3 X 3 Miles & What I am Loving Lately:

Todays Workouts- AM- 11 miles total with 3 by 3 miles at 6:20-25 pace. PM- 3 miles easy on the treadmill (not done yet)

Sunday evening when I saw todays workout on the schedule for the week I have to say I was a bit surprised. I thought “Really Mr. Hadley, we are going there already?” Then I got excited, like real excited. We are going there already. I’ve done this workout twice before but never this early in a training cycle. It’s a perfect workout for me, someone with a strong endurance disposition. I prefer to do this type of workout alone and in my own neighborhood where I know all the mile markers by heart. Once you mentally get over the idea of running 3 mile repeats you can really settle into a nice groove and enjoy it. The recovery time is short for this distance (3 minutes) so you feel as though you are tricking your body into 9 miles of marathon pace work. I loooved this workout. I ran in my Nike Pegasus trainers and averaged 6:22, 6:23, & 6:23 for the three sets.

After my cool down I drank a huge glass of green tea with honey and milk. I read about it in the book pictured below and have been drinking/craving it since. Which leads me to listing my favorite things as of lately. A few days ago I took my youngest to the library to borrow a book on Baby Tigers and saw this sitting next to the check out. I grabbed it like it was a Wonka Chocolate Golden Ticket and had my son check it out for me. I have read Matt Fitgeralds other book “Racing Weight” and loved the advice. This book, titled “The New Rules of Marathon and Half Marathon Nutrition” is a bit broader and covers many of the current debates that we read so many conflicting information about (sugar, carbs, caffeine?!?!) so if you have the time, it’s well worth the read.
 photo RaceNutritionBook_zps377e83f8.jpg

After the girls night in party I talked about in my last blog entry I went to Trader Joes to buy the same whole wheat pizza dough they used that night. It was my first trip to Trader Joes in years because the one in Arlington, VA was always so horribly crowded that I never wanted to go back. So I drove to TJ’s, spent over $100, got in my car, drove home, and realized I forgot the pizza dough. Alrighty then. I did, however, find the best salad, sandwich, veggie dip ever and it has an exciting name- “Cilantro Salad Dressing” I alone went through an entire bottle in 5 days.
 photo CilantroDressing_zpsbe7da96e.jpg

My next favorite thing is completely un-running or health related. The Mr. has been traveling for work and while I usually lean towards the gritty “guy” shows I started Season 2 of Girls and fell in love with it. I watched the entire season 2 in three days, staying up way too late. While it’s about 4 girls in New York City it is not another Sex and the City. It’s a bit uglier, darker, cheaper, but HYSTERICAL. I considered the hours watching and laughing with my legs up as running recovery.
 photo GirlsPoster_zps0f61907a.jpg

My last and probably best find is the Roller Recover R8 that I had asked about in my last post. Here is the website (http://www.rollrecovery.com/r8/) but I picked mine up at Running, Etc. here in Virginia Beach or Norfolk. It looks like a torture device and the first time you use it, it will feel like a torture device but I promise stick with it. I had a huge knot in my thigh and had tears rolling it out. The following day it hurt terribly but now the muscle is completely smooth. I’ve been using it every day except the days I am sore from drills or speed. It is a very pricey investment but I strongly believe it’s worth it.
 photo RollRecovery_zps12dc2db1.jpg

Like always, Thanks for reading. Hope you are having a great week and Happy Running Day!


15 thoughts on “3 X 3 Miles & What I am Loving Lately:

  1. I read that book as well and thought it was great. I don’t know that I’d actually follow it to the tee, because I’m not that obsessed with PRing, but it had some great tips that I will use for my training. So much better than other running diet books on the market right now, in my opinion… I have read a couple.

    I’ve never heard of a 3 x 3 workout or doing an interval of 3 miles, but that’s amazing that you did and that fast too! Good way to get in some marathon speed miles but not run steady state.


  2. I just read Matt Fitzgerald’s book too! I agree that he does a great job simplifying matters and dispelling myths about training nutrition.

    If you like that TJs dressing, I’d definitely recommend the jalapeno cilantro hummus! It’s not spicy at all – just plain awesome (and addictive!!!).


  3. Sounds like a grueling workout but one that I would love once it is over. 🙂

    So glad you are enjoying the Roller Recovery R8. I don’t use mine as often as I should but do love it and think it works so much better than a foam roller. I still have yet to find a good way to work on my tight hip flexors (neither the Roller Recovery or foam roller do the trick for me) but it is great for quads, hamstrings and calves.

    That TJs dressing looks amazing!!


    • The hip flexors are tough to reach and when I did get the R8 up there they were incredibly sore because the pressure is so strong. I’ve been told that they might be making an adjustable version next which might help. Take care!


  4. Hi Kris! Man, you are looking great based on that 3X3 workout. Full-on beast mode, I can’t wait to see your progression coming off of a great race in Boston. I’m half-way into Fitz’s book on nutrition and I’m going to really try most of it for my Fall Marathon (Cottonwood) – but no way is the coffee part going to work for me. I’m irritable enough during the taper, I really don’t need to put my wife and daughter through that. Happy trails!


  5. Love your blog and I agree on TJ’s – here in Jersey it is always too crowded! But yes, the pizza dough is totally worth fighting the crowds! Awesome workout – you’re always inspiring to me!


  6. Great workout, what marathon is next for you? I wish we had a Trader Joe’s near to me 😦
    I have the other book on running weight or something, yeh I really need to read that already! Summer lb’s are clinging to my waist (or lack thereof).
    How do you juggle the kids and running/strength work when the kids are not in school? I am having to work out how to do it and think splitting runs is the only way which I know you do. Just wonder how other mums make it work during the summer months.


  7. Thanks, for the book suggestion I just added it to my Amazon Wish List and they have it for the Kindle which is a huge plus. That salad dressing is amazing its an old favorite of ours. I am glad you are enjoying Trader Joes. I really like the Roll Recovery but I have to admit the price has scared me away from it. I am glad to hear your training is going so well. I cant wait to get back out there and hit the roads and trails again.


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