Just keep chugging along, focus, and believe, believe, believe. (Weekly Review)

Todays Workout- AM- 4 miles easy Later AM- 8 total with 5 at tempo pace ( 6:00 min/mile average)

One of the things I love about marathon training is the amount of time it takes to build up to your best. You have to be a workhorse to race up to your potential and that takes time. The marathon takes patience. I truly love the journey, the day in and day out training, and monotony of it all. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to train like I do. Sometimes though, frustration will hit. My tempo pace hadn’t seemed to budge more than a second, one direction or another for quite a while. It was annoying but I was reminded to keep working at it, that we hadn’t hit on certain speeds yet this cycle, that the weather plays a factor, etc. Today – finally – it all seemed to come together almost effortlessly and I surprised myself with my fastest tempo I’ve ever run. Keeping my fingers crossed this will result in some Fall personal records.

I had a very strong week last week, two of the 3 hard days I was lucky enough to run with friends who always challenge me. By “challenge me” I mean, I sometimes want to curse at them πŸ˜‰ Running with others is a huge training advantage so I’m always grateful for that. Running hard workouts alone is tough! Since my Weekly Reviews have been non-existant the last few months (I don’t plan on sharing them often), here’s a brief run down of how it all went.

Monday- AM- 8 Miles easy PM- 4 Miles easy
Tuesday- AM- 2 mile warm up, 3 x 2 miles at 6:00 pace, 2 mile cool down. PM- 3 easy
Wednesday- AM- 6 easy PM- 4 easy
Thursday- 11 Miles total with 9 at tempo averaging 6:21 pace.
Friday- 7 Miles easy
Saturday- 16.5 at 7:20 pace with last 3 in 6:32, 6:21, 6:15.
Sunday- AM- 6 easy PM- 4 easy
79.5 Total Miles for the Week.
My “Easy” Pace is between 7:15-8:00. <- This is hard some days, have to focus & practice good form.

Regarding the “easy pace” above, I wanted to share with you Mark Hadleys newest blog post on training pace. I received mostly positive responses to my “Ban Slogging” rule but I did get some flack for it too. (I love all responses, even the ones giving me flack- keep it up πŸ˜‰ ) Hadley does all the research on the science of running, the stuff I admittedly hate to do, and quite simply, he knows his stuff. Here’s the link in case you are interested in checking it out:

Coach Mark Hadleys Analysis of the Easy Pace Debate

We decided to visit some family next weekend as our last mini-vacation before summer break is through and naturally I had to search for races in the area for that weekend. So next Saturday I’ll be jumping into theΒ Raleigh 8000 RaceΒ in North Carolina. Very excited to race in another state and looking forward to finishing on a bit of a hill. I need that hill training whenever/however I can get it.

Have a great week everyone, thanks for reading, & Happy Training!


9 thoughts on “Just keep chugging along, focus, and believe, believe, believe. (Weekly Review)

  1. I was looking at his blog earlier. It makes me think that maybe I need to incorporate more easy miles and take some of my weekday runs a little easier than I do. But running easy is HARD! I know that sounds weird but it’s true, sometimes I will pick up the pace to finish a run because I’m hungry and want breakfast, or I have to go to work. Or just have other things to do that day. The other day I ran a super speedy 8 miles, my friend was shocked… I negative split it… but I had to go to work, so had to finish. I do find listening to slower tempo music on my ipod helps slow me down a bit, though :).

    Looks like you had a great week of training. It’s so good to train with people faster than you that push you too, that really helps me as well. Good luck with your race in Raleigh too!


    • See, I am the opposite. I will run TOO easy as much as possible. I’d run almost 3 minutes slower than my marathon pace for easy runs and use the “It’s an easy day” excuse. You are incredibly speedy and your quick 8 miles doesn’t surprise me at all. Marathon training will do that πŸ™‚ Keep up all the hard work!


  2. Great looking week! So agree with you on the workhorse ethic…you have to look at the big picture to stay focused. I am enjoying running my easy runs at a faster pace than I used too. I always used to think I had to run them super slow but Coach Hadley set me a specific pace for my easy runs (never had that before!) and I’m finding it very beneficial to my faster stuff! Have fun in Raleigh, I loved racing there!


  3. I’m also very excited to see how that 8k goes for you Kris. Congrats on such a great tempo run. I have once again been debating a coach more or less because I need so much reassurance (in my mind at least) of if I’m doing is going to work out well. Though my goal is to finish injury free, it’s hard to look so far into the future and think about it. I don’t know…just me rambling away.

    I really struggle with slogging pace (but love that term). I do a lot of untimed miles and I’m not entirely sure what that pace is but I know it def isn’t too quick or an appropriate pace.


    • I love that we will both be running an 8K at the same time. As far as the slogging pace. I don’t wear my watch that often because I know the routes in my neighborhood but I can tell when I’m slogging…form gets bad and I’m basically just waddling through the motions. As long as you are practicing efficient form I bet your pace is just right.

      I know we’ve talked about possible coaches for you before. So many good choices, come join Hadley Hippo chicas πŸ˜‰


  4. Great week of training! I’m sure the 6:00 tempos made you smile ear to ear! I like to do my recovery/easy runs on the treadmill because it forces me to go slower. I always pick up the pace when I run outside πŸ™‚ I wish I had more fast people to run with… It definitely helps push me. On that note, I think I should look into the whole coach thing. Hmmm. Good luck this weekend!


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