Aftermath & the Best Finishing Video I’ve Ever Seen.

Thank you all for the kind words on my last post. It has been a little over a week since I ran my marathon. Some friends have asked how many miles I would total the week after the race to which I replied “BAH ha ha!!” That translates to ZERO total miles. My body was so beaten down that I slept like a baby nightly and napped (or tried to nap) daily for the first 5 days post race. I also ate everything in sight (that was fun!). Things are getting back to normal and today was my first post race run. I had no idea how far I would run. The plan was more than one, less that 5. Ended up with 3 nice paced miles with a few lingering niggles in my right leg that need to resolve before training starts up again.

My friend Hillary randomly found this race day picture of me on flicker and while it is not the most flattering of me, I appreciate it. You can see I am focused and in the pack running mentality just chugging along the miles of the Twin Cities course. Dayum it feels good to be a Marathoner. πŸ™‚

Twin Cities gave everyone the headbands in our goody bags…perfect for a 30 degree start temperature. That’s why we are all matchy.

Most of my race photos from Twin Cities turned out so-so. They were usually far away, nothing too great, sadly not worth the purchase price. The video however was fantastic. Do NOT look at the short girl in pink & black chugging across the finish line with JELLO legs (me!), immediately look about 200 yards behind me at the man that is hobbling with all his fight, falls down, gets back up, falls again FEET OVER HIS HEAD FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, and gets up again. I have no clue who he is but I want to give him a huge trophy and say “You Sir, are a Fighter!” Click Here for the Link It should start a few seconds after you click, no need to do anything further. He made my boring finish line video awesome. I laughed, I cheered, I was super inspired. Thank you stranger! πŸ™‚

Who watched the Space Jump? Did your heart fall out of your chest when he leaped like mine did?

What do you think of the Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater Christian Hesch ?? My answer is easy: BANNED for life. He claims he never raced on it…LIAR.


17 thoughts on “Aftermath & the Best Finishing Video I’ve Ever Seen.

  1. Okay I hadn’t heard about that man doping. That’s really sad because you usually don’t hear about that in our sport, runners are an honest bunch and things like that put distance running in the news for the wrong reason. Anyway.

    Congrats on your marathon! I’m glad to hear someone else is hungry after a big race, I’ve been really hungry tonight and my half was Saturday… still hungry. I ran a little shake out today but now that I’m reading about your recovery I don’t feel so bad about taking a day or two off. Who would think it would be hard to NOT run…


  2. That is by far the best finish video I’ve ever seen. I’d play that thing like my wedding video if I were you.
    Oh and Christian Hesch? Unbelievable! It didn’t make sense until I realized he really does support himself with his race winnings. How bizarre. I always associate EPO with big names in big sports!


    • Yes, he says he has earned $40,000 in race winnings. I’m thrilled when I win a donut so my jaw dropped. I am interested to read a follow up on this article because he has been receiving some major (and well deserved) bashing but strangely seems to love the attention instead of feel ashamed about it.


  3. Not the most flattering my butt. You are awesome. That video is awesome Kris and I agree, I would have that video playing forever LOL. On loop in the family room. It honestly looks like you are finishing a 5k because you look so strong!


  4. That is the best finish ever. I might have to try to copy that for my next race.

    I feel like Christian Hesch has tainted a sport that so many people love, and do so honestly.


  5. You by no means looked like you had Jello-O legs Kris. Looked like a strong finish to me!! I can’t wait to see what you do next!!! My first official marathon training starts next Monday yay! Happy running!!! πŸ™‚


  6. I found it really hard to watch that guy, so close and yet so far, must have felt like a million miles for him!
    Kind of wish I hadn’t read that Hesch article, what an arrogant man. ‘Not that hard to run those times without help’, we’ll you couldn’t could you Mr Hesch. You clearly needed help to recover from injuries which is a HUGE part of being a runner as we all know. What a ****! Life time ban for sure.
    Well done again on that PR and I’m still trying to work out what’s unflattering about that photo?!


    • Yes, he is very arrogant. He won a Rock and Roll Half once and before crossing the finish line he started doing push ups. I’m like really? Being proud of yourself and show boating are entirely different things.

      I guess I was just being paranoid about my picture. I thought my booty looked like a squished sausage in those shorts, ha ha.


  7. I don’t think I told you yet how awesome your race was. You look speedy and strong at the end!

    I can’t handle videos where runners/triathletes exert themselves so hard that they collapse and then their legs don’t work anymore. It actually horrifies me. I am not hardcore I guess, but I never, ever want to push it THAT hard….it’s like a bad dream. All those people cheering, and your legs won’t work. shudddder


  8. You look absolutely smashing! Lucky girl – most of my photos are not for public consumption. hawtness!!

    Races have no space for people like Christian, jerk face.

    I about puked for the Space Jump, if you really, really think about it, it makes you sick to know that he has NO fear of heights. I can’t get over it!


  9. You look absolutely smashing! Lucky girl – most of my photos are not for public consumption. hawtness!!

    Races have no space for people like Christian, jerk face.

    I about puked for the Space Jump, if you really, really think about it, it makes you sick to know that he has NO fear of heights. I can’t get over it!


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