Diamond House 5K Race Recap

Todays Workouts- AM- 7 miles at a recovery pace. PM- 4 miles (also easy pace)

Have you ever run a race, turned to the finish line straight away, saw the clock, and was elated with surprise at the time?! Yea, that did NOT happen to me at yesterdays Diamond House 5K. In case you are a new reader my Garmin started acting up a while back. It will still work occasionally but I have to hard reset it, hold it way above my head, and beg it to turn on. So I started to run watchless again and truth is I prefer it. I REALLY prefer to race without it. Instead of staring at my wrist every ten seconds, I am listening to my body. Honestly a 5K is supposed to hurt like heck, I don’t need a mini-computer on my wrist to tell me to push harder. The down side of this though is that when I turned the last corner to the finish line yesterday and saw the clock my face was not-at-all happy. My last two 5K’s I have finished at exactly 18:06. Those were “casual” 5K’s and I consider myself to be fitter than when I ran those. The finish line clock yesterday said 18:05 (1st female, 3rd overall) and I was completely deflated because I’ve been working so hard, killing all my speed workouts, running aggressive from the gun…..to gain one measly second….ulgh. It was extremely hot & humid yesterday and we ran into the wind for half a mile but Coach Mark Hadley and I had decided that my workouts indicated a 17:40ish finish. The VERY least I wanted was a sub 18. I have run sub 18’s before but not since high school and college and considering how long ago I graduated (don’t ask) I do not consider those my PR’s anymore. So technically anything under 18:06 would have been a PR.

After I sulked a bit in my own head, texted Coach Hadley about my time, and ran my cool down a friend, Chadwick, casually said “It’s strange that the clock was off!” I was all “WUT?” It turns out the finish line clock was off by 12 seconds and my official time was 17:53. Not exactly how fast I wanted but sub 18. I felt much better! Considering the heat, humidity, wind, and that I ran the entire race alone I feel a bit better about my workouts and hopeful that a much faster time in in the future. My progress might not be as fast as I want but I am making progress and will have to learn patience.

A race highlight? The Mr. brought the kiddos and I was able to side 5 my kids as I ran by them. That was motivating. The picture below is my oldest Charlie. His 1st grade class planted the tall plants behind us as one of their many Nature Preservation projects. The race started close by and he was thrilled to show me his work. So proud of him!

Charlie’s 1st Grade Lake Preservation Project marked off behind us.

Have a great week everyone! I have lots of easy running and get to do my long run at a new place this weekend. Can’t wait to let you know all about it. Take care!


15 thoughts on “Diamond House 5K Race Recap

  1. Um, you ROCK! That kind of time and improvement in the summertime is excellent. Yes, your workouts are paying off big time! Keep up the good work! You’re doing some inspiring stuff!


  2. I agree with Rebecca. Trying to PR in the summer is close to impossible, and you did it. Just imagine what the difference would have been in the 40’s. Sounds like you really worked hard, gave you best effort and it paid off.


  3. I know it isn’t exactly what you wanted but I’m glad you got the sub 18 first. It just stinks you didn’t get to actually see the clock where it should have been. It was extremely humid yesterday and take that into effect seriously. In a cooler winter fall race you are fully capable of a 17:40, I have absolutely no doubts about that.

    Unfortunately for you (and I as well) we aren’t focused on 5ks by fall and so our PR’s reflect that.


  4. What an awesome race story! Congrats on the PR. As others have said and I’m sure you know… in better conditions you would have hit 7:40 “easily.” I love that a) your son’s class does projects like that and b) he was excited to show you! That just adds to the awesomeness of this race. Long runs in new places are always the best!


  5. That’s an amazing time! It stinks that the clock was off, but at least it wasn’t off in the other direction… one of my friends had that happen this weekend, thinking he had a PR… well the course was like .2 short. He was disappointed. Plus, you’ll do even better once the weather cools down and hopefully the new long run route will be motivating as well :). Gotta change up the scenery for the long runs!

    I don’t use my Garmin in races either, at least not a 5K or 10K. I would rather listen to my body in those and it’s short anyway. Now a half or full, I would use it just because pacing is really important in those.


  6. Ever since I got my Garmin last fall, it’s a blessing and a curse. Awesome for speed workouts, etc. and terrible for racing. It’s like run one block – look down happy with pace. Run another block – look down unhappy with pace and wonder what the hell happened. I’ve turned into a watch slave and I need to stop.

    Anywho… that’s a great race given the weather conditions. It kind of sucks that all the best 5ks seem to be in the summer… how the hell are we supposed to PR in that kind of weather? Also, how on earth does a clock get THAT far off? My goodness!

    Can’t wait to hear about the other PRs in your future! 🙂


  7. Congrats on sub 18, and like everyone else says, you will definitely be faster when it’s not so hot!! Also, racing alone makes a huge difference for me. Like I might be 20 seconds slower (thinking I’m running the same effort) with no competition, than when I’m chasing a bunch of people down. So, give yourself a huge pat on the back! Your hard work is paying off!!! Happy for you!!!


  8. Confers on the sub-18 Kris!! I’ve been mailing my speed workouts too thus far this summer and I hope in all pans out come fall!


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