“You have a Strong Heart but a Weak Body.”

    Today’s Workout- 60 minute Runner’s Core class at Running, Etc.

    AM- 7 Miles @ 7:15 pace. PM- 4 miles(will do tonight)

I’ve been really good about keeping up with my strength sessions. In the past I’ve told myself I would keep it up and by the end of the training cycle my good intentions would fade away. When Mike Robinson (owner of Running, Etc.) told me the above quote at a core class two weeks ago (meant in the kindest way) I almost fell over laughing. That sentence was brutally honest but good because it stuck in my mind. He is right! I will run 75 mile weeks for 3 months straight but ask me to open a spaghetti sauce jar and I’ll have to grab a knife to pry that babys edge open.

A few months back Mike had me bring in my race photos so we could discuss my awful form and how the weak hips affected me at the end of a marathon. I was not a believer but not that I’ve been committed for a couple of months I am now starting to feel the work paying off. Usually at the end of a race my hips are leaning and my shoulders are slouching. The pic below is from the Surf N Santa 10 miler and thats the straightest my hips have been at the end of a race. Details matter. So strength is going great and the class instructor Jonathan Harris even gave me core homework for the week so I don’t slack.

(If any GOMIers want to comment on my stretch marks feel free to email me at idontgiveaflip@gmail.com)

Sleeping on the job again!

Why am I talking about strength work AGAIN? Because it’s the only thing I’ve done lately but I think I’m fully healed. I want to say the tendonitis is gone but it’s too soon to say. I don’t want to jinx myself. I am proud of myself for resting though. Do you want to see what my running week looked like last week?

Monday- 0 miles

Tuesday- 0 miles

Wednesday- 0 miles

Thursday- 0 miles

Friday- 0 miles

Saturday- 0 miles

Sunday- 0 miles

Clearly I was very ambitious πŸ˜‰ I knew I had to rest to get healthy though. Some people respond well to active recovery but unfortunately I am not one of those people. If I try to run through any type of niggle it laughs at me and comes back 10 times harder. Luckily the Surf N Santa awards were mailed out to keep my running mind preoccupied. I tried to get a nice picture of the ornament and gift card for the blog but as you can see from my 5 year old…sarcasm is hereditary! That is not his real smile….he is mocking me and I let him get away with it because I’m a sucker for cute boys.

I have some exciting changes to my running life coming up. There are some final details to work out still but there will an announcement soon. Also I received some great running gear for my birthday last week so I’ll be doing a running stuff I love post later in the week.

Last but most importantly I want to remind everyone to love daily, love deeply. Friday morning I walked into my 3 kids elementary school to drop off treat bags. I peeked into each of their classrooms and blew them each a kiss and a smile. I walked out overwhelmed with how much pure happiness was in that building. The kids were all laughing and the teachers (as always) are smiling and loving. To think that at that moment another elementary school was going through such horrors is beyond my words….beyond my understanding. Sending love and prayers to the families, teachers, police officers, and first responders in Newtown.


28 thoughts on ““You have a Strong Heart but a Weak Body.”

  1. Cant wait to hear about your running news;-)
    I am the same way at the end of a race/running in general – my shoulders and hips lose it!!! My shoulders completely slouch forward like that. You are killing it with the strength, I need to make more of an effort do that. A one hour core class sounds brutal.


  2. I have that weak hip problem too. Have to keep up the strength work or the IT band issues creep back. Great idea to look at running form pics. I have my final stretch pic from Shamrock marathon up on my wall as inspiration as it was the first time I finished a marathon upright…stretch marks and all ha ha ha!

    Congrats on that zero mileage week. So hard to do. I am keeping my mileage super low (long run Sat – 5.5 miles) in an effort NOT to reinjure my pathetic little calf. Seriously, it bleats every now and then just to remind me what I’ve put it through.

    Can’t wait to hear your exciting announcement!


  3. Hey Kris- I have the same problem of committing to core/strength work. I’m thinking of trying to work in 15-20 minutes 3x a week of core and strength work for my upcoming cycle. Do you have any tips or any particular exercises you think are most-dos?? Thank you πŸ™‚


    • Lots of planks, lunges, push ups, and mountain climbers. Mountain climbers are run because they remind me of elementary school but they will kick your tail in 45 second intervals! I also have grown to love kettlebells. We use them for dead arm lifts, lifts over your head, and dropping them to the side with the other hand in the air (to work the side of the abs.) I will say do TONS while on your feet. You don’t run a marathon on your booty so don’t strength train while sitting down either πŸ˜‰


  4. Your training schedule looks like mine lately πŸ˜‰ That tendinitis is a b$@*# isn’t it? Think mine is finally getting under control after it nearly crippled me in November. I get sloppy while running a lot of times and dont exactly land very softly, so the few miles I have been running lately have been very slow and conscious.

    I don’t see any stretch marks girl! You look pretty awesome for birthing a few babes if you ask me!


  5. Ooh, I love waiting for exciting news…. And I hate it. Just tell us!

    I’ve recently committed to weight training one day per week. I despise it wholeheartedly, but it must be done.


    • Just take off work and come workout with me Mondays and Wednesdays at 8:30 πŸ˜‰

      I hate when bloggers make us wait on news too. It’s really annoying. I’m not even sure why I threw that in there. Now I suffer blogging guilt!


  6. I think it us better to have a string mind and weak body than vice-versa!! To gain strength you just need to make the time and just do it (maybe Nike was onto something….). It is much harder to develop a strong mind and a racing-mentality. I would LOVE to have your commitment and discipline…. any tips to share? Or does it just naturally develop with more racing?


  7. I feel like the worst friend ever, I actually didn’t know you were suffering from a minor injury. Hopefully it clears up soon. πŸ™‚ but I agree. I always feel the best way I do my strength training but I’ve been really bad about it lately. This was a bit motivational I might add.


    • I never talked about it on facebook Hollie so don’t feel bad! It’s not a “real” injury. I can run on it. It’s just sort of lingering and driving me crazy so I took a week off as a last resort. I just want to get rid of it once and for all.


  8. Hope you had a great run today! I bet you have been anticipating it like crazy πŸ™‚

    Your son has a wonderful sense of humor. All three of mine are developing some pretty funny faces. My 5 year old is not as versed at sarcasm as the 8 year old. I am sure that will change.

    I cannot fathom an hour of core work. I will plop my chocolate-eating-self down and do a 5-10 minute session of myrtle and swiss ball for you though, you have so inspired me!

    Left you a comment about my stats πŸ™‚ Have a great week!


  9. Excited about your running news! I do think strength is such an important aspect of running. I am committing to hitting it harder this year, too–at my age muscle is disappearing fast!

    Great perspective on the schools. I’ve certainly been hugging my guys a bit more the past few days.


  10. I like the tips you have here to keep up with strength training to an above commenter. I hang on for like 2-3 weeks then quit when I start running more. Don’t understand why I will always put more miles > strength when I should prob do other way around.


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