Independence Day 5K Race Recap

Todays Workouts- AM- 4 miles easy pace PM- 8 Total including Adidas 4 Mile Countdown Race

The 4 mile Countdown Race (listed above, will run tonight) is an event I’ve been looking forward too. I missed it last year because I was out of town but I’ve run other events in this Summer Series hosted by the Tidewater Striders and Running, Etc. and loved them. They are casual, end of the day, pizza-filled, fun races. The plan for tonight is to use the race as a workout. I have not tapered for it and will run it as a slight progression run. Let’s see if I can not get wrapped up in the excitement and keep myself reeled in for the first mile.

Now on to the race recap. I wrote in my last blog entry about the 5K race and how I hoped to lower my PR a few seconds. In retrospect that idea seems completely silly. I ran a challenging track workout less than 48 hours prior and did not taper. Plus not to be a broken record but….hot & muggy. I did have a great time though and got in a solid workout. An old West Coast friend, Mark Cook, stopped in town for a few days while he and his family are driving across the country for a move. He and I used to run together in Seattle and ran the Eugene Marathon together. That was probably my worst marathon racing experience but I did have a really FUN time hanging out with him then. Anyway, Mark came into town and our families jointly carbo loaded up with cheeseburgers, chips & salsa, & beer…the usual. The next morning we met and warmed up for 2 miles and lined up close to the front but not quite the front, and after an inspiring 4th of July celebratory Star Spangled Banner, were off.

I loved the first mile of this race. I was in a pack with friends Mark, Steve Speirs, and another Running, Etc. runner Andrew Hoffer. We were running nice and smooth and I was fairly certain we would all be well under 18 minutes. Then reality hits and your realize the first mile of a 5K means nada. Pain & pace start messing with your “This is easy & fun” outlook real fast. We all started to spread out a bit, Andrew’s shoelace came untied or else he would have been far in front of me. Mark killed it and ran his fastest 5K time since joining his new age group. Steve was way ahead then proceeded to run home. He is training for the Leadville 100 miler! I ran an 18:03 for first female and 10th overall. If you are at all interested in seeing my sweaty 5K kick then Click Here It’s about 7 seconds long. I’m grateful the race shared these videos because it was a big reminder to keep my arms in check. That side-to-side business is not good. Here are some pictures from the race. The first is from a friend of ours Frank Rodriguez and the second is from Steve Speirs (the speedy guy in orange, on the right in the top pic, left on the bottom.

If we are twitter friends then you already know I came home to a great surprise the other day. My blender busted months ago while I was making a smoothie. It literally started smoking, shot shards of hot plastic out the sides, and caught fire. I guess the Mr. was sick of me being Miss Cheapo because I came home to this great set up pictured below. While he obviously has other things in mind, I’ll be making plenty of healthy smoothies in it so send any recipe ideas my way.

Also, my Mizuno Wave Sayonaras arrived! Mizuno had plans for them to arrive early enough for me to wear and review them before they were on the market but Fed Ex had other things in mind. I found the box on my doorstep 10 days late and practically destroyed…yikes! Looks like my Wave Sayonara box did some traveling and fell off a few trucks but the shoes inside were perfectly gorgeous! I immediately took them out for a 7 mile test run in the rain and so far..I love them. I loved them so much that I was inspired to pick another kind of Mizunos up from Running, Etc. I now own Mizuno Wave Riders too. I will do a more in depth review (maybe of both?) after I’ve worn them more than 5 times. For now I will leave you with a picture of my favorite shoe detail, the back….”Wave Sayonara”

Have a great day everyone!


26 thoughts on “Independence Day 5K Race Recap

  1. So I definitely thought the Mister had put a squeeze bottle of Mayo next to the blender and I was really grossed out by the idea of a tequila/mayo blended cocktail for a second.


  2. Love your new blender and how your hubs set it up for you :). My friend has one and I think it is used more for that purpose than smoothies too, hehe.

    I also have the arm swinging problem when I run… it’s a really hard habit to break! If you ever figure out how do let me know, I’ve had it pointed out several times. Obviously I’m not doing bad at running even with it, but if it could help me improve, I’m all for it. A finishing video is a neat thing for a race to have too!

    I can’t wait to read what you have to say about the Wave Riders and Wave Sayonaras. I wear the Wave Precision, which are being discontinued for the Sayonara’s, so I’m really looking to read reviews of them before buying. And I have the Wave Rider so the comparison to that will be interesting too.


    • The arm swinging thing is weird. I know I should keep my elbows tucked in better but when I’m tired all form rules go out the window.

      I never tried the Precision but I bet if you liked those you’ll love the Sayonaras. They fit like a glove when I put them on but the difference in the cushioning I am used too is hard to transition too.


  3. Congrats on finishing as the first female and 10th overall! Good luck tonight! I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts on the Wave Sayonara; I’ve heard a lot of positive buzz about them and will probably give them a try fairly soon based on liking my Wave Precision 12.


  4. Bad form…lolz…no.

    Dad sent me a link to the videos and I didn’t even realize they were doing them either! Nice win and I hope the countdown was fun. I wish I didn’t have to work most Tuesday nights so I could be there!


  5. It’s always fun to catch up with old running buddies, especially with a “hard but no pressure, it’s a workout” race. Hope you kept things under control, and are recovering smoothly. 🙂

    YAY for spouses who ‘force’ us to be less cheap once in awhile. My husband is often doing the same, with some techie product of some sort (or perhaps gifting it is his excuse to get to check it out, too!). So sweet of your hubby – his ‘hints’ are cute, too. Hey, you can do your thing with the blender, he can do his, right? 😉


  6. Sounds like fun that you got to hang out with your friend! It’s great that you have better perspective about not trying to PR in the heat after not tapering! 🙂 I am going to get the Sayanora’s ASAP. I’ve heard great things!


  7. First of all, I can’t find the video which makes me feel totally ripped off 😦 Secondly, the next woman was over a MINUTE back! Whoa! Nicely done in hot and muggy fueled by cheeseburgers and fries 😉

    I’ll bet that if your #wavesayonaras had arrived on time you would have totally cracked 18 🙂

    You know I’m just busting your chops, right? You’re pretty stellar.


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