We Love Boston.

Hey everyone. Just checking in to let you all know that I am safe. I appreciate all the messages, calls, and texts more than you know. I won’t go into a big blog post about the event. It was a horrific day that I wish could be taken away. I can see that people were googling my race results so, yes, I did PR. I ran a 2:49:58 for 44th place. It was the most amazing, thrilling, fan-supported race of my life and I have zero joy from that now. I am a mother above all else and can’t even think about Patriot’s Day without a tear or two or hundred. Losing a child is unfathomable to me. Sending my love, prayers, and well wishes to the City of Boston. Stay Safe everyone and thank you again for worrying about my family, friends, and I. We were extremely fortunate and my heart is broken for those who were not as lucky.


13 thoughts on “We Love Boston.

  1. 😦 I know I said congrats on the PR already – you do deserve a congrats even if all of us wish that whole day didn’t happen – but more so I am happy that you are safe. Sending hugs.


  2. Thank you for posting. I have been one of the ones combing the web, wondering about you. Even my kids were worried about you, because they know all about the “blog lady who runs really fast.” I’m glad to know you and your family are ok, and I continue to pray for those not so lucky. {{hugs}}


  3. I don’t even know what to say. I want to congratulate you and you deserve congrats on your awesome run. But I know that what happened eclipsed the joy everyone felt. I hugged my kids extra tight when I got home yesterday. The only thing I can think to do is run it again next year and thank every spectator who comes out to support the runners along the entire route. They make the Boston Marathon what it is.


  4. Congratulations on your PR. I’m so sorry that you can’t be happy about it- I know I wouldn’t be able to either. I do hope you’ll recap the experience for us at some point (possibly a few weeks from now?) just so we can know how your race went.

    So glad you are safe.


  5. Congrats on the PR, Kris. I saw you around 22/23 – about 5K left to go and you looked so strong and determined! By the time I realized it was you I yelled out your name to cheer but you were already ahead of me. You did a phenomenal job and I am super proud of you.

    I know it’s too soon, but I hope that one day you’re able to tell us about your race experience and celebrate your achievements (roserunner said it better than I could in her most recent post). No one can taking running away from Boston. As someone who calls this city home, I am still so sad and angry.


  6. give it some time, and hopefully you’ll be able to find a bit of peace with the horror of the day. it’s a terrible thing, most peoples worst nightmare. but you worked your tushie off for the race, don’t let the sick person who did this take away the few moments of the experience that were golden. keep praying for the world.


  7. So glad you are safe and your family. Congratulations on your PR. It will take time for us to move on again and live normal again. I was just there too for the Marathon Expo. I left Boston with a happy heart on Sunday. I was spared by the tragedy but I am so affected now emotionally.
    Stay safe!


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