to run a smaller marathon- to go for that win, has been pushed aside (for a little while anyway) by my desire to run fast in a city that is important to me. I can’t say enough nice things about OBX. The race details look fun and the organizers were/are very kind to me. That being said, I’ve thought several times over the last few weeks “If I run such-and-such a time at OBX, I’ll always wonder if I could have run faster at Philly.” So I’ve made a change:

I love Philadelphia. I was born and raised in the suburbs. We still have tons of family and friends there. After my grandmother passed last summer, my love for the area grew even more and became increasingly sentimental. I feel like if I can run fast anywhere, it’s where my heart is 100% in it. So if all goes well I’ll be running the Philadelphia Marathon on Sunday, November 17th. That means listening to “Eye of the Tiger” and watching Rocky movies for the next 11 weeks. (Random KrisLaw fact- I used to have two tiny pet turtles named Cuff & Link after Rockys turtles)

So there we have it. I have 11 weeks to get fitter than I’ve ever been before. The thought of wearing an elite bib on my home city course has me more excited than ever to train hard. Thanks for following along my journey and feel free to leave any Philly course advice!


19 thoughts on “Change of Plans- Eye of the Tiger

  1. I’m so geeked for you!! I can’t wait to hear about it! I have a friend who will be running it as well…now I’ll have 2 people to follow that day! πŸ™‚


  2. I’m SO excited that you’re running Philly! My husband will be out there too, trying to break 2:40. It’s a great course to run fast on. I can’t wait to cheer for both of you!


  3. I KNEW IT as soon as I read the post title!!! I loved the race last year and have really enjoyed living here…my mom’s entire side of the family is from Philly too. I’m excited to race it again this year… will try to dig deep at mile 24 or so knowing that you’re probably already across the finish line!


  4. Maybe my first time commenting…? But have read you a while, and am SUPERSTOKED that you’ll be in Philly – Im running it too! Of course, highly unlikely that I’ll see your speedy legs anywhere near me, but Im pretty inspired to give it my all knowing you’ll be therel!


  5. Good luck Kris! I know you will rock any marathon you decide to do, you are so smokin’ fast! But, I bet you’ll do even better in this one because it is meaningful to you.

    Obviously I’m nowhere near the caliber you are, but all my PRs come in meaningful races. My 5K PR was in a 5K I did in honor of my aunt who died of ovarian cancer (the proceeds went for that), 10K was in a memorial race for a friend’s son, etc.

    I definitely think that sometimes a emotionally meaningful race can help us out more than races that are just close, or a “fast course”, or a slower field, etc. And hooray for Rocky and the eye of the tiger!!


  6. If you see some random runner cheering for you during the out-and-back at the end, that’s me — fellow Hadley runner and longtime blog fan (and fellow Navy spouse) also racing Philly. Good luck!!


  7. I think this is a good decision because I can tell how excited you are to run Philly! I did the half a few years back and absolutely loved running through the city. I was actually bummed I wasn’t doing the marathon because I knew I was missing Kelly Drive, which I’d run before on my first trip to Philly. I needed to get in a run and found a great group that meets at the Art Museum steps right by the Rocky statue. We ran out and back on Kelly Drive – such a great place to run! After the marathon check out Cafe Lift for your post-race refuel. They have the best omelets and french toast!


  8. Sometimes you just have to be flexible and open to a change in plans, trusting your gut. I bet this race and the meaning behind it brings you a great result (not to mention the training I know you are going to totally dominate the next 11 weeks)!

    I am not racing that weekend (hopefully I will have my Hadley-enhanced PR in the half marathon the weekend before in Savannah) so I will be following your progress online and singing “Eye of the Tiger”!!


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