Make all your big plans….

Today’s Workout: 5 miles averaging 7:14 pace

Real life has been awesome lately, Running life has been boring. That’s why I have not written much since the marathon. I took the first week entirely off and the second week I ran about 25 miles total. In the years Coach Jim Felty was coaching me (I am now self coached) he always had me take a huge break after each marathon. I always went with it and never had an injury. Then last year I became a little too greedy following the Chicago Marathon, did not follow that advice, and boom….torn calf. So I do believe the advice that skipping proper recovery WILL come back to haunt you eventually.

This upcoming week I will run 6 days and hit maybe 35-40 miles? No real plan though. I am coming up with a racing schedule also. The races that definitely made the line up leading up to Boston are now in my right side bar (along with cleaning/updating that side bar a bit) but more unplanned races WILL pop up that I will jump in last minute. I LOVE TO RACE! There is a local half marathon in the next 6 weeks that I am contemplating buuuuut we will have to wait and see on that one. Here they are listed for those on smartphone viewing:

Turkey Trot 10K
Surf N Santa 10 Miler
Striders Distance Series
Virginia is For Lovers 14K
Boston Marathon

I’ve had some questions from people asking if I will run the Seashore National 50K again and sadly it is not on the list. I know that I said before that I wanted to run it again and make the top 10 of the Top American 50K females List but the recovery time is equivalent to the recovery period for a marathon. It’s impossible for me to fit that in along with Boston Marathon training without pushing that fine line of stressing the body too much. Truth is, I want to run it ALL, but something has to give. I do not want another repeat of last year where I was sidelined for the majority of the spring season. I’m kinda bummed about that decision but I think it is for the best. Don’t ask me the morning of the 50K though, I might be a bit pity party about not running it.

Anyway, that’s where I am at. If any of my readers have any questions or things you’d like to hear me write up let me know or else I’ll probably be quiet for awhile until my running life is back in full swing 🙂

Wishing all my friends who are running the Marine Corps Marathon (GO NAVY!) and New York City in the next few weeks LOTS of Luck and Fun! Let me know if you are running either because I am already going to be a runner tracking machine that day and would love to add more to that excitement. Have a great week everyone!


16 thoughts on “Make all your big plans….

  1. Good luck with recovering and starting back training, it’s good that you took some time off because you were training a ton and your body probably needed the rest. Plus, real life is awesome so it’s okay that running life is a little boring.


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  2. I’d love to see you getting some major butt at the 50k. I think I will, my friend is coming down to run it again. I’m glad you are staying injury free post marathon and cannot wait to see how you do in all these races. I want nothing more then to be able to run the TT with you (erg…at the same time) but we shall see!


  3. Enjoy your recovery time!! I feel like recovery periods remind you of why you run.. they’re easy and you feel great. No worrying about pace or distance just go out and run easy for a while.


  4. Not running NYCM but KG & I will be there to cheer! I’m having a tough time thinking of races I want to run next year. I felt like this time last year, I was already signed up for stuff including Cherry Blossom 10 🙂 I’m excited for us to do Boston! But I’m also enjoying being in sloth mode haha


  5. I definitely agree with you on the wanting to RACE IT ALL!! and not just race but RACE!
    I am unable to toe-the-line without really challenging myself, so there is always post-race stress to heal. why can’t we just be superwoman and do it all?!
    …thank goodness there is always next year! I know you can crush that top-10 50k list in 2014!


  6. Good luck in Boston! I’ll be running it too. It’s a great cousre, I had a lot of fun up there last year. Just don’t let the hills in the first half speed you up too much.


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