A New Start…

I had every intention of getting a post on my new running gear up like I mentioned last week and then the week snowballed into a Christmas frenzy of preparation and well…that’s life. Those intentions will be published eventually. I am not under any illusion that you are waiting on the edge of your smart phones to hear about my favorite new socks. πŸ˜‰

Did everyone have a fantastic Christmas? Between multiple families we celebrate days of Christmas and I consider myself very lucky. Before we start our travels though I did want to come through with the (in my opinion) exciting news in my running life. I swore up and down that I would never take this next step until or if the opportunity was a very good one and when it came, I couldn’t pass it up. Β Well….I couldn’t pass it up!

Starting on the 1st of January I will be Coach Mark Hadleys newest athlete. (Click on the photo for his website.) Never did I think I would have another coach. I had an amazing run with Coach Jim Felty for three years and when it was time to move out of state, it was time for me to move on my own running-wise as well. Then the Trials standard was dropped (as we all expected it would) and while I still believe I have plenty of room to grow, I do not know all the ins and outs of how to leap from 2:50 to 2:43.

I have been a big fan of Coach Hadley’s training philosophies for ages. Coach Hadley is a big fan of researching the science of how and why of coaching methods….a part of running I admittedly do not enjoy so I never missed any of his writings. When he announced that he would be helping runners who are actively training to qualify for the U.S. Marathon Olympic Trials, the idea bounced around my head for days. The Mr. and I spent part of my birthday dinner discussing the maybes of it all.

I knew I loved his training style but I’ve never met Coach Hadley personally and that made me hesitant. I spoke with old coaches, new coaches, my sponsor, and my friends & family about this decision. Mark Hadley has an amazing resume of accomplished marathon runners and I poured over their blogs and asked Coach Hadley to look over mine. (I wanted him to read mine so he knew what level of crazy he would be dealing with πŸ˜‰ ) He is coaching a friend of mine and she had nothing but amazing things to say and has been running VERY strong. Once I heard so many great things about him personally, I knew this could be a great fit for my running future.

Coach Mark Hadley has been wonderful to work with so far and I am excited about starting off the new year with a new running start. I will be sure to keep everyone updated as the months go by. Wish me luck! Thanks for the support everyone! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!


23 thoughts on “A New Start…

  1. Yayyy!!!! So happy to hear you took the plunge and are going for it – also very happy to hear that you know more about him than I do and are happy with his style. I will probably be next, just have to finish the discussion with my hubby. It seems like an amazing opportunity – and like you, I need more guidance and direction from here on out. Can’t wait to follow along!!


  2. I am very excited to see where this takes you. I KNOW you have the capability to qualify 2016 and this is going to be so exciting to read about. Also on the edge of my seat here for sock recommendations. Are you running the 20k in a couple of weeks?


  3. That is such exciting news!!! You are so disciplined and experienced, I can’t wait to see how you improve! Congratulations and good luck πŸ˜‰


  4. Congrats Kris!!! this is awesome. I had heard about the project and looked into it. I am happy with my coach right now, but once I reach one of the standards to get into Mark’s program I am definitely interested. Good luck! You are amazing and very inspiring. πŸ™‚


  5. UGH I keep trying to leave a comment and it keeps vanishing as my internet goes out! Our DSL is so spotty in rainy weather (weird). This is an exciting next step and I hope he’s a great fit for you. Can’t wait to read about you making the trials in 2016!


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  7. Another excellent post from kris-Lawrence… I needed to read that! Thank you for the tips on time management, something that seems to get harder every year (especially as my children get involved in more activities).


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