Minnie Mouse Marathoner

Happy Halloween Everyone! I hope everyone made it through Hurricane Sandy safely. We are close to the coast so are very thankful that we had no damage, just a messy tree branch filled yard. Wishing lots of love and prayers to my readers, friends, and family in the Tri-State area who suffered worse.

This is my first week back from marathon recovery and it started off not-so-hot thanks to Sandy. I took two unplanned days off in a row as we were house bound. We stayed in our pajamas, played board games, drank wine, watched Boardwalk Empire and The Walking Dead. It was the best recovery ever but I’m anxious to get back to training. Yesterday I was able to get in a 7:20 min/mile paced 8 miler and today I have a longer 10 mile run planned. Everything is still at a relaxed pace but I’ll start to add striders in again before getting back to speedier stuff. Legs are feeling bouncy and grateful for the time off. I’ve jumped into a local half marathon race in two weeks. It will be a nice gauge of fitness for me to see where I am at after my time off. Click on the pic to get to the website.

Looking towards the next training cycle we’ve decided I need to work on two things: Hills & Strength. Hillwork means I need to spend an extra 15 minutes driving to a hill instead of being lazy and just running out my front door…no biggie. Strength work is harder. I HATE strength training. I’d rather spend those 30 minutes running 3-4 extra miles. Looking at my race photos and videos it’s clear that my body starts to break down (normal of course!) at the end of the marathon and more strength can only help that so every Monday that I can, I will be attending the Core Strength for Runners class at Running Etc. for any of the locals who want to join me. If you are not local come anyway and I promise to buy you coffee afterwards….or cookies…or alcohol….whatever you need. I don’t judge.

Who has Halloween plans? Going out? Handing out Candy? I confess I purposely bought candy that I do not like (Skittles and Starburts) so that I wouldnt be tempted to eat it all before today. As far as tonight I have a date with the Mr. to take 3 kiddos out trick or treating. My youngest cannot stand chocolate so it’s a WIN for me. I lack creativity and motivation so I’ll dress the same as I did last year…Minnie Mouse Marathoner. The link shows a picture of the real Minnie Mouse Marathoner so you can see how clearly twin like we are. The man runs 8+ marathons a year like that in full Minnie gear and thick black tights. He is FAST too! My friends and I adore him šŸ™‚


Have a great Halloween everyone. Congrats to all the Marine Corps Marathoners! Lots of luck to the New York City Marathoners this weekend! Travel Safely!!


13 thoughts on “Minnie Mouse Marathoner

  1. I was just thinking about you actually and wondering how everything was going. Glad you could get a serious marathon recovery LOL, but also glad you can get your runs in and there is no serious damage down there! Have a great day Kris!


  2. I love the Minnie Mouse Marathoner idea! Good luck with trick or treating (who is handing out the candy if both of you go?). I bought Reese’s and Kit Kats which I do like but if we have leftover I will probably donate some to the troops… hopefully the kiddos get them all though! Minus the kit kat I am eating now haha. Good luck jumping back in after the recovery and unplanned time off, but hey at least it’s not worse with the Sandy damage!


  3. Wow, can’t believe you’re back running already even though it’s easy stuff! Love the minnie costume…pretty sure I saw that guy back in 2008 at Disney Marathon! I, too, bought candy I hate (Nerds and such) but my kids are kind enough to give me all their tootsie rolls (LOVE) and anything with nuts in it, so I make out pretty well. Good thing I swam this morning because I will probably sink tomorrow. Happy Halloween and glad Frankenstorm didn’t get you!


  4. You look adorable!

    I do the same thing with buying candy I don’t like. Just makes it a bit easier, doesn’t it?

    Glad recovery is going well.


    • Oscar B. Morales – My sweet Bobby, consider me chsitased, I will touch base with you off line. Oh how I wish that I could be there to touch, smell hold my little Duende cachorrito and you and Nick (you and Nick), hug anyways. Love Papa Daddy


  5. Hi Kris! Landry asked for a Minnie Mouse Pumpkin this year – which took Dad a solid 90 minutes to carve …. so I appreciate your costume this year. I got “Minnied” last year in the New York City Marathon …. he passed me around mile 16 or so and that was that šŸ™‚


    • It happens to the best of us! lol. Now you have to keep track of how many times you beat Minnie and how many times he beats you like my friends and I do. I am 2-1 against him, ha ha. I beat him at Boston & Chicago but he beat me once and I wanted to pull his tail ears off šŸ˜‰ Hope you had a great Halloween with Landry!


    • Ellen ,how about Dress with your own made NIMO Costume.Doesn’t that sounds c.. .. a.. s.. h.. i.. n . g. , and using some of the prioft for the cats and dogs medical expences as a loan for people who need help with their pets medications.


  6. I love the costume!! I am the same way with strength training.. I love it when I’m doing it but I am SO LAZY about actually putting it into my training schedule even though I know my body needs it.. being in a class always make you more motivated to actually do everything though so I’m sure you’ll be fine! I need to find myself a gym buddy ASAP

    PS I love the Minnie costume! šŸ™‚


  7. Love the costume!! I also love your blog updates…my pace is nowhere near yours, but reading your excitement and enthusiasm always inspires me to try harder! I, too, HATE strength training, but you make a very good point that it can only help the endurance. And since I’m planning a half marathon next year–I need all the help I can get!!

    Hope you had a great Halloween!


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