Week 8 (of 15) Recap

Today’s Workout-

AM- 2 warm up, 16 X 400m @ 5:40 pace, 2 mile cool down

PM- 4 Miles at an easy pace (on treadmill after kiddos are asleep)

Am I the only one who gets insomnia on the nights I am the most exhausted? Earlier in the year I gave up caffeine after mid morning ONLY because I am very sensitive to it and I noticed when I didn’t drink it at lunchtime I was able to go to bed earlier. How can a drink at noon affect me 9 hours later? Is it just my imagination? Is it really the caffeine or am I just over tired? Anyway, I had a domino of sick kids for the past few weeks disrupting my sleep so Sunday afternoon I caved and had the teeniest bit of coffee. Guess who laid awake in bed from 10-1 am? Hate that the night before a big effort workout. The plan was for 16-400’s. After last weeks efforts my legs are beat but there is still no real end in sight. Anything speed related intimidates me so I was happy to convince a friend to run this one with me at the last minute and he paced the whole thing perfectly. I ran this same workout a month ago slightly slower but with more effort so even the speed part of my training is coming together nicely.

By the way, my newest favorite recovery tool is The Grid. I bought it a month or so ago with huge doubts. I’ve hated foam rollers. I have one I bought a year ago and I gave it to my kids to play with because I never felt any difference using it….kinda like compression socks….just not for me. The Grid is different though because it has a PVC pipe center. It works!! I’ve been using it for 10 minutes a night and I swear I feel less tension throughout my glutes and hamstrings. It was a bit pricey ($40). I was lucky and had a gift card but the store owner convinced me that it will never wear down like the cheaper foam rollers do. My youngest uses it like one of those circus performers, standing on it, rolling it to get places, and it never dents. Kid and Kris approved!

Week 8 Rundown- This past week was hands down the biggest quality week I’ve ever run. Last Fall I did hit some higher mileage but with one less quality session a week and the mileage was completed in more run sessions as opposed to the 9-10 runs a week I do now. I may be running a tad bit less this cycle but I am running smarter. Here is a brief rundown of my 8th week (out of 15) before the Boston Marathon.

Monday- 2 mile warm up, 3 x 2 miles @ 6:00-6:10 w/ 2 minute job, 2 mile cool down.

(Splits ended up at 6:07, 6:03, & 6:00 pace)

Tuesday- AM- 10 miles easy pace PM- 4 miles easy pace

Wednesday- 3 mile warm up, 10 mile progression starting at 6:40- dropping to 6:10, 3 mile cool down

Thursday- AM- 10 easy, PM- 4 easy

Friday- 18 mile steady state long run. Averaged 6:41 pace.

Saturday- 8 miles slow

Sunday- 10 miles averaging 7:25 pace

The steady state long run was a big deal for me. I’ve done plenty of long low 7 minute pace runs but to dip down that close to marathon pace for that length of time was a big step for me. The last mile was close to 6 minute pace and I loved it! Saturday though I paid big and after a busy morning with family life I laid low for a very long time trying to recover. Everything hurt. I finally drug myself to the treadmill that evening and it was a slog (slow jog). I did sleep good that night! 😉

Last Tuesday when I was feeling a bit anxious about the weeks workload and managing three kids on my own for a bit, I found the nicest surprise on my doorstep from the folks at Cascadian Farms. I am always hesitant to post when they send me something. I am worried that it will come off as bragging but this last surprise was way too kind of them for me to not give a big thank you. Cascadian Farms has been super kind to me this past year by keeping me fueled up with organic granola bars and my most favorite Larabars (<-personal favorites). So thank you Cascadian Farm. You guys and gals are the best!

Take care everyone! Hope you have a great week!


25 thoughts on “Week 8 (of 15) Recap

  1. It’s actually good to hear that someone else is as caffeine sensitive as me! I do one cup/day, most days of the week, but always in the early to mid-a.m. Anything after noon and I’m toast as well. My husband, on the other hand, an down a cup right before bed and be just fine!

    That is an amazing long run you did–no wonder you were beat!


  2. I share your frustration with caffeine. I can’t even drink green tea after lunch, or I pay for it by lying awake late into the night, my mind going a million miles an hour…
    I was wondering if you do any super long runs, like over 20 miles. Or do you rely on leg fatigue from tons of quality work and miles per week to get you through the last bit of the marathon? I am on the fence as to whether or not it is really necessary to go over 20. Would love your opinion.
    Love Cascadian Farms — I feed my kids the cereals and granola bars.


    • I do! This Friday I have a 22 miler. I have done the back to back medium runs before though with great success. Before I ran a 2:52 at Chicago I only ran one 18 miler and the rest were 15-16 milers the day after 12-14 milers. So it does work if you manage it correctly! I do not think it’s necessary to run over 20 miles but I do because I want every advantage I can get, kwim? Hope that makes sense 🙂


  3. That steady state run is at my goal half marathon pace right now. You should have just run the Lake Effect half with me and tacked on a few extra miles. Or do it at Shamrock. 😉 I digress. Glad to hear you didn’t catch any sickness from your kids though. I can honestly say that caffeine used to not effect me but since going on some new medication a few months ago I’ve cut a lot of it past 2-3 so I can lay in bed by 9ish.


