“Don’t you have a bunhuggers drawer?”

Today’s Workout- AM- 8 Miles at an easy pace….7:30ish PM- 3-4 miles….7:30ish again.

I’m on a New Year’s Kick. New Coach, New Routines, New Habits, etc. Now that we’ve entered January and I’ve committed to a full training plan (as opposed to my run-whatever-I-feel-like-today routine) I’ve lumped all my new goals into one resolution:

Treat Time Valuably

….which is a kinder, gentler way of saying…stop getting stuck in every single time suck available. I’m taking a major step back from online time, especially facebook, limiting the time I delay my runs, errands, watching junky television, etc. I worry about my lack of time but then I waste so much of it. A perfect example is the Mr. noticed me standing in front of my closet searching for a pair of bunhuggers. I’m a weirdo and wear them on my treadmill. (It gets hot in there, they are reeeeeally comfortable, and no one can see me anyway!) I literally spent 10 minutes searching for them. He says to me “Don’t you have a bunhuggers drawer?” in the most serious voice. I was laughing so hard. No, I do not have one drawer reserved for the three pairs of running underwear I own, lol. His point was that I spend 30 plus minutes daily searching for things……guilty. I also have a HUGE sock drawer but wear maybe five of those pairs because they are the good quality ones. I cleaned out my closet and donated 13 over sized race t-shirts that I have never even worn. Stopping the time suck.

My smartest stream lining move so far was signing on board with Coach Hadley. I am only on week 2 of his program and for the first time in a while every single run has had a goal. He lets me know what the goal is for each run and goes into detail. No more waking up and wondering what I’ll do today. Now I get up, run, and get it done. No more wondering if I’ve done enough or if I should add on another mile. The wondering is taken out of the picture for me. Love that.

Last week we started out very conservatively since I had not been doing any speedwork for the past month as I let my foot tendonitis fully heal. While I won’t be sharing the details of every week for now on here are is what I did last week:

Monday- 10 Miles with 10 X 1 minute.

Tuesday- 8 Trail Miles

Wednesday-12 total with 4 at uptempo.

Thursday-AM- 8 Miles, PM- 3 Easy

Friday- 16 Trail Miles

Saturday- AM- 6 Easy PM- 3 Easy

Sunday- 8 Easy

Total Miles- 72

This week we are bumping up the quality a bit. Part of my streamlining means less staying up late watching Tosh or The Real Housewives and getting to bed early instead. Making a huge effort to get all the recovery I need. Anyone else being more proactive about your time?

Only 98 days until the Boston Marathon!! Have a great week everyone!


25 thoughts on ““Don’t you have a bunhuggers drawer?”

  1. You had me until the Real Houswives – DO NOT MAKE ME MISS IT PLEASE?! Love that garbage!!!! It’s my escapism for the week and I will not give it up. ‘2:43 or Beverly Hills?’, I take Beverly Hills every time ;D

    I hear you on the whole organisational/saving time thing. I complain about the same little things every day, searching for the same things EVERY day. My kids have to ask for water when they’re thirsty so I’m going to move the cups down where they can grab them – genius! Ditto with their art and craft things although my 2 year old does make it kind of hard to have it accessible, he is prone to vandalism.
    It must feel great to have the ‘guess work’ taken out of your training, you have an exciting year ahead of you I think!
    My training buddy joined the dark side and got herself some ‘hot pants’ the same as I wear (love them, they’re so comfortable!) anyway she asked what I wore underneath ‘a g-string?’ I was doubled over laughing!!!!!! ‘Emmmmm no! My g-string days are looooooong gone, I wear massive granny pants thank you were much’ 😀


    • Ha Ha Ha, your entire comment had me rolling laughing. The Housewives are SUCH a time suck though and every time I get annoyed and think “They are NOT even real housewives…real housewives do laundry and step on legos!!!!!!”


  2. I’m on an organizing kick but I feel you on the time. I don’t know how many times I’ve almost been late for run club because I’ve been on facebook in the mornings chilling out. I mean, do I really need to check facebook before run club anyway (Unless maybe it’s raining hard or storming and I would know before if it’s cancelled). I’m glad that you’re able to figure out where you have more time to make the most of your runs and ultimately life- I really need to do the same!


