“I thought you were going to be a wimp, but you were a winner!”

Yesterday’s Workout-

3 warm up, 10 X 800m @ @ 2:49-2:56 w 2:00 minute jog recovery, 3 mile cool down

Yesterdays 800’s went well. It was the first speed session I have done alone in a few weeks. Running these alone can be boring but it’s helpful for me to toughen up. It also happened to be a blustery, rain-soaked workout. I confess I did my warm up on the treadmill so I could stay dry an extra 24 minutes before heading out into the rain. The slower end of the 800’s were into the wind but I made a point of running out and back to even it up. The point was to run them strong but as Coach Hadley said “Don’t over reach, Don’t be heroic.” I love the whole train, don’t strain philosophy.

Today’s workout is an easy 10 miler. We are cutting back the intensity of the rest of the week in prep for the Shamrock Half Marathon so the 800’s yesterday are my last speedy day until Sunday. I am extremely excited to race this Sunday. The majority of workouts have been going well, I’ve been recovering a best as I can (as best as any of us non-pro athletes can), and I’m at a nice racing weight. I think I’ll be able to set a nice PR (sub 1:22) but am anxious to run ambitiously at a close to high 1:19 pace if the wind and body cooperate. Just typing that makes my stomach flip a bit. Wish me luck!

My recap for last week is below. The only hitch I had was Wednesday’s 10 miler at marathon-ish pace. The pace felt too fast (even though I’ve done this pace and distance before) so I stopped a few times to rest….ulgh. Usually this is my favorite type of workout but the day before I had run twice and participated in a parent-kid basketball game. The basketball game would have been humiliating but by some outlandish miracle I threw a 3 pointer. It was one of those “wut?” moments because if you know me in real life, you know I can run far but I have ZERO coordination. I’ve never seen my five year old so proud. He said “I thought you were going to be a wimp, but you were a winner!” How funny/cute/slightly embarrassing is that?

This morning I woke up to the sweetest surprise. A friend Hillary wrote a blog post about two friends and I titled “Ladies who Launch.” It made my day. If you want to read a blog that actually has quality writing (as opposed to my rambles) check her out. She is on my “Must Read” list….Tongue In Chic The picture below is immediately post-Twin Cities marathon when we all managed to PR. One of my favorite running memories.

Hillary, Jenny, Chanthana, Kristen
Twin Cities Marathon 2012

Lastly Boston Marathon bib numbers have been released. I was absolutely thrilled to see a #1195 next to my name. When I ran Boston the first time I was in the 7000’s. It is a dream of mine to one day have a little F in front of my name and run in the Boston elite field. A girl can dream right?! If you’ve gotten your number, let me know. I’d love to see as many friends as possible. 🙂

Anyone else running the Shamrock Full, half, or 8K this weekend?


12 thoughts on ““I thought you were going to be a wimp, but you were a winner!”

  1. I can’t wait to check out Tongue and Chic! I love to find new quality blogs like yours. I am so excited for you and can’t wait to here about your upcoming half and possibly meet you at Boston (Although I’m in the nose bleeders section, so I may have a better chance of meeting you in some random airport in the middle of the country 🙂 I’ll be thinking of you Kris, Good luck!


  2. I was actually going to ask you about your goal for Shamrock. I cannot wait to see you and if you want to do a slow easy cooldown I would quite enjoy too.

    You seem to be doing really well with the new coaching, and honestly I won’t be surprised in the slightest when you have the F. Sorry to hear about the 10miler, but if they all felt easy then you’d be Kenyan.

    I don’t even pretend I have coordination in the slightest. The day I shoot a 3 pointer out of whim…well that will be interesting…


  3. I’m so happy that your training is on point Kris! And you we’re not alone in the wet miles department. I ran 4 soaking wet miles yesterday morning, my first post marathon training miles. You’ll get that “F” on your Boston bib one day for sure!


  4. Love your son’s comment! Kids are so wonderfully honest. Great job on the 800s. I always do my speedwork alone (well, my ipod keeps me company) so I don’t run anyone else’s workout. I really like coach Hadley’s “don’t overreach” comment. That’s a good one to remember. When I do intervals I always want each to bit a little faster than the last, and I probably end up overreaching a little at the end, just to get it.

    My Boston # is 16343. I think last time it was in the 17000s, so it’s a step in the right direction!


  5. I’m glad your training is going well Kris :). Hooray for the low bib number, although I’m not 100% sure what bib numbers really mean in races where there are elites (I’ve never done one, eek!). I like your kids’ quote about the basketball game, I am like you and have zero coordination, hehe!


  6. Because I cannot relate to any part of your amazing running stuff, I’ll relegate my comment to the basketball thing…I had a similar thing happen…minus the adorable 5-yr old’s remark. We were at an arcade and had 3 shots to win a basketball screenprinted with 100-dollar bills for my cousin who collects shit with a money theme. My husband bounced the first two shots off the rim. I was laughing because he was super cocky about it all. So he handed me the ball. I just winged it almost behind my back and IT WENT IN!!!! I won the 100-dollar bill ball 🙂 So you kick my ass in running, but we tie in basketball 😉 Hope the Shamrock deal blew your mind 🙂 Can’t wait to hear about it.


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