Turkey Trotting on Forbidden Trail in Philly, PA

Today’s Workout- 10.25 miles on the trails averaging 6:41 pace (last 5 miles sub 6:30 pace)

The family and I ended up driving up to Pennsylvania for the break at the last minute so two years in a row (make that 32 years in a row) I have missed the Tidewater Striders Turkey Trot 10K. Instead my awesome race directing Sister-in-Law, Deanna recommended the Turkey Trot Philly 5 Miler It ended up being a cold (30 degrees is freezing for me) start and I ran in long sleeves for the first time in forever.

What I thought was going to be a casual run through the trails ended up being a super competitive race with over 1000 participants. I loved it! I lined myself up in the second row with big plans to start out around marathon pace….so wrong was I. The lead group was HUGE and I stuck with them. I was like “Hmmm” when my Garmin said the first mile was 5:43. It was a downhill mile but it was also on a slow rocky trail. Their was one speedy girl in front of me and about 3 other speedy girls close directly behind me. The course was tricky but my favorite type for short race…out & back.

I knew once we got to the half way point (right next to a gorgeous covered bridge by the way) that this was no stroll through the park because the lead girl saw me and took off and I could see that the other girls were right on my tail. You can see my splits above. They are not as fast as I would like to be but considering the rocky and curvy course I am pleased with where my fitness is at. The first half was about half downhill and you can tell the difference in my second half splits how the hills beat me up. The lead girl increased her lead even though I was seriously working everything I could then a girl in a Boston Marathon shirt surged beside me. I think she had the idea that she would pass me and it took all I had to surge ahead. I made it a point to catch up to a fast guy and just focused on staying with him. When we pulled up to the last big hill he pulled away easily….more proof I need to work on my hill training..ulgh. Luckily I had solidified my second place (sadly no 1st place…wahhhh!) and the best finish line sight ever was on the sideline waiting for me…the Mr. and our kiddos! I had no clue they would show up. It was the perfect finish line surprise. My husband gave me a joke about trying to take my picture but the first place girl had left me in too much dust. Like a love sick puppy I laughed out loud at the joke instead of pretending to be mad 😉 I took my race number off and ran backwards (on the side) on the course to find Deanna then ran a bit with her before peeling off before the finish line. The girl has PERFECT form. I envy her. Here is a picture of my girl and I:

My sweet Kelsea!

The awards ceremony was great. No waiting around for hours, it was quick which I always appreciate considering I like to get some cool down miles in. I received one of the best prizes ever, a gift card to WaWa. For those not familiar WaWa is an East Coast convenience store that sells my favorite food of all time, soft pretzels. They also sell practical things like gas but pretzels sounds better right?! The cool thing was that Philadelphia Mayor Nutter gave me my award. He was just in a parade earlier that morning so the man was busy. I appreciated it.

Philadelphia Mayor Nutter and KLaw

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Tomorrow I have core work class and a 10 miler planned. Now that I am back on track I will start posting my weekly mileage and workouts again.


20 thoughts on “Turkey Trotting on Forbidden Trail in Philly, PA

  1. I can’t imagine anyone being faster than you. I have to say, I don’t like that girl. tee hee 😉 You’re amazing and how cool was it to meet the mayor!


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    • Yes it is!! I do believe the race directors did a good job and tried to pick the flattest area to run because some of the side trails were much worse but coming from Virginia Beach I was out of my element. You do feel like you are flying through all those trees though 🙂


  2. what a fun and perfect race to do during your return to kick-booty training!
    you are so strong and so speedy already, I can’t wait to cheer for you during your build and progression towards Boston! 🙂
    the weather for my upcoming marathon=cold & rainy…have you ever raced in the rain? tips for race outfit?
    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


    • Yikes, I didn’t look at the CIM weather yet. I’m hoping it clears up for you! Take a hat. That’s my main rainy racing advice. It will keep the water out of your eyes. Also, but you are smart about this….don’t wear MORE clothing. You will get soaked anyway. You don’t want to run with any more heavy/wet clothes than you have too.

      I will message you before the race but you will do AWESOME!!


  3. OH MY STARS!! A gift card to wawa is seriously one of the most championesc prizes ever. I would have skipped out on the Tidewater striders turkey trot for it too. 😉 Are you doing the Santa Shuffle this year? I am going to take a wild guess that you are doing the 50k (dad and I are going to watch!). Anyways glad your thanksgiving was good!


  4. Hey, I recently discovered your blog and am so impressed/inspired by your speedy progression to a 2:50 marathoner in just a few years! Also, funny coincidence– I was that girl in the Boston Marathon shirt at the Turkey Trot 🙂


    • Oh how cool!! I am so glad you found my blog. What a great race that was 🙂 Let me know if you run Boston again, Ill be there in April. Take care!

      _______________________ Kris Lawrence (912)552-0687 Sent from my iPhone


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