I’ve drowned and dreamt this moment…

Todays Workout-

5 easy miles. (I didn’t wear a watch for this one)

I’m going to keep this blog post short & sweet because as you can see below I still have more packing to do! This training cycle covered 1191 miles of road and trails to get ready for one fast 26.2 mile stretch into Boston next Monday. Along the way I started with a new coach, PRed in the only two races I ran this cycle, and I’ve run workouts I never thought I could. It would be safe to say I am the fittest I have ever been. That being said, we all know there are 101 things that can go wrong on race day but I believe in our plan and will focus on executing it perfectly. No matter what happens I will be leaving every ounce of effort out on that course and will be grateful that I get to run such a historical race with some amazing friends. I have worked my tail off, race day is my celebration, and I’ll be doing everything in my power to make sure it is a good one.

Must get packing!

I am bib number 1195 for those interested. My goal is to PR in a big way (current PR is 2:50:50) Send any extra speedy vibes my way! Wishing you all a great weekend and to the Boston Marathoners an incredible Patriot’s Day!


26 thoughts on “I’ve drowned and dreamt this moment…

  1. Get packing, girl! Hope to get to see you up there. I know pre-race is going to be busy and stressful, but hopefully we can meet up after. I plan to party in a big way no matter the result! You are gonna rock this race big time.


    • Thank you! I will remember that you’ll be around there. I start at 10:00 so I’m guessing I will be at Mile 22 around 12:20ish but I’m not that great with Math so that’s a wild guess 😉


  2. Super Good Luck! I am in wave one (not sure if you’re in a special elite area) but maybe I’ll run into you on the bus ride or in the Athletes Village area before. I’m excited to run my first Boston and follow in the footsteps of superstars like you 🙂 Let’s ROCK IT lady, and have some fun!


  3. Have an awesome race, Kris!You have worked your butt off for this race go out there and have fun. I hope I have descent internet that day so I can track you guys.


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