Humid Track & a Navy Wedding

Todays Workouts- 12 x 400 @ 78-81 w 1:00 jog recovery

If you follow me on twitter, you might already know it took every ounce of focus for me to complete this track workout. I’ve done this exact workout before but the only difference was tonights dew point was 77. I ran the warm up with a friend and felt like I could feel my heart beating out of my chest. After drinking nuun and counting myself as lucky to have a pacer (Thanks Dennis!) we got started. I don’t think I said a word for the entire workout because I was so focused on hitting my pace and not letting my breathing or form get out of control. When a friend asked Dennis what our average pace was I covered my ears and turned away immediately. I didn’t want to know until we finished! My breathing and form got a bit sloppy towards the end but I was able to hit the low range on every interval and finish strong with a 75 second last 400 and 77 average for the whole wet.

Luckily the running conditions were much better for me over the weekend. One of our best friends was getting married in York Beach, Maine. The Mr. was a groomsman and I wouldn’t miss our friend, Chimmys wedding for the world so we headed up there for three days of fun with some amazing college friends. Our group of friends have been close since I was 17. We’ve been there for each other through weddings, births, baptisms, graduations, etc. I, like, totally love them. 😉

The weekend was filled with fun, dancing, drinking, and oh yes….some running! As you can see from pictures, it was a bit foggy but gorgeous! On Friday I had a 16 miler planned. I had no idea where to go but I picked a direction down the coast and ran 8 miles before turning around. It was SO beautiful!! I did not carry my iphone with me but you get an idea from these pictures taken later. I had the beach, lighthouses, more beaches with rocky cliffs, and 150 year old homes and Churches to run by. What a beautiful State. Bonus points to Maine for lower humidity than Virginia.

View from our Hotel Room:

Nubble Light House:

Sword Arch Wedding Exit:

Wedding Reception:

Hope you all had a great weekend! I have a friend visiting for 4th of July so we will jump into a 5K together. No taper for it but I’m still hoping to push that 17:53 Pr down a few seconds if the conditions are right. Have a great holiday everyone!


16 thoughts on “Humid Track & a Navy Wedding

  1. The wedding pictures are super cute :). I like your dress and it’s cool that you got to go to Maine (very beautiful) and the humidity there is lower so you had a great run.

    Great job on your track workout! Being on a track in this heat is so hard but it will be worth it once the humidity dies down. Surely in the Fall you will bust your PR out of the water!


  2. Ugh, you aren’t alone with that humidity. Ours gets up to 100% (which I really don’t understand. Wouldn’t that mean it should be raining???) Anyway, ROCKING workout. Hang tough because this weather won’t last forever, and you will really be flying then! 🙂


  3. I’m still loving the idea of you running in sweatpants and taking selfies… maybe high-fiving grizzled sea captains with peg-legs?

    Maine looks positively stunning. I hear you on the heat/humidity. The air was so thick here last week that I felt like I was drowning — partially because I’m dramatic and partially because of the humidity. 😉


  4. Awe Navy weddings are so pretty. I wonder what an air force wedding looks like…;) tee hee.

    Anywho-I’m glad you made those target paces Kris and did so stellar. I know you are doing the Memorial Scholarship 5k (boo for not being on the strider team 😉 but are you doing anything else? Allen Stone maybe?


    • Ill be at the Mt. Trashmore 5K on the 4th (this was before I realized there was an 8K in Yorktown that many locals race every year). I may to Allen Stone too. Will you be running or doing the Tri like last year?


  5. I’ve never been to a Navy wedding, but it looks awesome! And so do you and your husband! What a great couple 🙂 Way to rock those 400’s. I know the feeling with the high humidity and dew points. It makes running in the fall so much easier though! Hope you PRed!


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