Such a pain in the….foot.

Today’s Workout- 8 miles on the trails in the morning, 4 miles in the evening (didn’t do this one just yet)
60 minute Runner’s Core class at Running, Etc.

I’m a strange runner. I love cotton t-shirts, compression gear makes me itchy, the treadmill and I are besties, and I tie my laces WAY too tight. I have narrow feet and practically have the two lace holes on either side touching each other. Do not do that! This was never a problem for me until a week ago during a progression run I tied them extra tight and later in the day I felt bruising right wear the laces lay (no visual bruising which is telling of a fracture). I thought nothing of it until the next morning when I woke up and it hurt to walk. I’ve spent the last week on edge because it is almost the exact time I became injured last year only this time I did everything right when it comes to post marathon recovery. I didn’t take any chances by starting back too quickly or too much so to hurt myself by lacing shoelaces incorrectly makes me want to scream. My old coach (who lives 2000 miles away) and I were talking marathon shoptalk and I jokingly asked him “Can you tell by the sound of my voice if this is a fracture or not?!” I was getting that desperate.

Even still all week I had been running. The actual running did not hurt at all, it only hurt when I woke up or after sitting for awhile(later I found out this is a good thing) but that pain was intense. One positive was that the tender area also passed my “I read about this on so it must be accurate” stress fracture hop test meaning no pain when I hop on the one affected leg. Fast forward to Friday. My daughter has been invited to a friends house. The girls parents are awesome and we’ve been friends for months but I had never asked the Dad what he did for a living. How I managed to be friends and not know this crucial piece of info is beyond me. So the Mr. picks Kelsea up from their house, does the usual small talk, and it turns out he is a PODIATRIST. The happy dance I did when I heard this news rivals USHER. The Mr. mentions my foot has been hurting and the next day he and his daughter ride their bikes to our house to examine my foot. I mean really? Do Doctors make house calls on bikes anymore? Only in the South.I should have offered him sweet tea. He examines my foot, listens to my symptoms, the works. He feels strongly (but really an x-ray or MRI would be needed to confirm) that it is not a fracture and is tendonitis. He gives me the go ahead to keep on running and also lays on a ton of important preventative info on me (like runners need to get over the bare foot is better thing! and that icing after the first 24 hours is not doing much so skip it if you want to) The timing could not have been better. He also told me my hot pink comfy house slippers are complete junk….that shame was dreadful.

So I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will be healed up in the next 7-10 days. I will still be running Surf N Santa next weekend… yea Santa Baby! I was sad thinking I might miss that one. Afterwards though instead of taking 1-2 days off I will take more like 5-7 to completely heal this tendonitis up. I do NOT want to deal with this once real Boston Marathon training begins in January.

Pictured below is my wrap up of what I did do last week on my wonky foot. Friday was the day my paranoia was strongest and instead of my planned 10 miler I rested. I had also done 2- 60 minute strength training sessions at Running, Etc. that had left me feeling completely obliterated. We do tons of planks, push-ups, anything painful you can think of. One of these days I will do a core/strength work recap. If you have any specific questions of what I did let me know. I kept the intensity down not only because of my wonky foot but also because of the strength sessions. They are intense in of themselves so I was given advice to relax on my running intensity.

Congrats to all the Seattle and California International Marathoners!! I suggest everyone who finished CIM should deduct 15 minutes from their finisher’s time for putting up with those crazy conditions! Can’t wait to read some recaps 🙂


23 thoughts on “Such a pain in the….foot.

  1. ok, I completely giggled several times throughout this post. (can you tell from my voice if this is a fracture? Usher! pink slipper shame!) 🙂 All that said, i am glad that you got the go ahead for your foot and that it doesn’t seem to be anything that will slow you down. good luck at Surf n Santa! Sounds way fun.


  2. Oh boy, I’ve definitely “diagnosed” myself from letsrun advice too — but hey, there’s plenty of decent stuff to sift through on there, right?

    I would love to know more about your strength/core routine. I basically don’t have one at all right now (aside from pushups and easy hip stuff)… but I probably should.

    Good luck with the foot!


  3. I’m also suffering from tendonitis (self-diagnosed), but not sure where it came from. It’s a weird injury because it doesn’t hurt all the time, but when it does, it really is quite painful! Now that CIM is over, I can let it rest/heal completely.

    BTW, not saying anything bad about your podiatrist friend, but my impression is that podiatry and barefoot runners do not get along. At the CIM expo this weekend, there was a panel of sports medicine docs and physical therapists, who were all strongly in support of barefoot/minimalist running. So, it seems like opinions vary depending on which profession you talk to.


  4. Glad to hear it’s okay. Whatever you do, never take anti-inflammatory meds..they were the worst. Wish I could run the Surf and Santa…I will *hopefully* be running the 20k distance series.

    I’m really not for minimal shoes either. I don’t think any shoe company wants to get injured and I don’t run as well in super minimal.


  5. Have fun running the Surf and Santa race, what a cool name for a race.

    I loved your post today and laughed too… so ironic that your kid’s friend’s dad is a podiatrist, I would totally “use” his services too :). I’m glad your foot should be healing pretty soon and it doesn’t seem to be a fracture.


  6. Finally someone who did the same (dare I say?) stupid thing that I did and injured themselves by tying their shoelaces too tight!! I tied mine too tight for a marathon in June and am still feeling the effects today…six months later. I ended up having to take the entire summer off from running to heal it and then it felt better when I started up running again in September. Fast forward six weeks and it started hurting again. I’m continuing to run through it as it isn’t a sharp, painful-type of hurt. And doesn’t really bother me when I am actually running…it bothers me more after a run or when I’m lying in bed at night and I’m “aware” of it in a soreness, achy type of hurt. Ugh.

    Hopefully you heal up much faster than I did and it doesn’t become a recurring issue. I can’t figure out why mine won’t just go away. Grrr…!

    Good luck!


  7. Ha ha you are weird! But at least you’re not alone…except for the liking cotton part. 😉 I have tied my shoelaces too tight on occasion…but my feet are the opposite of yours, almost as wide as they’re long. I used to be so embarrassed getting my feet measured as kid because my width was “G” – I don’t think there’s an “H.” Anyway, you know you need to heal up before Boston training so just DO IT and don’t push it. Sounds like those slippers gotta go, too. What does the podiatrist recommend wearing in the house? I alternate between old sneakers and high heels. JK on the last one.


  8. Ouch. Morton’s Neuromas can occur from tying your laces too tight. I had that problem. An MRI would reveal it if that’s the case. Ever consider using elastic laces such as YANKZ or Lock Laces? I hope the foot feels better soon.


  9. Yep, I’ve done that to myself, too. I also love how you did the “stress fracture jump test”… haha, don’t we all do that?

    Speaking of slippers, flipflops are also a big no-no…

    Hope you heal up quickly!


  10. I just signed up for Surf-n-Santa today, couldn’t pass up a J&A Race. Not sure if I’ll be recovered from my marathon in time to really race it, but I’ll see you there! Hope your foot is feeling better…


  11. The title of this post scared the bajeeeezies out of me…you are NOT allowed to get injured! I must meet you in Boston, and you must run 2:45.xx!!!
    I’m so glad it’s just tendonitis! I’m sending quick healing vibes your way!
    I hope your week is off to a great start!


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  13. Agh! I have done that to my foot too. Only, I had no idea you could fracture it that way. Make sense though.
    You must reward your daughter for her wise choice in friends! 🙂 That was very convenient!
    Get that foot well- and share your strength routine with the rest of us.


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