Muddy Run, Love in the Air, & A 5K Mention

Todays Workout- 20 Miles mostly on trails. (2- Gu’s, 5 water stops)

The scheduled workout for today was 16-17 miles but after hearing a friend was running 20 I emailed Hadley asking if it would be alright to extend the run a few miles longer. He said that would be perfectly fine as long as I did it without bonking. That made me smile because, well, I have a habit of running to Bonkville. Bonkville takes days to recover from (similar to Vegas), messing with other planned workouts, so avoid visiting there at all costs.

I met my friends and quickly learned that it’s hard to avoid muddy puddles when there are 8 or so runners on a skinny trail. The run was perfect- challenging pace, good company, and completely bonk-free. Afterwards we looked like the picture below, which is my lead-way into letting you know I finally jumped into the social media world of Instagram. I’m shamefully embarrassed to say that if you click on the picture you get a peek into even more of my life.

Kristen & Renee, muddy buddies.

Why did I join Instagram? One of my sisters was married shortly after my last post and they had their own wedding hashtag. I had no idea this was a thing. It is. After the other bridesmaids showed me how it worked, I was able to see and share some great pictures. The wedding was absolutely gorgeous. My sister is one of my favorite people and as I stood near them on the alter I literally had to turn my head away at one point because the moment between them as they read their vows (that they had written) was that overwhelming. They were both beaming with love.

After I hid my happy tears we celebrated – really, really celebrated. There were ice cream trucks, Blurred Lines bridal party introductions, and photo booths. It was one of the best weddings I’ve ever been too and I was honored to be included. My instagram has more pictures (a few unseemly ones) but the one below from the photographer is a favorite. I am the blonde girl, fifth from the left, and those are rose petals being thrown in the air. Can you tell from the picture that the wedding was at a ski resort? While running was the last thing on my mind I was able to get a few good hill runs in, nothing worth mentioning except to say I ran up a mountain then down a mountain and stopped a few times to admire the gorgeous views.

I did run that 5K I mentioned in my last post. The morning after the race we traveled to the wedding, then to Sea Isle City for a mini-family vacation. I have no idea or desire to type a post from my iphone (can you imagine the typos?) while on vacation and now that race seems like ages ago, so I’ll save you an extended recap and say it went well. Race execution was poor but I ran aggressive and went for a PR. So many friends were there and the excitement had me anxious. My little legs started too fast (sub 5:25 first mile) and ended up crashing a bit the last mile. I PRed by 1 second, finishing in 17:52 and 2nd female.

The Summer of Speed is almost over and while I lowered my previously best 5K time by 30 seconds- I’m still aching for a bit more. I had honestly hoped to be in the sub 17:45 range by now so while I did not have another 5K planned I’ll be keeping an eye out for a 5K to fit in. Below is a picture a friend took (Ally Speirs) of her husband Steve and I.

We are gradually moving into the marathon training cycle and I am very excited to start counting down the weeks until the Outer Banks Marathon. Todays 20 miler pushed me to 81 miles for the last week which is about where we will stay until my next race. That one will be the Virginia Beach Rock & Roll Half held Labor Day weekend. My first two VBR&R’s went terribly wrong Click Here for Last Years Recap so heres hoping the third time’s a charm. Have a great week everyone and good luck to all the early Fall marathoners getting work done!


14 thoughts on “Muddy Run, Love in the Air, & A 5K Mention

  1. Nice job on the 20 on trails, that’s pretty incredible. In this heat that’s basically equivalent to a marathon anyway! Congratulations on your 5K PR too, it’s nice to go into marathon training with lots of speed and also the confidence that comes from it.


  2. Awesome 20 miler! Glad you didn’t visit Bonkville, haha. I love weddings! They make me want to get married again… to my same husband of course 🙂 Congrats on the PR, every second counts! Can’t wait to see what you can do in the VBR&R. The instagram pic of you with the mustache is classic!


  3. I was too also looking for a 5k to fit into the schedule and there are not as many as I would have guessed and once fall starts…”real marathon training”…ha. I remember talking with you a while back that fall is the perfect time for a 5k PR…but most of us want to do longer races then.

    You (as well as the bride and everyone involved) looked absolutely stunning Kris. I’m glad you had such a great time with that.

    I hope RnR goes really well for you. I also hope it rains or is one of the lower temperature days we have been not like today.


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