Memorial Day Weekend, 10K Race Recap


Today’s Workout- 9 miles averaging 7:35 pace

I hope everyone had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend! Between the Elizabeth River Run 10K and my 12 year wedding anniversary (how is that possible?) the three day break went way too fast. Saturday morning I picked up Renee High and we drove to Portsmouth, VA together for the 10K. Once we got there I realized I forgot my racing flats and a part of me wanted to cry. Renee’s amazing boyfriend then drove to my house, picked up my flats and brought them to us. I repeat, AMAZING. I hope the beer & cookies I bought him were a good enough thank you. I will never make that mistake again.

We warmed up for about two miles and the temperature was perfect but like all Virginia Beach races, very windy. I did some of my brief warm up routine and we were off! I have decided that for any distance less than a half I won’t wear a watch so I don’t have exact splits for anything past the first mile. I tried to stick with some friends Andrew & Mark for that first mile but we had a very strong headwind making their 5:52ish (I think that’s what I heard them say) first mile too fast for me. In the end though I averaged 6:00 pace so I found that interesting. The majority of the race was uneventful. I sat way behind Renee as 2nd place female and was caught like most everyone else in no-mans-land with no one to help block the incredible wind. The course was gorgeous though as we ran along the water around the Portsmouth Naval Hospital and I may have become a little complacent from miles 2-4. Around the four mile mark the 3rd place female popped up behind my shoulder. I had no idea she was close and in my mind I let out a Scooby Doo voiced “Ruh Roh!” Funny how you think you are pushing and then you somehow push more. I was so concerned about competing that I never saw the 5 mile marker but my last two miles must have been well under 6:00 pace for me to have crossed the finish line in 37:17 (2nd female). Coach Mark Hadley and I had discussed that since we just started back into the training cycle after my Boston recovery break that a 6:00-6:05 pace would be about right so I was happy to have finished on the faster end of that.

Guess who else I got to see Saturday? Hollie Heimer I was thrilled to see her. Here is a picture of Renee, Hollie, and I.

 photo ER10K_zps6cc1d566.jpg

Renee, Kristen, Hollie at the ERR 10K

Later that night Renee had a girl’s night in and let us all know that we were free to wear our p.j.’s if we wanted too. I was all over that. The food was so good! Homemade whole wheat pizza, bell pepper quinoa pasta, broccoli slaw, nutella, cookies…..I said nutella cookies, and much more. I ate way too much and claimed it okay because after all it was “health” food. We washed the health food down with margaritas 😉 Here is a picture (minus Carly the photographer). I’m the third girl from the right in black and gray Target pajamas.

 photo GirlsNightatRenees_zps790949c4.jpg

Hanging with the Chicas

Sunday was the Mr. and I’s 12 year wedding anniversary. We had already celebrated in Vegas (I wrote about it for the new readers) so we kept it low key. We didn’t exchange gifts or do anything sappy or special. The dinner picture below is not from Sunday. We took the kiddos to the pool and then watched the Phillies and Games of Thrones (we are behind by 3-4 episodes so don’t give any spoilers 😉 ) To recover from the 10K I ran 5 miles at an easy pace (7:50ish) and played plenty of driveway basketball. Great day!

 photo ER10K_zps6cc1d566.jpg

Ran through the pouring rain to make this dinner reservation!

Random question but who has the Roll Recovery tool? I’ve read so many positive reviews that I am thinking of picking one up at Running, Etc. today. Opinions? Anyone race this past weekend? Eat any great Memorial Day food? Have a great week everyone!


8 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend, 10K Race Recap

  1. I have the tp roller and the stick, and they are both pretty awesome. What is the roll recovery tool? I’ve never heard of it. But that tp roller is a life saver if you don’t have it. Had a weird achilles issue a few years ago and it helped keep me intact. Best investment ever.

    Congrats on a wicked fast 10k! You are awesome and never stop amazing me with your speed! Believe it or not, I’ve actually never ran at 10k. EVER. Congrats to you and the Mr. as well, 12 years isn’t too bad 😉


  2. I have The Stick massager. I don’t use it like I should, but it does work. Foam rollers are great too, but I don’t like those grid ones, they just hurt way too much.

    Congrats on your super fast 10K and I don’t blame you not to wear the watch, I won’t do it on shorter races either because I would obsess and it’s not worth it for just a 3-6 mile race. Also very glad you had your flats- Renee’s boyfriend sounds great but obviously he is dating a runner so he knows how important shoes are 🙂

    Happy 12 year anniversary!


  3. I feel like I saw Steve talking about the Roll Recovery (or something fancy of that nature). I forgot my racing flats last year for a half marathon in Upstate. Lucky for me, they were at the hotel about 15 minutes away and I was able to get them…

    All I did was eat at that party LOL, but everything was so good. I can’t wait to run with you more. My work schedule will be more concrete in a couple of weeks but like you I would always rather run early mornings than later. I haven’t worked myself up to 5am but 6am is where I’m at right now. I’m not a dark runner…I’m too clumsy for all of that.


  4. Congrats on an awesome 10k!! I can’t imagine the panic you felt at leaving your racing flats behind!!

    I have the Roll Recovery and love it. It works so much better (for me) than the foam roller or the stick. It isn’t cheap but I’d definitely recommend it.


  5. It’s awesome that you can race so well without a watch! I’m kind of jealous, hehe. Congrats on the 2nd place! I’m pretty sure you listed all the best girls night foods… especially the nutella and margs 😉

    I spent my Memorial Weekend in the Keys for a bachelorette party and managed to sneak in a run around the island while everyone else slept. My darn body clock always goes off too early!

    I love Tarjay 🙂


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