    • Thank you!! Like the rest of the world I have a love hate relationship with facebook. I love keeping it contact with everyone but I don’t necessarily love spending 10 minutes of my day reading status updates like “I LOVE COFFEE.” ha ha


  3. Love this post Kris! I also love your new sense of direction I definitely see good things coming your way!!! 🙂 As far as prioritizing my time goes to maximize my running I beat ya to the punch on that one I started implementing the less media rule back in August hence my going MIA for a while I needed to get a better handle on running objectives and the small details aka sleep & recovery. And since doing that my running has improved especially my endurance. Run happy!!! 🙂


    • Is that where you went?! Smart man. I am really excited to hear how the marathon goes for you in less than a month!! Is it humid down there this time of year? I guess it’s humid there year round?! I should remember this since I lived there but I don’t.


  4. I love this. What an enlightening and such a good goal. I wear running spanx to the gym all the time. Do you have any bunhugger races coming up? What are you training for? I’ll ask you 1000 questions I guess. The Shamrock or another marathon? It’s not our fault…military men are forced to wear basically the same thing though. They would have the same issue if they had limitless options. Anyways have a great day!


    • I don’t know when I will be sporting the bunhuggers next. It has to be really hot and humid like the Virginia Beach Rock & Roll. I am training for the Boston Marathon in April and they will be packed for sure though 🙂 ha ha.


  5. Ooh secret training from now on… I like it! Glad your foot is feeling better. I’m all about donating stuff that I don’t wear anymore. I always donate race shirts (except for a few I have kept for sentimental reasons), but I know for some people it’s difficult to get rid of clothes and other things because they think they might want it one day. If you haven’t won it in a year, then you probably not going to!


  6. So happy for you, Kris!! Happy for your new training, your New Year and your new goals. This is going be a great all around year!! But, for your future reference, Mary Wagner from our group does the race tshirt blankets. I just cleaned out the closet and have about 20 shirts that will become a quilt here soon.


    • I am not sure if this applies or not to me as there aren’t 20 plopee who work in the main offices, but the company has many sub-companies outside the city and state. I’m not sure how that works, but it would be good news to hear something like this implemented at the offices here.


  7. Good for you! Sounds like your coach will be a great fit for all your new “ways” this year. I have done the same and I am loving it, too. And I’ve trimmed down my FB feed in an effort to keep my time there simple.

    My overflowing drawer is my short-sleeved/sleeveless tech shirt drawer. It’s time for a clean out!


  8. Oh, no! Only 98 days until Boston?! I guess that means I need to start getting serious about my training!

    I love your resolution to treat time valuably. What a great goal to have! I need to work on that myself, too. Less facebook and more face-to-face interaction with people.

    I love your comment about your sock drawer. I have the exact same issue — a drawer overflowing with socks and yet I only have a few pairs that I wear all the time!!


    • You have plenty of time to start training…I’m just an over excited super planner.

      My sock drawer is ridiculous. I NEVER wear white socks yet I must own 10 plus pairs that I bought years ago. Huge purge session.


  9. This! I do the same thing — waste time looking for things. I do have a “running drawer” where I keep all of my stuff, but I still have to search for my headphones, gloves, etc. because I often don’t put them back when I am done. I agree that we have more time than we think and that staying organized is key.
    I just started using Google Calendar/Docs. for the kids’ schedules and chores and I already feel much better.
    Good luck! So excited to hear more about your training.


  10. 🙂 it’s such a nice change isn’t it!!! the no more “should I or shouldn’t I” is so much less stress! btw I have never warn buns and they kinda scare me. although I begged my hs track coach to get them for us but she never did. now i fear of my extra lovin’ poppin’ out the bottom.


  11. Less than 100 days until we meet!!! 🙂
    hehe I have never worn bun-huggers…but they sound amazing, I’m definitely a less=more when it comes to clothing.
    SO EXCITED for your 2013 racing, it sounds like you’ve got great things building!!!


  12. So funny! I had a similar conversation with my husband once as I was frantically searching all over the house for a very specific pullover for my run. He finally pointed out that in the time I had been searching I could have gone for the goddamned run already. I need to do a “purge” as well. Just too much stuff in this house!


  13. I really like the idea of streamlining your time. I really need to do that a lot more often too. I waste so much time surfing the internet or doing whatever when I would really like to spend more time reading or relaxing with Courtney.
    I am really excited about your new coach and your new training program. I see huge things for you in the future.


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