Fall Racing Wish List

Todays Workout- 5 miles easy

In this time of marathons selling out in 2 hours and hotels being booked before registration is even open, planning months in advance is just a part of running life. When everyone else was choosing their Fall “A” race months ago I held off for personal reasons. As friends decided on their races I started to get antsy and doubt my decision to wait. I thought, Maybe I should just run Chicago? I know the course, have run it twice, some of my favorite runners live there (Hello Granato Racers!) Then another speedy friend decided to run Twin Cities and suggested I join her. I had an incredible experience at Twin Cities last year and even though Marci would be 8 or 10 or 20 billion minutes in front of me, racing “together” again was very tempting. (I’ve been meaning to share her blog with you all because she is one of the strongest runners I know and also because she discusses “running out of your comfort zone” which is a theme for me this Fall) I seriously thought about signing up for each race about a 100 different times.

Something in my gut told me to wait. I want a full marathon training block. I want something different than my usual big race. I want, maybe I need, to push my marathon self out of that comfort zone. So after months of wondering, waiting on a Navy detailer to tell us where we will be living for the next few years (Virginia Beach!!!!), and some planning with local friends, I was able to send Coach Hadley my Fall racing wish list. I call it a wish list because it feels a bit like Christmas when I’m writing it. The excitement is there but you don’t always get what you want. Last on that list is the Fall “A” race….a marathon. In 104 days, if I can get there healthy, I’ll be racing the Outer Banks Marathon. Once race day gets closer I promise to give you a goal time. Right now it’s a bit early to say.

I have never raced a smaller marathon before. I’ve never placed higher than 7th female in a marathon. I’m hoping to place a bit higher than that at OBX. This course is a bit different than my usual race. It’s not particularly fast or crowded on all sides with spectators. There is a trail section for a few miles, wind, and a big bridge at the end. There won’t be any drunk college boys screaming at me for half a mile like at Boston, to pull me out of a mental ditch. I am prepping myself for the hardest race mentally I’ve ever done. I want to run something different and no matter what place or time I finish in, that mental prep will leave me stronger.

What other races do I have planned? Here is a list below. They are all geared for marathon preparation and I won’t be tapering for many. I did try to get the Philly Rock & Roll Half in there but it won’t fit with some personal obligations. Sad face but life comes first.

9/1- Virginia Beach Rock & Roll Half Marathon

9/28- Neptune 8K

10/6- Crawlin Crab Half Marathon

10/12- All Access 5K

10/26- Wicked 10K

11/10- Outer Banks Marathon.

Lastly, I wanted to say hello to all my new readers. I was blown away by how many people stopped by after one of my favorite runners Mile Posts mentioned this site. She is an inspiring runner, fantastic mother, and I’m dying to race with her. I was completely flattered that my little corner of the web-o-sphere was mentioned. So welcome everybody. I’m always excited when anyone finds my running rambles even a bit interesting. Thanks for following along and have a great week! I have a 5K tomorrow night so shoot me some speed vibes.


22 thoughts on “Fall Racing Wish List

  1. Wahooooo! I think we were all on pins and needles waiting for you to decide on the fall plans. 😉 I was thinking the same thing regarding a small marathon this weekend–training the BRAIN and the body for a good race. Can’t wait to cheer you on!


  2. I haven’t planned my next marathon, either. Most of my friends have them planned all the way through winter! I’m not even looking yet. Sometimes I think it really is best to wait a little later. Lucky for me, I have no desire to do any of the “majors” anymore. Small is good. It’s definitely a different mental challenge, but racing for place can also keep things exciting. Sometimes the low-key-ness (totally made that word up) is nice to keep stress and nerves at bay. Best wishes to you in your future training & racing!


  3. Looks like an awesome list to me!! Also, I just want to let you know that my son was really awed that you took the time to comment on the post about his last 5k. He knows all about you from me talking about your blog and he was just really excited that the “super fast runner lady” commented on his post. 🙂

    Enjoy yourself tomorrow!! Shooting you lots of speed vibes!


  4. Good luck with your 5K! All your races seem pretty fun though and I like how you do the races without tapering to prepare for your marathon, so the races are like training runs (only all-out training runs). I definitely hope you can get to the starting line of the OBX marathon healthy too!


  5. I know what you mean about marathon registration and hotel craziness, having registered for both MCM 2013 and Big Sur 2014 this year. I was extremely fortunate to get a spot, but I also had to be on Active.com the SECOND that registration opened. Anyway, I love OBX and I hope you get a chance to relax and vacation there after the race. A big group of us stayed in Corolla (north of Duck) and it is just beautiful there. I highly recommend Corolla Village BBQ for the really good pulled pork and sides (I went to grad school in NC so I know what I’m talking about!).

    Good luck at your 5K!


    • I think those two races are two of the hardest to get in! Big Sur is on my bucket list. You had to sign up over a year in advance?! wow.

      Thanks for the recommendations! I’ve only been to OBX once years ago so any suggestions are great! BBQ is my favorite type of food so I will check out Corolla Village if we are nearby.


  6. I really enjoy reading your thought process. Some day, in the next few years, I’d like to post some of your times! Thanks also, for the link to Marci’s blog. Most running blogs seem like just so much fluff to me, but she is serious! Best wishes with your training.


  7. I wish (and you know I do) somehow you get a bib to NYC. It would be glorious. I am glad to find that you are staying in VA Beach, though I’m moving. I know you are happy. The All Access 5k was where my 5k PR stood for nearly two years…so it’s a pretty fast course. Can’t wait for RnR…or actually tomorrow too. LOL.


  8. Ahhhhh ….. I wanna run OBX! I even suggested it as a TRWU fall marathon. You have a great list of races and I know you’ll kill them all. And if you want to come to Chicago to cheer at the race, you know you can hang with us 🙂


  9. Awesome list – looks like fall will be busy but fun for you. OBX will be a gorgeous race. Such a unique and beautiful coastal experience! Some parts of it look more west coast than east to me.

    I love following your training; you are such a great motivator to those of us just starting out in this distance running world!


  10. While you will be light years ahead of me, we have so many of the same races in our schedule. I’m running Richmond after much debate between that and outer banks. I have a feeling you’ll be coming home with an awesome finish!


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