    • Ever since I boosted my iron stores up my immune system has been great! Their germs have no more affect on me 😉

      I know you share my coffee love. I’d drink it all day long if I could. I hope the new medication is working well for you. Do the sugar substitutes keep you stabilized or are you off all sweet things now?


  4. I can’t have caffeine after 3pm or it really affects my sleep. I love the Grid roller too! Like you, I feel nothing when I use a regular foam roller. The stick has been great for the hard to get places in my quad and calf. My favorite might be the tennis ball though — so good for my feet and glutes! Anyway, sounds like your training is going awesome – glad to hear it!


  5. New commenter here – but just had to “pipe” (ha, ha) up with regards to the foam roller: YES. I’ve been pretty anti-foam-roller in the past, for quite a few reasons (personally; I still encourage my runners to use it if they thought it helped). But my new gym has some of these babies, and I started rolling out my IT bands on them: DEFINITE difference. I squirrel that thing off to as secluded a corner as I can find, so I can groans and grunt in peace. 🙂

    Fortunately/unfortunately, I’m one of “those” people – as long as I stop with the caffeine by about 5-6 PM, I’m golden for a good night’s sleep (granted, I don’t usually tuck in until about midnight, though!).


  6. Your training is amazing! I cannot wait to see what you do at Boston! I have 3 foam rollers – regular long, short, and one with pointy bits. I think I want the grid though. I have tried it once and like it. Also like that it’s hollow so you can stuff things in it for traveling light! Glad you found a roller you like. I am a rolling fiend!


  7. I have “The stick” but am always scared I will break it somehow. I just don’t feel like it’s good enough like a foam roller and wish I’d splurged on the grid instead. Hoping my store puts the grid on sale soon and I’ll buy it.

    Great job on that steady state 18… I wish that was my 5K pace even, I would take it! You are going to rock your full.

    Don’t feel bad posting the Cascadian package. I know where you’re coming from because my blog is like yours, a small blog and I’m not “healthy living blogger”. But that is a neat box and will come in handy with kids and training (always gotta have a snack post run).


  8. that 18 miler is impressive! love that you are so happy with your week! you should be! I also dont love foam rollers but use them anyway.I use the grid at my trainers facility but I dont have one… I might get one too when I am running again. Maybe in 2020 LOL 😉


  9. Girl, don’t you know? Coffee makes you HAPPY! If you drink 4 cups a day, that is. I read it on the internet. God’s honest truth. The Grid is the bomb. My three-year old likes to put cars in the tube and watch them race as I roll. And I’m hoping that all my shopping cart running will make me as fast as you for at least one single, stand-alone mile someday. But of course I need to overcome my newly discovered medical issue first. Just when you think you’re on a roll…

    Your training is rockin’…keep up the awesome work 🙂


  10. Love my grid roller. Matt introduced me to it, and it’s a special kind of love/hate. 🙂

    I’m also super caffeine sensitive, and don’t let myself drink any after noon or I’m up all night. Although I can drink a bucket in the morning and see through time and it doesn’t keep me up, so that’s weird.

    If you keep kicking butt like this, you’re gonna run out of butts. Speaking of butts (and kicking Matt’s giant one), every time I run Torrey Pines I think of Matt telling me how he tricked you into doing a TP run a few years ago and you were swearing at him the entire time. Made me laugh yesterday (Crazy girl laugh running. Nothing to see here…)


    • You mean Grumps Marathon Boot Camp? That was so torturously awesome….I loved it but I was definitely cursing at him. Did he tell you that he destroyed me in a 5K that weekend too? I was beaten by so many 15 year old girls, ha ha.Have a great time there!!


  11. I am a pretty new reader to your blog, but I am loving it! I have been a runner since high school (like 15 years ago) but pretty casual, run at a easy pace until recently. I decided I wanted to run a marathon so I did that about 2 years ago and loved it! I am now stepping up my training to include speed and temp runs. I am doing my 1st 10k in March and can’t wait! (I hope it is a noce day). I did a 5k last year in 20:40. I did my first marathon in 3:49 after not having run more than 15 miles at a time, my second in 3:36 and me and my husband are doing another one in Oct…hoping for 3:20.
    I am not a fan of the foam roller but would love to try the grid!!!! Do they give you execises to do with it? It looks like you have the short one do you like that or wish it was longer?
    Your training schedule is crazy hard! Keep up all the hard work!


    • Thank you! Congrats on your amazing running journey….you will get 3:20 with that solid progression for sure! The Grid did not come with any exercises but I’ve been using it the same way as I would with any foam roller. It’s really fantastic. Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂


      • Thanks! I have a gift card so I am going to get the grid :)! I have 2 girls ages 8 and 10 and ran up until the day I had both of them and was back at it two weeks after. It has been fun getting into racing and reading such inspiring blogs :). Keep up the hard work! I am also looking into starting a blog. I really enjoy being able to share and chat with other runners


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