Disney Vacation

Today’s Workout- 9 miles total with 8 X 800 (2 minute jog in between reps)

We wanted these between 2:50-2:55 and considering the humidity I was expecting to be on the slower end. Surprisingly between extra sleep and two cups of coffee I ran them a tad bit faster than planned, all sub 2:50. Now no major workouts before a 10K Saturday.

Thank you everyone for the Disney trip advice. We stayed at the Contemporary and on the first day Steve says to me “I saw a sign for a jogging path!” I was very excited but learned the path was an 800 meter loop around the hotel…womp womp. All good though, Coach Hadley said “run when you can”. No pressure to get miles in and in the end I probably walked 5-6 miles a day and only ran 2-3.

My other concern at Disney was food. Anyone who has read my blog knows I am not a stickler about food. I love it all but was not thrilled about the idea of eating what I anticipated would be cheeseburgers and fries all week long. I did none of the vacation planning and figured the meal plan would be fast food type kid meals. NOT TRUE AT ALL. We ate so well! My kids did not touch a single chicken nugget or corndog and probably ate more veggies than normal because they were presented in Mickey shape. If you are booking a trip to Disney, reserve dinner at the new Beauty and the Beast Castle. It’s gorgeous, quiet, and the food was incredible. Apparently it books up months in advance so that’s why I’m giving you the heads up. For all my veggie lovers, every sit-down place we ate at had vegetarian options. I was very impressed at the food options. Oh, and guess who missed her daughter dancing on stage with Prince Charming because she was too busy filling her plate with sushi and carrot cake? This girl. Not my finest Disney moment.

Anyway before I get back to running related news, here are some pics from our trip. I’ve never been a “princess” girl and didn’t expect to fall into the whole Disney thing but I can see now how people get wrapped up in it. The excitement in our kids eyes was priceless. The trip was absolutely fantastic. That being said our next vacation will be a crowd-less, beach one where I can be a lazy daisy ๐Ÿ˜‰

Before the Park Opened.

Kinda wish I had a Cinderella gown too!

I swear I did not do the orange thing on purpose.

Running is going well. I’m officially back to real workouts and while it took a week or so to start to feel smooth again my legs are coming around. Last weekend I raced another 5K with friends. I wasn’t thrilled with my time (18:09) but it is about what I should expect at this point. Hopefully that time will drop down significantly before marathon training ramps back up in September. I have plenty of endurance but I need speed!

This weekend I will be racing the local Elizabeth River Run 10K. It is hard to believe but it will be my first 10K I have run since racing competitively….automatic PR right!?! I did run a few when I lived in Washington State but I can’t even remember my times. Have a great week everyone and to my friends in Oklahoma, stay safe and sending you lots of love!


9 thoughts on “Disney Vacation

  1. It sounds like you had a great time at Disney, I’m glad to read your feedback about food and running because we may go next year (no vacation for us this year, thanks to buying a house… but at least we got a house, hehe). Glad you were able to do a great job on your 800s coming back too, it’s good that you didn’t stress about running in Disney and sounds like your coach knows what he’s doing by not wanting you to run on vacation.


  2. I’M SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU AT ERR. Now that we have that out of the way…I’m the same way…I’ve raced a few 10ks but I’ve never had a really decent time…be prepared the course has no shade…but I mean you have been training a bit in the heat anyways.

    I saw your photos on facebook and I was like geez can I just be Kris when I grow up, she looks fabulous.


    • Ha! You are so good to me. Naturally though, I only post the good pics on facebook and the blog. No one wants to see me on the bad out takes ๐Ÿ˜‰ Can’t wait to see you Saturday! We may have to do a 3 girls runderwear photo!


  3. Hey Kris! So glad you had fun at Disney. Sadly, my boys have outgrown it, although I drag them to Epcot every time we’re in Orlando as it’s my favorite park. I want to live at the World Showcase! Glad you found good food. Always easy at Epcot, not so easy at Magic Kingdom (but my kids won’t even go there!) We tend to visit Universal these days, which has so-so food options. I actually like your princess gown alternative – very cute! Good luck at the 10K this weekend! What marathon will you be running next? Are you running VA Beach half in September? I’m considering it…


  4. I did a similar workout today! 6 x 800’s but only in 3:11 instead of your super fast 2:50… hopefully one day I’ll catch up to you! Glad you had fun at Disney… it’s crazy how magical it really can be ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy to hear your running is coming along strong. Can’t wait to read about your PR this weekend!


  5. Those are some fast 800’s!! I couldn’t run close to those times even in cold weather — I’m just hoping to get mine to 3:00 pace someday…

    So happy to hear that Disney was fun and that the food situation turned out so well. That is always my concern as well but I think my kids would eat anything shaped like Mickey. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have fun with the 10k!


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