A thousand miles and poles apart, Where worlds collide and days are dark…

Today’s Workout- 60 minute Runner’s Core class at Running, Etc.

5 Mile shake out run @ 7:45 pace.

It’s been four weeks since the Twin Cities marathon and yesterday I celebrated my kick-off day back into training with a half marathon. First though Renee and I pre-gamed the night before with the latest installment of my favorite film series (007 of course)…SKYFALL. I’ve been a 007 fan for as long as I can remember and when Daniel Craig was quoted as saying he cried the first time he heard Adele’s theme song Skyfall, I dramatically sighed “Me tooooooo!” I will not give anything away except that I would like to volunteer to be Daniel Craigs running coach. The man has AWFUL running form. We’ve been imitating it. So bad, so funny. The picture below does not properly display his atrocious knee lift and arm above his nose form. We still love you 007.

Like I mentioned, the Norfolk Freedom Half Marathon was my kick-off event back into “real” training. I actually ran quite a bit last week and when I tallied the miles I hit a nice 70. The half went about as expected. I ran conservatively as planned but it hurt more than it should have. I’ve gained some extra candy weight in my off month and ran nothing quicker than 7 minute pace so by mile 8 my legs were calling me names…not nice ones. Second place female in 1:26, I think. I turned off my watch because it was on the dreaded “Battery Low” and then it turns out that timing system for the race went haywire but it should be resolved in a few days. I am not at all concerned with my time for today though. I will get that fitness back quickly…..I hope 😉  Iphone quality pictures below!

Today I did the Runner’s Core Class that I have mentioned a few times. It’s not for the weak but I’m always grateful to get it done. Strength is my weakness so I want to build that up before Boston. This next week should be another 70 mile week.

Congrats to all my friends who raced Richmond and the OBX marathon this weekend!


28 thoughts on “A thousand miles and poles apart, Where worlds collide and days are dark…

  1. Your return to racing was nothing less than awesome, as always. Congrats!

    Ok, please DO figure out a way to work with Daniel Craig. That is just ugly!


  2. Nice to see you blogging again. I have missed reading them. Congrats on your race yesterday. That is a pretty solid time after a marathon recovery.


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  3. Glad your month off was successful and wow, a 1:26 first race back is great! And 70 mile weeks! Woohoo! I’m happy with high 60s last week for my “last minute marathon” peak week!
    I can’t stand to watch any actor run. They always look ridiculous when they do it! I find myself yelling at the tv because it’s just so horrible!


  4. awesome training week!! i’m going to see Skyfall tonight, can’t wait to see his running form now :p although knowing he runs like a goon might decrease his eye candy status for me a little bit… oh well


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  5. ok, there’s a big problem here. Daniel Craig, or Mr Bond is on the big screen and you are analyzing his running form?! 😀 I am too busy imagining……don’t go there Vicky. Nice to have you back and racing again, I look forward to the day when a 1:26 is a ‘fat’ well rested half time 🙂 I am concerned that the little core work I was doing has bit the dust since my miles have increased, need to find some tim somewhere to fit it in. Any details of what strength work you’re talking about would be great (I am clueless).


  6. Great race! For Newtons, I haven’t had that problem yet, only thing I have noticed is some calf soreness. Mainly due to getting used to the almost zero drop heel I think. I still need to make sure that I am actually midfoot striking though – I might go to a running form clinic to see.


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